Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Someone needs to tie my hands behind my back, hide my credit card and take away my MacBook. There is an Urban Decay sale on HauteLook today, beginning at 11am EST. I am afraid of what I might buy. I've already been in a buying craze for the past week. I'll prove it.

Wet n Wild Blazed and Red Red, Sally Hansen Inst-Dri Mint Sprint, Lively Lilac and Snappy Sorbet

Two eyeliners, one Wet n Wild mascara in black (it's actually a pretty good mascara, except it's not waterproof), and two eyeshadow trios: Venetian Violets and Amazon Greens

Child's play, right? Not so bad. Drug store brands and all. But then my buddy Angela told me that CARGO stuff was on sale at Sephora. And then when I went to Sephora I lost my mind a little bit. Just keep in mind that I'm trying not to spend any money right now.

One CARGO palette (London) and the Urban Decay Ammo palette, which I have wanted for a long time. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

The London palette is very me. A nice dark brown, a shimmery gold, a dark plum and an antique gold/olive. And the Ammo palette...*swoon* words.

Okay, some words. I love this palette. I've already used the hell out of Last Call and I've only had this for...four days? I keep experimenting with different looks. I actually bought this for Mildew. I've wanted it for a really long time, and I figured I should buy a nice palette instead of paying $16 for one color.

But now the crazy thing. The CRAZY THING is that I want...I want...this!

The Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows from Urban Decay those pretty neutrals. That green! Two 24/7 liners! A cute UDPP! SOMEONE HIDE MY CREDIT CARD, SERIOUSLY. Sorry this wasn't a polish post, but I know that most polish fiends are also beauty junkies. Alright, spill. Who loves Urban Decay, and who is thinking of blowing like $60 on this Book of Shadows? Anyone got a favorite palette? FEED MY ADDICTION.


  1. Gah! Dammit! WHY did you TELL me! I have a sephora store credit that I was planning on saving for a trip to Atlanta where they have Illamasqua and going hog wild. Now, I am seriously tempted. Gah!

  2. Pursebuzz said the Alice palette has a lot of colours from the Ammo palette, so you are not missing much if you already owned Ammo :-)

  3. Wow, those WnW and SH's are gorgeous. :)

  4. Oh those InstaDri's look yummy. I really need to get on board with that massive brush.

  5. I really want the UD Wonderland pallet's so cute!

  6. Love the colours of the polish you picked. What's another polish or 5 huh?

    As to the palette - lovely

    As to the Urban Decay palette - all I can say is thank goodness we can't get that in NZ ;) (you can put your credit card into a ziplock bag and then put it into a container of water with a lid and place in the freezer). You actually have to really think about your purchases and defrost the card before you use it! lol

  7. I also got ANOTHER haul today...3 polishes and a manicure set. Going to blog about it soon, but I need to stop as well!
    I love Urban Decay 24/7 liners. I have 10 different colours, it's a problem that I have. My favourite is Stash, I think it's the eyeliner version of Mildew - that kind of green with a gold shimmer. I want the Alice in Wonderland palette a lot, but I am going to restrain myself - I just don't wear eyeshadow enough. Enjoy it though!

  8. I want those Insta-Dris! They are gorgeous.
    I won't even comment about your Urban Decay haul, just know I'm envious. I'm on a strict no-buy for makeup and I have one last NP purchase before getting cut off. It is killing me!! (But my Canvcun vacay will be soo worth it.)

  9. I really want the Alice in Wonderland Palette simply because it's AIWL. I have a thing for AIWL and everything about it. I also have a thing for Tim Burton, and Johnny Depp. And Makeup. And nail polish. Alice In Wonderland seriously is creeping into EVERYTHING I LOVE GOD DAMMIT! Lol. But I don't actually own anything from Urban Decay (I'm poor) so I can't help you there. I WILL NOT ENABLE YOU. =)

  10. I think you might could skip the Alice In Wonderland palette, if you are worried about saving money for - well, let's say nail polish! LOL! You have a lot of those already in your Ammo palette. Unless you just HAVE to have it because it's Alice, which I understand!
    The Ammo is by far my fave palette from UD. I ended up buying the full sized Last Call because it just ROCKS. Actually, I bought several of those full sized!
    My next UD purchases will be the neutrals in that palette- I have learned to absolutely LOVE them! Haha!
    I took a peek at the UD sale at Haute Look, I was able to resist even though I want the Gash l/l and a Buddha brush! $9 is a great price for that brush.
    And I'm also addicted to the UD liners. Seriously. Those are the best liners ever created! :P

  11. Ange-Marie, save your monies for Illamasqua. I'll be totally jealous of what I'm sure will be an epic haul, then.

    Halifax, thanks. I did know that there are a lot of repeat colors in the Alice palette. I saw a review of it on YouTube a while ago and the chick picked out some dupes :)

    gildedangel, thanks :)

    susies1955, they're really pretty. I'm excited to use them.

    Glitterati, they're pretty, but I hate the brush. They either need to make the brush stem thinner or the neck of the bottle wider...

    Evil Angel, if you get it let me know how you like it. It may influence my decision!

    Hannah Banana, I don't think I'm at the point yet where I need to freeze my MasterCard, but that might be helpful information for the future. The dim, dim future.

    Rebecca, can't wait to see the haul :)

    Mighty Lambchop, I'm sure Cancun will be totally worth it. I'm jealous. Not of the location, because ew, heat, but that you're going on a vacation. I hope you have a great time!

    kelsealaurel, I love Tim Burton, too. Mostly The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I can get behind some Corpse Bride, too. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was also pretty awesome. Edward Scissorhands makes me weep when I watch it. I prefer Edward Penishands :) And THANKS for not being an enabler :P

    Nicole, I think I'll probably skip the Alice Book. I think I'm just in a buying frenzy! I'm sure I'll end up getting some of the shadows in Ammo in full size. I'm especially fond of Sin right now, and of course Mildew. The 24/7 liners are so epic! I just don't really know how to sharpen mine...

  12. Hi ladies! It's cool to discover another nail blog from the CLE. I'm definitely tempted by the UD Alice palette so I'm avoiding Sephora because I know I'll cave.


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