Thursday, December 31, 2009

The REAL Teal (?) and Favey-Faves

It's the last day of 2009. Can you believe it? This year went really quickly for me, probably because I was dreading graduating from college. I spent the first five months of the year pretending that June didn't exist. This post is going to be pretty long. There are three things on the agenda: first, my nails of the day, second, my favorite polish that I've gotten this year, and third, the collections to which I'm most looking forward in 2010.

First up, my nails of the day. You'll probably remember that I got a few new Sally Hansen Xtreme polishes. Yesterday I decided that I wanted to use The Real Teal, which is absolutely GORGEOUS. Like, I can't believe I only paid $2.50 for this. When I looked closely at the bottle I thought the base color might be really close to a couple polishes I have. Here are the bottles.

Left to right, Custom Kicks, The Real Teal and Honeydew

On my pinky and on my pointer finger is The Real Teal, on my ring finger is Honeydew, and Custom Kicks on my middle finger.

As you may be able to see, The Real Teal is a bit greener than Custom Kicks, which does lean toward the blue side. Honeydew almost looks like a frost compared to these other two, but it's not. It just has a lot of silver shimmer, and it's a lot lighter than either the China Glaze or the SH Xtreme. The biggest difference between Custom Kicks and The Real Teal is the shimmer; that's why The Real Teal looks greener, because it actually has what looks like greenish-turquoise shimmer. It's absolutely gorgeous. It adds so much depth to the polish.

You can clearly see the green versus blue difference here. Again, SH on my pointer finger and ChG on my middle finger. The base colors are pretty similar, though.

Gold versus green shimmer. These are both so pretty.

At first I just wanted to use these three different colors to compare them for my own amusement, but I ended up liking this. Even though the polishes are sort of similar, I thought the different shimmers added just enough visual interest to make the manicure unique. I kept this on for a full day.

This morning I added a coat of In the Spotlight since it's New Years Eve, and I'm pretty much obliged to wear ridiculous bling.

I love bar glitter. If you really pack it on it looks kind of hairy, but I like this sort of randomly-placed look. Holo bar glitter...thanks, Sally Hansen.

Okay, now for my favorite polish. Now...this one came out really recently, and I don't think I would have loved it as much had I not been in a gold sparkly phase. I kind of still am. I don't love most gold polishes, but if you put glitter in them I'm there.

The gorgeous gold blinginess of OPI Dazzled By Gold captured my heart as soon as I saw the first swatches of it in the blogosphere. I love this polish. I'm labeling it as my favey-fave of 2009 (granted, there are about a million polishes released this year that I don't own).

And another polish that's kind of tied for my favorite?

Kind of self-explanatory. Just awesome.

The collections I'm anticipating most probably won't be much of a shock. Most people are really looking forward to Up & Away from China Glaze. The colors are gorgeous and they're all cremes! Squee!

I think I counted and I want at least eight out of the twelve of these. It's going to be epic.
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I also recently discovered Essie's spring 2010 offering, The Art of Spring.

First of all, one of these polishes is not like the other ones, Essie. Second of all, these are some really pretty colors.
[photo credit to]

But also? This Essie collection is art-themed. Put out an art-themed collection and steal my heart, Essie. The names, left to right are: Lilacism, Neo Whimsical, Pop Art Pink, Nouveau Red, Tart Deco and Van D'go. I'm most excited for Tart Deco because I think I'm about to enter a peach/melon phase thanks to RBL Starfish Patrick. Also, it has the cutest name.

Alright guys, that's it. To our readers, thanks for sticking with us through 2009! We appreciate you and hope that you have a great, great New Year.


  1. I love all of those teals! I would love to get my hands on Honeydew.
    Dazzled by Gold is amazing and lucky you for getting it! I wish I could but my nearest Ulta is two hours away.
    Hope you have a great New Year!

  2. Those teal polishes are gorgeous! I defiantly need more teals in my collection. I really wanna get my hands on Essie matte about you, just haven't got around to getting it yet.

    Have a great New Year!

  3. lol about the essie polish...i love those teal colors! And I'm seriously dying for those new china glazes...i'm going to sally's today for a couple of old ones!

  4. Mighty Lambchop, I'm thinking of relinquishing this bottle of Honeydew in my soon-to-come giveaway but I haven't yet decided. Stay tuned. I hope you have a great New Year too!

    Kelly, definitely get Matte About You! Actually, China Glaze Matte Magic is on sale at Sally's right now, and it's basically the same.

    Angela, the new China Glazes are going to be epic. I'm most looking forward to the peach one.

    gildedangel, thanks! I love it.


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