Monday, December 21, 2009

Smells Like Teen Spirit

I think you can guess which polish I'm wearing today from the title of the post. It has been one of my top five lemmings...ever since I knew it existed. I'm talking, of course, about Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge. I have to apologize right off the bat for the quality of my images today. My camera is out of battery so I used my mom's, which is the same camera, just better. Or so I thought. Evidently she has dropped it so many times that the poor little thing can't focus on close objects too well, even when on the macro setting.

Bottle shot. I wanted to take a picture of the name on the underside too, but the camera literally would not focus.

By a natural light source

Still by a natural light source, different angle

With flash

I'm basically in love with this. Here's the description on the RBL site: "There's an uber-cool woman. She's rocking a Sally Hershberger shag, wears nerdy-edgy glasses and has the greatest handbag ever--that her friend the designer created for her. At least you can have her nails--a moody pinkish grey with a dash of lilac. Unexpected but way cool." I've read that people get perfect application in one coat, but at least with my bottle there was no way in hell I could stop at one. It needed two, which is not a big deal. I imagine that when this polish came out it was quite the oddball, but now there are a ton of shades like this. The first one that comes to mind is, of course, Tickle My France-y from the OPI Collection de France from autumn 2008. I've professed my love for that polish many times since starting this blog. Here's a bottle comparison.

Based on this I'd say that Tickle My France-y is a tad pinker, but they're damn similar.

Holding the OPI bottle, but Grunge is on my nails

Be honest: if you didn't already know I was wearing Grunge, would you think from this picture that I was really wearing the OPI? I think I could fool you. The biggest difference between these two polishes is that Grunge has barely-there silver shimmer. I doubt it would be visible in anything but really bright sunlight. I had to squint to see it in the bottle. Basically what I'm saying is that if you're lemming Grunge, just get Tickle My France-y. I'm not saying that I'm not glad that I got Grunge, because I totally am. Lemming fulfillment at its finest. If you don't want to spend the $18 on the RBL, though, then the OPI is a completely suitable, dare I say it?...(almost) dupe.


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