Monday, December 07, 2009

That Was Way Harsh, Tai

So I usually like to stagger these with Steff, but I haven't posted in a while and I have so much to say! So, per usual, scroll down and give Steff's post some love. It's pretty awesome.

Ok, first off, as Steff has already mentioned, the wonderful Brooke of Getcha Nails Did -- which, b the dubs, is a name I really love -- gave SnC a great shout out today in her list of new blogs to follow. For our earlier followers, this means you're ahead of the trends. Well played. To our new readers, welcome to the insanity. We really appreciate every reader we get, and of course, we LOVE comments, so the more the merrier. Speaking, of merrier, look how many new followers we have already. Yay!

Secondly, I haven't posted since my birthday, but it was a lovely affair, involving cheap liquor and bad/awesome movies. Steff sent me a really gorgeous double sided necklace, and the cutest picture of her and the cat wishing me a happy birthday. My parents got me cookie cutters, which is great as the only thing I love so much as polish is baking, though I do it much less, and both seasons of Pushing Daisies. I never got to see how it ended, so I'm really excited.

Excitement aside, I feel like I must warn you that part of the reason I've been kind of absent lately is because grad school applications are fast approaching -- like, in a week -- and I'm FREAKING. THE FUCK. OUT. (Can I say that here? Oh well, I just did). Point being, most of my time is going to trying to describe my research goals without sounding asinine. Which, hard sell. So, please forgive, once again, that I'm gone for weeks at a time.

Ok, to the nails! (No, to the pain! Ha, I SLAY myself). Today I have two Barielles. The first is Slate of Affairs. Like all the polishes from this -- admittedly really beautiful -- blogger line, I had trouble with the application. It seemed too thick, and didn't spread well. But I can forgive that because it's really pretty. It's a light-medium blue, slightly on the grey side, with bright non-greyed out shimmer. Does that make any sense? Yeah, me either. Just look at the pictures, huh?

So lovely. So, I feel like this is exactly the color of those dresses girls wore to junior high dances in the late 90s/early 00s, with the sheer lays over the dress part. Do you know what I mean? I think Steff does, because, hello, we are the same mind. But seriously, this made me want to awkwardly slow dance to some "This I Promise You." I feel like I must explain before Steff dies. We are both hardcore Backstreet Boys fans. Were then, are now, will ever be. N*SYNC can frankly suck it. Not that I want to start a war amongst the nail polish bloggers, but this is how I feel. However, for those of you not a preteen in the last boy band heyday, This I Promise You, was by N*SYNC, not the beloved BSB. I only choose this song over the PERFECT I'll Never Break Your Heart (Baby...I know you're hurting) because I had such an experience to said N*SYNC song with this guy I was in love with -- well junior high love -- for years who was dating my best friend at the time. We danced, I died inside. He later married his high school sweatheart (not the best friend), and they look super happy. Also, I hope he does not read this as....embarrassing. But whatever. So, yeah, I'm sorry for the super long diversion, but it needed to be said. So, again, this polish = those dresses, and that feeling. Which is a good thing. Also, I want to watch SpiceWorld now, the world's most secretly incredible film.

How to regain street cred after so much indulgence in my girly youth? Let's just hurry on to the other Barielle for today, Date Night, which I'm pretty sure is from Fall 2008. First off, the formula seems different. It's still thick, but the kind of thick that still cooperates and just means I probably could have done with one coat, though I did two just in case. I didn't have nearly the problems as I have with all of my newer Barielles, so that makes me think it's not the brand OR me, but the line itself. However, once again I would like to say that I think it was a great line with really unique colors, so it's pretty worth a little pain. I still haven't tested it with thinner because...I'm dumb.

The color of Date Night is a great green -- not too yellow or blue, just a very literal green. Jewel toned with shimmer. The bottle seems to show silver shimmer, but I must be blind cause I can't see it at all. When I first saw this I thought I would gush, but I think that was before a recent surge of greens in the polish market. After seeing CG's Emerald Sparkle, which just seems to glow, I was a bit let down. But that prettiness aside, it is still a very good green, and probably a bit more staid than Emerald Sparkle. Perhaps for a vampy sexy look that's not quite so holiday?

I hope our new followers and old followers alike will comment galore. I'll try to resurface once some of my applications are in. But until then: what are your favorite junior high moments? Favorite silly girly bands? Who here even remembers O-Town and the disgusting "Liquid Dreams," or is it just me that this song has haunted for years?


  1. Those colors are gorgeous! You must be just a couple years older than me because I was at the end of elementary school when the Backstreet Boys were at their peak. I remember Britney from her "Hit Me Baby One More Time" days lol! Ugh, no O-Town (covers ears and sings lalalala)!

  2. That's Ren and Stimpy. They're WAY EXISTENTIAL.

    Funnily enough, I totally know which dresses you're talking about. I never wore anything like that because I was kind of lame. I understand having memories attached to *NSYNC songs. Shamefully, I have similar memories. Ah, and the nail polish. I like Slate of Affairs. It's interesting. I'm scared to order any Barielle now, though. Date Night is okay, but I feel like I too have been overwhelmed by all the greens coming out lately. You're my favey-fave and I miss you.

  3. I totally put the asterisk in the wrong place when I typed N*SYNC. I'm even lamer now.

  4. Ha. You are also my favey-fave, and I miss you ever so. Thank you for understanding the things I write, and thank you god for getting what is probably my favorite line of that whole brilliant movie. I also never had one of those dresses, because my parents were cheap, but I now want to wear one with ugly strappy sandals and that piece-y hair the Olsen twins wore all the time. With those little twisty clips, or a bandana. Yeah...Oh! And an ugly maxi skirt, or cargos inexplicably paired with a crop top? UGH GOD 90s/00s I FUCKING LOVE EVERY STUPID THING YOU GAVE ME!

    In more nail related news, I don't want to completely discourage Barielle, because they do have such pretty colors and always seem to have buy 2 get one. But man...the formula is les suck. But the older ones do seem better.

  5. Also, to keep the ball rolling, I would like to remind everyone of:

    S Club 7
    98 Degrees
    All Saints

    If I think of more, I'll add them. Discuss amongst yourselves.

  6. Oh lord Liquid Dreams haunts MY dreams! haha.

    BTW, I wish we were friends in real life, because then you could come over and borrow my Spice Girls DVD! (yea, I have it.) (Best movie of all time)

    I was in love (in the loosest possible meaning of the word) with my best friend's boyfriend in Jr. High too! Tortured souls are we! Haha! Love the blog, makes me want to find a friend that is polish crazed to share my blog with me! hmmm...


  7. p.s. nice quote from Clueless in the title!

  8. You are killing me! Love the "Clueless" quotes. I will part ways with you on the music. My awkward junior high slow dance was to Def Leppard's "Love Bites." In high school it was all about Slayer, Megadeth, death metal bands from Florida and Social Distortion. Because I'm cool like that!

    Other awkward high school memory: A guy I was dating freshman year sang Extreme's "More Than Words" to me while at a rager held at the oil fields. Nothing says romance more than that!

  9. ok.... i have officially died laughing. i was a little older than you during the boy band craze (late high school vs jr high) but omg memories. My sr prom dress was literally that color. I need to post a picture of that today. oh lord, and clueless, mother of god, your blog just earned a blogroll spot on my page! Keep it up girl, you're killin me!

  10. omg all saints! and LFO. omg my late teens are coming right back to me. this is insane. I love it

  11. and I now officially feel old. y'all were in grade and middle school. I need to call the old folks homes now and get on the waiting list...

  12. OMG, I was just asking my boyfriend if he remembered the clothes line that was "units", anyone??? anyone??

    LOL, great post, it had me laughing. Boybands weren't my thing though, so I never understood weirdos like you, lmao!! :)

  13. Ugh, boy bands! I'm much older than you and I do understand loving those guys in music groups. I like rock music so that type of music makes my ears bleed! I love Slate of Affairs. So far that's my favorite shade of the collection. I had to thin it out a couple of times. Not with a couple of drops either. That green is fantastic also.


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