Monday, December 07, 2009

Oh, Yum...Ginger Soufflé!

Hi guys. Ah, another week. First thing's first...I just wanted to give Brooke of Getcha Nails Did a shoutout for giving us a shoutout. Thank you so much, Brooke! You're too nice :)

This weekend I engaged in some serious retail therapy. Not only did I buy a draped high-waisted skirt, a nice silk-lookin' cobalt blue blouse, a sequined vest, and two new bras from H&M, I also found these "limited edition" Icing nail polishes at the mall for 50% off. That must be a sign of good things to come, right? I had had my eye on this set of nail polish for a while...can you guess why?

Look at that low-end possible Wagon Trail dupe! I know you're thinking, god, this chick has Wagon Trail and she's still obsessed with it. I can't help it. Plus I think this one has more gold shimmer than the China Glaze. ANYWAY, this set is normally $16. That's way too much. The polishes aren't quite minis--they're .4 fl oz--but they're not full-sized either. This was marked down to $8 so I scooped them up. I'm sure a lot of you guys know this, but the polishes included in Icing nail polish sets are sadly nameless. I'm just going to name the ones I show you as I show them to you.

I chose the color all the way on the left first, which I'm going to call Ginger Soufflé. It's a difficult color to describe. It seems to be orange, red and salmon all at the same time. It has a lot of gold shimmer in it that shows up way better in the bottle than on the nail. It's still pretty, but I think it might be what Scrangie has galled *gasp* a "mom color." Shit.

By a natural light source

With flash

Natural early morning sunlight

And trying to show the shimmer

I have to say...I was quite impressed with the formula on this. It was a little thick, but other than that it was great. This was two really easy coats with one coat of Seche Vite. I did this manicure on Saturday afternoon and I'm still wearing it now with no tipwear or chipping, so I'm going to have to say that I'm a fan of little Ginger Soufflé. That's all for today. I hope everyone has a good start to their weeks.


  1. I agree, they want a pretty penny for those Icing polishes and they are so hit and miss as far as being opaque. I like the color you chose though, I would call it a "mature" color, lol!

  2. ohhh, that ginger souffle is yummy! I love that color. Also, you need to take a pic of all the pieces that you got and email it to me! sequin vest??? I'm so excited about that!

  3. That is a lovely color, there is nothing wrong with "mature" colors!

  4. I love a good themed outfit almost as much as Miss Blair does. So I say if you wear it with something very Mrs. Robinson, it's a definite A+ in my book. Mature AND racy.

  5. That's a pretty shade on you. Why should it be a "Mom" color? Some "Mom's" are wearing all kinds of wild colors. I'm not a Mom but old enough and I wear lots of greens and any color I want. I'm so happy that there is every shade available to me. Wear anything that you want. It's your life and live it well.


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