Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Zoya Bounty: Goldie

I got my Zoya package yesterday! I know thousands of people ordered on black Friday, so don't be disheartened if you didn't get yours. Apparently mine shipped from a suburb of Cleveland so I got it super quickly. In case some of you don't know how the Green Friday sale worked: from 5pm on Thanksgiving until 5pm on black Friday if you spent $20 on the Zoya website and entered the code "GREENFRIDAY" you would automatically get six green polishes added onto your order for free. Behold:

From left to right: Envy, Suvi, Veruschka

Tangy, Midori and Irene

So those are my greens, and now I'll show you one of the other three polishes I actually paid for. Zoya Goldie is an extremely yellow toned gold that I'd say almost looks...amber. I was nervous about this one, but I think I like it. I guess I'm not sure yet because I haven't seen it in the sun. Today is a gray day. Here she is.

By a natural light source

With flash

What do you guys think? It actually reminds me of the Sinful Colors that Betsy posted here. I think I like it, but I wish the sun was out. Oh well. This was two coats. The formula was really, really good. This is my first non-matte Zoya, so I'm impressed with the brand so far (even though I've read a ton of negative reviews from other bloggers). I have a ton more Zoyas to show you. Before this Green Friday order I only had two! Joy!


  1. You may be on the fence, but I'm sold. That's luscious.

  2. I have this beauty. Looks fantastic on you.


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