Friday, December 04, 2009

Quick-Quotes Quill

Guys...I have to tell you that I have bad stuff going on in my life right now. I am so not all sunshine and rainbows and I probably won't be for quite a while. If I seem totally bitchy in my commentary or anything, that's why.

Today I wanted something kind of happy, but I also wanted to use one of my Zoyas. I chose Tangy, which is a light, bright green, kind of like the inside of a lime. It has some really nice shimmer, which I think is gold. I'm pretty into it, even though I don't wear this type of color too often.

Sunligiht. Sorry it's a little blurry

By the window

And further away from the window, just in indoor light

The formula was excellent on this. It's a little sheer so this is three coats, but this polish is just impeccable. The consistency is perfect and it just stays where you put it. This totally feels like a polish Rita Skeeter would wear. COME ON YOU KNOW WHO I'M TALKING ABOUT.

Okay, granted she's wearing some dark vampy business in this picture, but I feel like she would wear Tangy too. Okay, over 'n out.

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  1. Sorry things are not going so well. Your nails look lovely. Great colour. Looks very different in 3 different lights. Result!

  2. Hope everything turns for the best.

  3. Hate that things are going bad for you but your nails look awesome. Hope everything works out in the long run.

  4. That is a great color on you! Hope everything turns out alright.

  5. Thanks you guys, I really appreciate the support. It's really touching :)

  6. i'm totally feeling this color and i'm glad you're moving away from the vampies, even tho i know that they're your signature! MIss you BOO!

  7. It's great that you channeled your focus to something happy... that nail color is fun. Hope you'll feel better.

  8. Love that shade of green. Hope things go better for you soon.


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