Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ulta Haul and Another Favey-Fave

Another day, another haul. For some reason I haven't been getting my Ulta flyers in the mail, so my good friend Angela alerted me to some fantastic sales they're having right now. I got seven nail polishes, three of them on sale and four of them regular price (which was only $2.50 anyway), and four eyeshadows. First, here are the polishes.

Four Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear (uhh, longest name ever?) polishes. From left to right we have The Real Teal, In the Spotlight, Going Green and Wet Cement.

Essie Lollipop ($3.99) and Retro Red ($.99) and OPI Banana Bandanna ($1.99)

The L'Oreal Paris High Intensity Pigments (HiP) eyeshadows were buy 2 get 2 free and recommended by Angela, so I got four of them for about $16. That's eight shadows, since they're duos. These pictures aren't great, bad lighting and glare.

On the left is Gunmetal in a metallic finish and on the right is Reckless in a "bright" finish.

On the left is Angela's recommendation, Roaring another "bright," and on the right is Dynamic, which is concentrated. According to the website, concentrated shadows are perfect for smoky looks. I think I need a smoky tutorial to help me.

I predict my favorite of the duos will be Gunmetal because I'm pretty into greens right now. These were a really good deal! All the Ulta brand cosmetics were also buy 2 get 2 free, so run on up there, gals. Pretty good haul. I'm excited for the new Sally Hansen polishes. I hadn't heard anything about these (except maybe Wet Cement, which is the one I'm most excited about). Does anybody have any of these newer colors?

Okay, and now for my second favorite polish released this year (that I own). I wore this one a while ago so my pictures are from a while ago. I was less careful with my application then, so I apologize.

Orly Enchanted Forest, sun

And shade

There's not much to say about this one. Orly Enchanted Forest is just gorgeous. Beautiful. Fantastic. It's a slightly muted, dusty green creme. It's still identifiably green indoors and in the shade, which is a huge plus. I have a feeling that I also would have loved RBL Orbis Non Sufficit had I ordered it. I think it's a little more grayed out than the Orly, though. Anyway, I know a lot of people loved this polish too, so this probably comes as no surprise.

Until next time :)


  1. Great haul! We don't have HIP here, I'm sooo annoyed! Well, we don't have anything you featured on this post, LOL. I love the look of the Sally Hansen polishes, can't wait for swatches!

  2. ahhh!!! i'm jealous that you got gunmetal i wanted it! And they didn't have it hear...well low and behold, i got another one today at the lovely walmart when i was mailing stuff (yes walmart is my local post office). hehe so I got sculpted!
    btw, i love the sally hansen, blah blah blah nail polishes, i have two blue ones!

  3. Enchanted Forest is one I love to see. I so envy you the prices you pay. OPI polishes here are £10. That's probably $14. Orly is hard to get. Essie has to be shipped from the US so is about $9. Honestly it'd be cheaper for me to fly over to the US.....

  4. Marce, I'm excited about the Sally Hansens too :)

    gildedangel, thanks!

    Angela, they had a TON of Gunmetal duos when I was at Ulta. You're just going to the wrong one ;) I can't believe you have to go to Walmart to send stuff in the mail. GET OUT OF TEXAS.

    ja, I know nail polish is ridiculous in Europe. I was living in Paris for a little while and I forgot to pack nail polish. I decided to buy some basic black at my local Monoprix...Rimmel Black Satin...and it was nine Euros. I almost cried as I handed over my money, but it was worth it to have for those few months. If you want we can do a swap or something. I can get Orly pretty easily here, although the selection is a tad limited to the permanent collection unless I get lucky and swoop in on something seasonal before other gals.


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