Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Kind of a little haul, actually. There's so much good stuff out there this spring! Yesterday I went to Trade Secret in search of the Alice in Wonderland OPIs. I was partially successful. Mad As a Hatter was sold out, but I picked up Absolutely Alice. I also spied with my little eye the Essie spring collection The Art of Spring. In case anyone has forgotten, the collection is art-themed; the polishes are named after different art movements, for the most part. Love it. There were some typical Essie colors, a red, a pink and two super light lilacs. I think a lot of people are excited about the purples, but I already have St. Lucia Lilac, so I passed on them. However, I picked up the two pastel oranges. Yay!

Here's Tart Deco (so cute!), Absolutely Alice, and Van D'go

Absolutely Alice is, as I'm sure you know, really gorgeous. I'm pretty excited to wear that one, but I think it'll be a huge pain to remove. Here's a closeup.

I'll probably slap Absolutely Alice on my nails after I get sick of For Audrey (read: soon). I am so obsessed with this melon-y peach-y color. Seriously. The China Glaze that I'm lemming most right now is Peachy Keen because I can just not get enough! I'm forming a little collection.

Aren't they naaaaiice? Left to right, Starfish Patrick, Melon of Troy, Tart Deco, Blazed, Van D'go and Snappy Sorbet. Peachy Keen, come join my minions!

I posted on Starfish Patrick and Melon of Troy, so if you guys love this type of color too, give 'em a click. I also bought to two Revlon quads yesterday because they were buy one get one free at CVS.

I can't remember the names. Maybe Berry Bloom and Neutral Khakis?

So...yeah. The whole not spending money thing isn't so much working out for me. I'm excited for OPI Hong Kong, too. Eek. HALP.


  1. Great haul, Absolutely Alice is amazing!

  2. haha love the little melon groupie pic! I'm lemming Peachy Keen. bad. Like its the only one I'd be pissy if they were out of.

  3. duuuuude let me know how tart deco is. WANT.

  4. love your little peachy haul! I like peach and apricots too!

  5. Wow, I love that haul! I'm especially drawn to Here's Tart Deco. It's such a pretty shade. You've got a great collection of melon-y peach-y polishes there. I so have to get one now! :)

  6. Oh I can't wait to see a swatch of tart deco!
    I need more peach in my life :D

  7. lol you do have a growing orange collection! I love Tart Deco, can't wait to see it no you! i kinda just wanna buy the whole essie spring 2010 collection cuz ya know, we love ART and all. :)

  8. I've ordered four of the six in the Essie collection, I totally skipped the red and the pink, but I got both of the purples and both of the oranges - SO excited about them, it's really silly. But then, I haven't picked up St. Lucia Lilac, though I have looked at it!
    I'm with you on these orangey corals - the peaches. Totally obsessed with them and I just know you're going to love Peachy Keen when you get it! I was so surprised at how much I loved it.
    Those little Revlon quads are surprisingly well pigmented for drugstore e/s, I've been very impressed with them!

  9. Absolutely Alice looks awesome!
    I want Peachy Keen and Tart Deco too, I own only one peach color which is a franken I made lol Can you please swatch Tart Deco and Van D'go? I can't wait for the OPI Hong Kong Collection, they're my favorite brand :]

  10. I use the eye shadow on the right EVERY DAY. I LOVE it. I've been using it for a year and a half now and I still think its the most awesome quad I've ever owned.

    I love that so much of your polish haul is peachy :)

  11. Wondering how Van D'Go is going to look. I have been searching for a dupe to MAC Seasonal Peach. I wish I would have gotten Seasonal Peach when it came out, kicking my self as I type!!!


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