Sunday, December 20, 2009

Something About Spongebob?

Happy Sunday, polish fiends! Today's post is going to be pretty picture-heavy, first with my nails of the day and then with a tag that I didn't realize I had until yesterday. First thing's first, my polish today. I wanted to use another Rescue Beauty Lounge. I was so desperate to use another one that I took off Drifter even though it was wearing really well. By the way, Drifter is amazing. It looks different in all different lights and I couldn't stop staring at my hands. The polish I chose today is Starfish Patrick, of the Spongebob spring (2009?) collection. Little things like this really bother me: on the Rescue Beauty website the name of this polish is hyphenated (Starfish-Patrick), but on the box and on the polish it isn't (Starfish Patrick). I'm going to go with the latter. Anyway, the description Ji gives of this shade on the website is dead on: "If your fingernails could blush, they'd turn this shade of sheer peachy coral. Utterly feminine, yet super chic and sophisticated." Indeed, this polish is all three of those adjectives and more.

By a window, natural light

With flash

I was kind of nervous about this one because it's a sheer. As you can see, I still have some visible nail line, but it's not that big a deal. I thought it would bother me more. This was four coats, but they were four easy coats. It wasn't streaky or anything; the formula was perfect. I think this could be my holy grail polish for spring and summer while Drifter could fill that spot for autumn and winter. I think it would be a great pedicure color, too. I love jellies and how they kind of look...squishy :) As for the name...I never liked Spongebob. I kind of didn't get it. I remember when Spongebob paraphernalia started inundating Hot Topic when I was in high school. My best friend was obsessed with it. I guess it was a fad that just passed me by. That having been said, I do think this color looks like Patrick. It's a cute name.

And now for the tag. Ange-Marie of Scandalously Polished tagged me for "Five Guys I Used To Like." Sorry it took me so long to do this. I'm seriously behind on my blog readin'. Prepare yourselves, ladies.

Numero uno is Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys. I was obsessed. I had pictures of him all over my walls as a tween. He's really religious now with babies and a wife. Lame.

Then we have Leonardo Dicaprio, with whom I am still kind of obsessed. He beefed up for The Departed. I guess I'm talking about Titanic-era Leo for my obsession of yore. C'mon. He's too cute. And God, do I love a man in a suit.

And of course JTT. He's Simba, he's Randy Taylor, and he went to Harvard (I think?). What's not to love?

Andrian Grenier of Drive Me Crazy fame. Look at that hair. Those eyes. Those lips! The late 90s produced the cutest teen movie boys. He was STILL adorable in The Devil Wears Prada.

Last but FOR SURESIES not least, Jesse Bradford of Bring It On and Swimfan fame. Ooo, he was adorable.

And just for fun, my current and eternal obsession:

RDJ. Seriously, he drives me crazy. My boyfriend and I went to see Avatar the other day and there was a life-sized cutout of RDJ as Sherlock period dress. I almost fell over. I love everything he has done (Fur, anyone?) and even his jank mugshot does not deter me.

Betsy, you need to do this, too.


  1. Ok, this post sealed your spot forever in my blogroll. You could start posting pix of fugly torn nails w hideous cuticles and I would still read it, bc 1. Those are all guys I was in love with, 2. you pick awesome a hell nail colors, and 3. I use the word jank too, and all my friends give me crap for it. Oh and p.s. Leo in Departed is my favorite role of his. He's hot all beefed up

  2. Oh yeah, and, I never got the Spongebob craze either, it came out when I was in high school and I thought it was stupid. I mean, a squirrel in a space suit that lives underwater? huh? My 5 year old loves it though, and the polish does look like Patrick.

  3. Lol we must be the same age, because I was in love with JTT, Leo, and Jesse Bradford as well!!! I also never understood the spongebob thing... He had a really annoying voice. I did like Patrick though... and the sea snail that meowed. But not to the point where I felt the need to own anything with them plastered on it!!! =)

    Have a great day, can't wait to see the rest of your RBL! (mine aren't coming for a couple more weeks because I sent them to my Apt and I'm at my Dad's house and I'm DYING)

  4. That is a really cool orange, I love it!

  5. Ange-Marie: My partner in crime (and bloggin') Betsy actually introduced me to the word jankity about three years ago. I use it daily now, to describe oh so many things. Please keep jank alive.

    Angela: This color would look really good against your skin, I think.

    Kelsea: The snail that meowed (Gary?) was definitely cute. I profess to giggling once or twice thanks to the kitty noises.

  6. Oooooh. *stares* You know, I love him too. I'm only the slightest bit more obsessed with John Cusack, but - RDJ will always have a place in my heart, and I don't care about his jail time. It's just part of his overall quirkiness. ;)
    Okay, and being that I'm a tad older than you - wasn't that one guy in The Devil Wears Prada too? Or am I imagining that?

  7. Yes, Adrian Grenier was in The Devil Wears Prada, which I'm actually watching on FX right now! He looked the same in that movie as he did in the late 90s, perhaps even better.

  8. Ok, here's the thing. YOU HAVE TAKEN ALL OF THE GOOD MEN. But also, now I will stare drooling at our site because * incomprehensible jumble of sounds*. I have almost nothing to alter, except that I would of course say Kevin instead of Brian, and I never really liked Leo. But now I want to reposter my room with adorable 90s boys a la Adrien Granier and Jesse Bradford. B the dubs, I saw Swimfan like 18 times because of that HOT pool sex scene. I would probs go bat shit over Jesse Bradford too. That smile! Les sigh.


  10. Jesse you are the best of the best.... i love you.......


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