Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Serious Sparkle

Happy December, readers! I thought I'd kick off this month with something seriously Christmas-themed and a polish I'd been wanting to use since I got it. I'm sure you've all seen this a million other places, but never on me! On to pictures. First my new basecoat regimen, OPI Nail Envy. I can't really recommend it yet because I've just started using it, but here's the bottle.

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle bottle shot.

Natural light, by a window.

With flash.

I found a sparse patch of sunlight!

This color is one of those ones that lives up to the hype. This is three impeccable coats of polish and one coat Seche Vite. I may have been okay with two coats, but I'm so used to doing three that I just ended up busting it out. Please note that I did no clean up before taking these pictures. The formula on this is so good; it just stays where you put it and it's the perfect consistency.

I also thought I'd use this polish because I took advantage of the Zoya Green Friday deal and my package is supposed to arrive today. Pretty exciting. Alright, so what do you guys think? Who else has this and who else loves it? And happy December!


  1. So cute, sparkly and different for the holidays! :)

  2. wow ~ you -didn't- do a clean up? your polishing skillz are superb!

    I love this polish, it is soooo pretty!

  3. Emerald Sparkle is such a pretty color; I love wearing it! I love OPI Nail Envy, I use the regular one!

  4. Love Emerald Sparkle. I haven't broken it out yet. I might layer it over SH's Emerald City which I'm wearing now Looks gorgeous on you.


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