Monday, January 18, 2010

Her Mind is Tiffany-Twisted

Happy Monday, polish fiends. I am tired. Very tired. This post may not make so much sense, but it does in my head. You see, I go through these periods of only listening to one album. For about two years (yes, two years) it was Abbey Road. I still listen to that fairly often. Then through the summer and fall it was Tom Petty's Greatest Hits. Right now it's the Eagles, Hotel California. The song Hotel California in particular is of course one of my favorites; I often requested my boyfriend play it on guitar for me. It also reminds me of one of our favorite movies, The Big Lebowski. The Coens play a cover of it during this scene.

Oh John Turturro, you are too amazing.

Anyway, Hotel California inspired my nail color for today. I had a request from my dearest Kelsea over at kelsealaurel for Metro Chic, which she posted recently. I'll probably use that later in the week. Today I busted out a semi-oldie but an always goodie. Again, sorry my hands are so dry. I'm a compulsive hand-washer and it's winter in the midwest.

For Audrey, artificial light

Natural light, by a window

With cute nail file

For Audrey is of course an allusion to the famous "Tiffany blue" color that Tiffany & Co. uses for its boxes, pouches, etc. The polish isn't an exact match because I believe that the color is actually trademarked. It's pretty close, though. I am, of course, quite fond of Audrey Hepburn. She is sort of my style icon, along with Jackie O. This was my desktop for like a year and a half (yes, I get into music and desktop ruts; the movie poster for Fur is my desktop now).


For Audrey is still a pretty popular color, from what I know. The formula on my bottle is pretty thick. I might add a couple drops of thinner. I would have been okay at two coats, but I got cuticle drag on a couple nails. Ack. It looks nice though, doesn't it? Who else loves it? Has anyone found a better Tiffany blue polish? I know Polish Hoarder Disorder did a series on Tiffany blue recently...

BY THE BY, look what I found at CVS last week.

Hm, what's that?

Um, yeah. Squee. I got this Tracy Reese polish for $2.50. I'm telling you guys, go to CVS. All kinds of stuff is on sale; you never know what you'll find. Angela has also alerted me that Revlon products are buy one get one free today. So go on!


  1. Yep, Tiffany blue is trademarked. The pigment companies aren't even allowed to let out what the formula is. Crazy huh? And dammit, now I have to go to CVS. Btw, STILL can't find even a spot on shelves for Grape Going. I'm getting massively irritated. Was the color just not released in the Southland? Boooooooo!

  2. Oh, SWEET. Nice find! I hoped to stumble across some of the Tracy Reeces somewhere, as I know that SH line is on markdown.
    This polish is a fave of mine, you can never go wrong with it - IMO, anyway! Looks great on you.
    And ♥ The Eagles!

  3. I just swatched For Audrey myself (tho haven't uploaded it)... I too found my bottle super thick and got bald spots and drag... I didn't like the colour on me, had to remove it an hour later cos it bugged me!

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  5. I am currently wearing "For Audrey" and I really like it more than I thought, I think this is starting a new nail theme for me ..bring on the cremes!!!!

  6. For Audrey's gorgeous on you! Wow, what a bargain you've got at CVS. Well spotted!

  7. Ange-Marie, I found Grape Going the other day at Rite-Aid, but I'm not sure whether or not that's regional. I know my friend in Texas doesn't have them. Don't worry about it. As far as I'm concerned, it's a CLOSE ENOUGH dupe of Scrangie. $5 versus $18? I'll take the former.

    Nicole, thanks. I actually don't think I really love this on me. I didn't keep it on for too long. I love Don Henley!

    Hannah Banana, I know what you mean. I didn't really love it on me. I saw your post and I thought it looked great on you :)

    Jackie S., cremes are great. My favorite finish after jellies.

    witoxicity, thaaaaanks. I love CVS.


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