Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Can Has Rapidly Drying Polish?

Gooooooood morning polish fiends! I have a very special polish for you this morning. Are you ready? Wanna see it? First make sure you've entered my GIVEAWAY by clicking on the picture at the top of the sidebar. I'll wait while you do that. ....have you done it yet? Okay. So the polish.

Ooo, pretty. Now, I do have another Rescue Beauty Lounge polish to show you from my December haul...but this isn't it. This is one of the new Sally Hansen Insta-Dris, Grape Going! [exclamation point included in the name. I'm not actually that excited] As soon as I saw this at Walgreens I thought it looked a whole lot like RBL Scrangie. I don't have Scrangie so I can't do a comparison, but I wish I could. Here are some more pictures.

By a window, natural light

Natural light

With another cute nail file. The polish looks pretty purple here.

With flash

And a longer view because it looks kind of cool. Excuse my Colgate.

I don't think I've posted about Insta-Dris before on here, so...exciting! Now, I'm usually pretty good with all different types of brushes, but I just can't handle these. The stems are way too long and wide, so the extra polish is kind of hard to wipe off of them. And then the brush itself is just...weird. I don't like it. I never do any cleanup on the pictures I show you, but I have to tell you guys that my right hand looks like a toddler did it for me. I think the slogan for these is something like, "one stroke, one coat," This polish was sheer enough to require three coats, and at least for me, one stroke doesn't get it done. Also, it took ages to fully dry.

All of that having been said, the color is pretty epic. The base is a purple that leans blue, and it has like...light bluish-green shimmer/iridescence. It's nice. And I think it looks like Scrangie. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I'd be interested in seeing a side-by-side comparison. I admit that I could be totally off-base because I've never actually seen Scrangie in person. The name on this Insta-Dri seems to be a little off compared to the others, too. The others include such favorites as Brisk Blue, Lickety Split Lime, Lemon Dash, Orange You Fast!, Pronto Purple, Uptempo Plum...I think you get the idea. They all include words that describe the allegedly incredibly fast dry-speed. But Grape Going! is just....not like the others. I know it's a little thing to nit-pick on, but if you're going to give your line such a distinctive naming pattern, stick to it.

I also added some Matte About You, but it was dark out when I did so my pictures aren't great.

Ooo, satiny goodness.

I wish I could say something like, "overall, this is a good polish that's a total Scangie dupe, so run out and buy it!" but I can't. A.) because I'm not crazy about the Insta-Dris even though there are some FAB color offerings and B.) because I'm not yet sure about the dupiness. Yeah, that's right, I just made up a word. These retail for like $5.50 and I found a full display at my Walgreens last weekend. If you like this one, run, do not walk, to your nearest drug store. There are only two polishes of each color per display, and you know how it goes. Anyway, Scrangie has said that her inspiration behind creating her polish was a beetle's wing. That, in turn, has inspired me to share with you some fucking weird pieces of art by Jan Fabre.

This was somewhere in Belgium...I think at the Musee Royaux des Beaux Arts de Belgique. This thing was huge, maybe like six feet in diameter. What's it made of?

Yeah, it's bugs. Sorry this is blurry. When I took this picture I was probably slightly freaking out. Also, ew.

And here's a bed made of beetles...IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LOUVRE. I have pictures of a lot of stuff made from beetles by this guy, like a skull, a coffin...other stuff.

So is there a polish that's green-based with blue iridescence? Because that would be cool, wouldn't it? Anyway, I think I would recommend Grape Going! because it's a really awesome color as long as you can handle the brush, which is ridonkulous. Does anyone have it yet? I got three other Insta-Dris off the same display: Snappy Sorbet, Lively Lilac and Mint Sprint. They all look really pretty!


  1. I want a beetle coffin now and it's all your fault!

  2. @ Evil Angel... =D You crack me up!

    For the nail polish, Best of both worlds.
    Nice colors.

  3. Very pretty color! Personally I am not a fan of the beetle bed.....*shudder shudder*

  4. hey, just discovered your blog and I really love it, especially your comparisons to art! Just thought it was funny that my name is also Stephanie, I am about to graduate with a BA in Art History, and I also love nail polish!

  5. Beautiful polish....
    The beetle art is outstanding! Now I want to make me some beetle art!

  6. Okie doke Stephanie, first off where the eff did you get that peacock file? I must HAVE it! Second, I have Scrangie, I'll go pick up that one and do a comp, then give it away in a contest. And third, EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! BUGS! Sorry, had to. My demon-bug was bad, but holy mother of god, a BED of beetles? I wonder where that dude buys his crack-pipes from?

  7. The beetle-art is fabulous.
    I like the polish also.
    Especially the picture where you are holding the camera and it's a great complement to your green sleeves!

  8. I love this I have it. Steph (from did a comparison of this and scrangie.

  9. omg i'm totally lemming these insta-dries!! I wanna see swatches of all the other colors. You know how I love my purples. Anyways, fond memories of beetles in Belgium...*swoon. :)

  10. Okay, that's it, I'm going back for this polish. Haha. I've been looking at it and I skipped it - but that's a stunner! Thanks Stephanie!
    And that beetle bed. Umm. Well, it's pretty but it's just not practical! ;) Hahaha, I couldn't help myself, I had to say that. I'm an idiot. It's wild, and I love it.

  11. Evil Angel, maybe I'll post a picture of the coffin. It's way weirder than the bed.

    Thess, thanks :)

    gildedangel, I'm not a fan of the beetle bed either, but it's pretty to look at, no?

    Stephanie, kindred spirits! I'm glad you found my blog and I'm so happy you like it! Keep coming back!

    ainos2, thanks! Send me pictures of your beetle art ;)

    Ange-Marie, the guy has done way weirder art than the beetle stuff. I once became curious while I was in Paris and did some research. In a word: ew.

    ja, thanks! I thought it looked nice with green too.

    Brooke, thank you :)

    Tami, THANK YOU!! I didn't realize Steph had posted a comparison. As far as I'm concerned they're dupes.

    Angela, I'll start posting the other colors I picked up soon.

    Nicole, you should totes get this polish. It's awesome.

  12. I just got most of the Sally Hansen's. My girlfriend picked them up for me. She passes by CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid on the way to and from work. She also picked up Extreme Colors. I haven't tried them yet. Linda loves the Insta-Dri's and the brush. I hate that damn brush. It's so huge and unwieldy. Wish they would change it. I also use 2 coats never 1. The art work is very interesting. It's also very ewey to me also. The beetles are beautiful colorwise.


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