Thursday, December 10, 2009

Violet! You're Turning Violet, Violet!

Hi guys. Ugh, yesterday was a long day. I decided to take a little vacation from my parents and my hometown and run off to Chicago to be with my boyfriend. I hate the process of getting here--I took a bus because the ticket was only $5--but my boyfriend is going to drive us both back for Christmastime on the 15th. Right now I'm sitting in his little apartment in Bronzeville looking at the skyline. I consider Chicago my home; I lived here for four years. It's good to be back, and I love it during the holidays. I get to see the Macy's window decorations! Maybe I'll post pictures.

The title of my post today is deceiving. Yes, it's from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the original one with Gene Wilder, a masterpiece of surrealist weirdness. My polish today, however, is not violet. It's not even purple. It's blue. Remember those Icing polishes I got? I used another one of them last night, and I've named it Everlasting Gobstopper. I'm not sure why; I named them all candy-themed things in my head, and I immediately came up with that name for this one. Pictures first.

Both by a window. Not much sun to speak of today.

This polish is amazing. Seriously. It's a medium blue with slight silver shimmer. You can see a weird vein of silver running through the bottle in both images. Guys...this was one coat. I couldn't believe it. I had to stop myself from doing another because I'm so used to it...but this stuff was just perfect. Like I said, I immediately thought of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. But why? I have no fucking idea. An Everlasting Gobstopper doesn't even have this color blue in it.

Just a darker and lighter blue. No Icing blue. Ah well. I can't even handle how awesome Gene Wilder is. Anyone else in love with him a little bit? ...No? Okay, moving on.

The title quote is obviously from when Violet turns into a blueberry from eating that awesome-sounding gum. For some reason I thought this color reminded me of the costume the actor was wearing in the 1971 film.

But no, her coat and dress are more of a cobalt. And by the way, props to whoever dressed this kid in cobalt and red. I love that combination. Then I got it: it reminds me of when she actually TURNS INTO A BLUEBERRY. AHA!

Pretty similar right? AM I RIGHT? I'm right.

That's all for today. I showed what I believe is TREMENDOUS RESTRAINT in not bringing any nail polish with me to Chicago. I won't be gone for too long, though. Who am I kidding? I'm totally going shopping tomorrow and I'll probably come home with a ton of polish.


  1. Love! It's a gorgeous color. Isn't exciting when you find a polish that's opaque in one coat?

  2. Love that shade on you. How can you go without supplies? You need to get some polish and remover.

  3. Why not do Violet Beauregarde nails.


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