Monday, December 28, 2009

McDonald's at the Chanel Counter and Another Favey-Fave

Oh my God, northeastern Ohio is covered in snow. Driving last night and today was like a sport. Everyone freaks the hell out when it snows like this and starts driving 10mph no matter the speed limit. I braved the wind, ice and snow to go to Dillard's with my mom. She needed some new suits, and my best friend's mom gave me a Dillard's gift card for Christmas (which was epically nice of her). As soon as I opened the gift card I knew I would be hitting up Chanel or Dior for some NICE eyeshadow. I would never, never ever spend $30 on eyeshadow if I didn't have what is essentially free money. My mom was with me and I showed her the shadow I wanted. I was balking at spending the money, so we decided to go shop around a little at other stores for a while. While at H&M I decided I needed a Diet Coke. We went to McDonald's and both got drinks to sip on while we headed back to Dillard's.

As we were walking there, I thought, oh no, I'll be holding a McDonald's cup at the Chanel counter. Confession: I am SO SELF-CONSCIOUS. I am also fashion-obsessed. I love Balenciaga probably just a little more than Nicolas Ghesquiere himself and I've watched last season's Chanel show like four times in its entirety. However...I'm poor. Even when I was living in Paris I was too scurred to go into Chanel or Dior because I felt like I looked so jankity, so to me holding a McDonald's cup at even just the Chanel counter is like blasphemy. I was faced with either relinquishing my dear Diet Coke before I was finished with it or taking it to the counter. Guys...I took the fucker to the counter. And here's what I came home with.

The box in terrible indoor lighting

It comes in a pouch! A cute pouch!

And here's the shadow itself, Khaki. Eee! Those little double Cs just make me swoon.

Okay, this is kind of embarrassing, but this is the Bonne Bell quad that I swear by. With shadow primer, it's amazing. The color second from the top is the shade I was looking for in a higher-end shadow. It's kind of an olive-y greeny taupe, and that's how I'd describe Chanel Khaki. By the way, this BB quad is called Urban Safari, and it's amazing. I love all of the BB quads, and I have like six.

Sorry to totally fangirl out on you guys just now, but this is the only Chanel thing I own so I'm pretty excited. And now for some polish. I wanted to post my three favorite polishes from this year. This is my number three, from the OPI South Beach collection released this past March.

Miami Beet, two coats, bad artificial lighting. Sorry, it's perpetual night outside.

With flash. The base color is pretty bright.

Miami Beet is just beautiful. A huge number of berry shades came out this year, but this creme is the one that stole my heart. My camera couldn't really capture the depth of this color, but I think most of you know what it looks like. The formula is great, too. Truth be told, I liked a lot of the colors in the South Beach collection. Miami Beet was by far my favey-fave. How did you guys feel about South Beach? Any favorite shades from that collection? Spill.


  1. omg i love the color and that you succeeded in putting jankkity in the same paragraph. props

  2. I love the part where you admit guys, I took that fucker to the counter. Of course you did! Weren't you similarly holding a McD's cup at the counter while begging for samples of Flowerbomb? I wouldn't want it any other way.

  3. Awesome. I love the shadow color!! You should do an eye look on here! Also, that nail color is really gorgeous, something I'd definitely see myself wearing! Thanks =)

    And btw I would probably feel the same way about the McDonalds cup, you are not the only one!! haha.

  4. I have loved Miami Beet for a while now. It is gorgeous.
    As is Chanel *at which point I consult my Chanel J12 black ceramic watch for the time and wish you a good morning*. (It was a present!)

  5. Fun! Can't wait to see what looks you do with your new eyeshadow.
    Miami Beet looks amazing on you!

    Hold that McDonald's cup high, sister! Cheers to a fellow poor girl with an intense love for fashion!

  6. Ange-Marie, I wish I could succeed in putting jankity in every paragraph.

    Betsy, I totally blocked out the McDonald's at the Dior counter incident. I think that was when Angela was buying her Dior Addict. I remember now. Shame.

    Kelsea, I don't know how many eye looks I'll be posting, but maybe I'll aspire to that!

    ja, you has Chanel watch? Jealous. Uber-jealous.

    Mighty Lambchop, next time I'm at the Chanel counter (as if) I'll hold my cup high and declare my love for delicious chemicals. In my makeup and in my drinks!

    Sanna, thank you :D


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