Monday, January 25, 2010

I Would Be Proud to Partake of Your Pecan Pie

So today I have some not so great pictures, but some very exciting news. But for that part, you must muddle through the whole post. Or skip ahead, but that's very Harry Burns of you, don't you think?

Ok, first I have one of those many Barielles I bought way back when, from the fall 09 collection. This time I have Blackened Bleu. It's just gorgeous. A knock out. This is two coats which were still thick, but this time less annoyingly so. Maybe all that sparkle breaks it up? I don't know, but I seemed to be less peeved this time around. BB has a smoky black verging on grey base, with brilliant blue shimmer, what Scrangie often calls "glass-fleck." That seems pretty much on the money. Now sadly, I have awful pictures of this gorgeous gorgeous color, because my camera and I seemed to disagree on how to take the pictures. I voted for clear and precise with great detail. My camera voted for blurry and stupid looking, showing only flaws and no loveliness. Camera 1, Betsy 0.

BLECH. Blurry grossness aside, I hope you will trust me that DROOL THIS IS PRETTY OMGZ. But you already know this because in polish terms this is from like a year ago. You've seen the swatches. There is more exciting news about this polish. I think I have found an almost spot on dupe. Sinful Colors See You Soon. I had bought SYS like months ago and totally forgot about it, and then when I was swatching BB, I dug it out of a bottom drawer and took a shot. Again, pictures suck but check it.

Blackened Bleu on pointer and ring (1&3 from left), See You Soon on middle and pinky (2&4)

Again, it's hard to really buy my theory with this crap, but it's uber uber close. SYS is more shimmery, not quite that glass-fleck look of BB, which makes it slightly less rich looking, and the shimmer doesn't pop quite as well. But geez, if that's the only difference? You guys have probably picked up on my Sinful Colors love by now. I think it's cheap and magical, and the broke ass (ex)college kid in me loves that. Barielle has been giving me shit from day one with the formula, plus it's normally $8 plus shipping, not $2 at a drugstore. I'm not trying to say Blackened Bleu isn't wonderful it's know....cheaper is pretty awesome.

Okay, for the other big news. Drum roll please! I'm starting my own giveaway today. YAY! Now unlike most giveaways, I'm not giving polish -- although it is polish related. I honestly don't have enough polish stocked up I'd want to part with, and I always seem to get things late here in the STL, so it seems silly to give you what you probably already have. Instead, I'm taking a page from Scrangie's book (girl is getting play in this post today) and I'm giving away this:

Sorry, I'm sure you wanted an awesome picture there, but I don't want to steal those from the artist. Maybe I'll get ahold of here. Point being, go there and look. This is the Etsy shop of Ginger Kitty Designs, who does beautiful nail polish jewelry. My plan is whoever wins can pick out the one they want; I suggest the custom polish necklace or the gorgeous swirls, but if you're dead set on the earrings or something, we can talk.

So, here's the deal. I want you to write -- on this post please -- something. Just something. It doesn't have to be polish related; in fact, I would love it if it weren't. My favorite posts on here are the ones that get people talking about music, tv, memories, jr high dances, whatever. I love the cool sense of community it forms. Plus, I sense there are a lot of pop culture dorks out there. I know that's part of why Steff and I are such good friends, and part of what (I hope) you come to this site for. It can be as little as, "Hey remember that discussion of Velvet Goldmine? Ewan McGregor IS the shit, you're right! Thanks for the YouTube of his flopping peen. It's my screensaver." Or "Hey Steff, that Jasper Johns painting is tres fabulous, and here's my mini-thesis about it." Whatever you're feeling. And feel free to respond to each other. I just want to see where this one goes. If it so happens to loop through Buffy a few thousand times, so be it! And no need to aim your comments at things you know we like -- although if you sense we might, feel free to suggest that as well. You wanna talk about the merits of metalcore, go for it! I will try follow along as best I can.

Anyway, there shouldn't be too many questions about what I want, although feel free to ask. And please, if you don't mind, while we always love getting comments, even if you only want to give a quick shout out of "love the color," in this instance, maybe a smidgen more than that? Please???

So, rules.
Must be a follower, of course. We love followers. I tell people at work about new followers. Seriously. Feed my insanity. For your entry, post a comment to this post "I Would Be Proud to Partake of Your Pecan Pie." Umm also..someone please understand that. Without looking it up? Your post should have:

1. Something!
2. Your email address
3. A name -- doesn't have to be real, I'd just like to be able to say something other than, and the winner is....Anonymous! Yay! Pseudonyms are very welcome.

Entries: 1 for the post, 1 for putting our blog in your blog role (if already there, that counts too, of course), one for giving the contest some sort of shoutout in your blog. Because we like shameless self-promotion. But mostly because I'm still one of those people who if my name was in the paper, I would get 38 copies and send them to everyone I knew. Hell, I might do that if my TOWN is mentioned in the paper. I seriously show people this stuff.

RECAP. One entry for following with a comment, an email address and a name of sorts. One entry for putting us on your blog role, with link please. One entry for giving the contest a shoutout, also with link please. Feel free to do any or all of these. Mostly, just have fun!

EDIT: ACK! I forgot something already! I'll be ending this on February 1st. As long as your comment is some time on the 1st as registered by my computer, you're good. I'll announce the next day, along with Phil's winter predictions. My guess....more winter. Because it's February, and isn't there always more winter at that point? You know, like all the rest of February and March?? Weird tradition.


  1. Omg, you are possibly the greatest dork evar. Yeah, I live in a big city and when I see it mentioned on American tv, I'm totally calling everyone I know that Calgary has been mentioned on tv and I will post it to every board that I'm a member of. I totally get your "mention my name" psychosis. And my email is And you may call me Her Royal Highness, no, I kid, or not. Hahaha. I go by Perry.

  2. Is it weird to have an art sculpture of a molecule on your wall? I have one of a seritonin molecule (the molecule that makes you feel happy!) that hangs on the wall in my dorm room. It doesn't do anything; it can't hold a coat or anything, but it looks pretty :P

    You are of course in my blogroll!

  3. I am a follower, and fellow pop culture nerd... (though I don't get the whole "Buffy" thing) Apparently I have an insane knowledge of serial killer trivia...

    You guys are on my blog roll too!

  4. I tell everyone about new followers too! I also do a happy dance whenever I get a new one but I would never admit to that irl. Ever.
    I had three new followers greeting me this morning! *does the hustle*

    mindermutsig at gmail dot com

  5. Of course I'm not entering because that would somehow sadly be unfair. However, I would be proud to partake...of your pecan pie. Peeecaaaaaan piiiiiieeeeeee. Would you like to go to the movies with me tonight? No, not to repeat. To answer. If we were having a movie night that wonderful piece of cinematic genius would surely be on the list. Along with Spice World. And probably Velvet Goldmine. And then Atonement, just to bring us back to sad, cold, harsh reality.

    You know what, I'm just going to post on this thing why I called you. The weirdest thing happened to me. I got a new job somehow? At my favorite coffee chain, that is not Starbucks. I shit you not when I say I was just sitting there and it happened. Whaaaaaaaaaaat the fuck. We should talk, because my life is being weird.

  6. Hahahahaha I love Stephanie's comment! You two are seriously the best. I get bummed when I check my blogroll and you haven't posted. That WHMS reference was great. I'm with Steph, my life is being weird too. Apparently, someone in NJ (where I have never been) decided to make fake license plates w/ my license and is racking up parking tickets. Yay for explaining THAT one to the NJ police, with my moderate Southern accent. They thought I was braindamaged or something. (So, you have the plates on your car, but someone here stole them? And is getting tickets? uh huh.) Finally figured it out though. Does everyone in NJ talk 8 miles a minute? It was kind of crazy.

    anyhoo, you guys have been on my blogroll (Scandalously Polished) since like, the begining, my email is And I feel like with all this New Jersey license stealing I need a Jersey Shore nickname, so feel free to confer with Stephanie and award me a new nickname. I think that would be almost as cool as winning this kick ass giveaway! Oh, and the Joey Lawrence thing last week. Priceless. Priceless, I say

  7. Wow, they do look quite dupey! Thanks for the heads up! I love dupe posts! Saves me money! :)

  8. Am I still allowed to post if I admit I have never seen Spice World? haha.
    If I had a blog, you would totally be on my blog roll, but since I fear I would be unable to think of a single creative thing to say!


  9. Great giveaway! I love that nail polish jewelry. I do make my own but not that awesome and I don't do it much anymore since my addiction with nail polish began.

    I posted about your giveaway here.
    Sorry I am not very interesting :(
    But I am kinda excited to see MJ's This is It DVD. I heard that it's not a good depiction of how he was really feeling. I heard that he was really sick and a drug addict at that time. Don't know if it's true, but people boycotted the movie, I guess.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.


    I did write a witty little tirade ( a piece of GENIUS I assure you) which I promply managed to delete. Argh.

    I have just made a new blog and I FREAKING LOVE IT. Especially seeing everyone's photos in WINTER of actual SNOW. We usually get more either sleet or frost in Australia - not proper fluffy awesome snow.

    You know when you read something in your head how it sounds "normal"? I don't know how to read with an accent... So that means in my head you sound Australian! Heehee!

    Best of luck to the winner of your AMAZING giveaway!

    <3 I have a new blog - and you're on my blogroll! :D

  12. Lol you guys are so hilarious.

    Ok, here is my most embarrassing moment (for your entertainment):

    I was in high school, at my high school's open house (or whatever the hell it's called) and was in the physics room with all my friends and my boyfriend at the time. I saw a friend across the room and she had done her hair really cute. So I promptly ran over to her and started playing with it and making strange "OOooOoOoo" noises. Well, she turned around, and it was some 40 year old woman I've never seen before. OOPS! I yelled "I DON"T KNOW YOU" and ran away.

    Anytime my friends from high school do anything embarrassing and I make fun of them they say "at least I don't touch strangers' hair and make weird noises at them!" Touche.



  13. Yay, giveaway! Who doesn't love those?
    Welp, my email is, naturally I'm following your lovely blog and I also gave you a shout out on my blog,, please feel free to visit!

    Whoa, that's a messed up sentence. Hopefully, you can decipher it.

    There isn't much going on in my neck of the woods lately except for all the endless job interviews I've been going on. In the interim, I was offered a head swim coach position at my high school by my old coach, who is now a big wig vice principal. I'm a wee bit nervous seeing as I've been out of high school for a bazillion years and haven't been on a swim team in that long either!

  14. "I Would Be Proud to Partake of Your Pecan Pie"
    I can't believe I got it!! That's from Harry met Sally isn't it... I swear I didn't look it up.. Yay! :-)
    Anyway while I'm already at it I would like to speak of my addiction to romantic comedies ("we love you..."). And Meg Ryan movies. But they're just so damn fun! Besides I'm a girl so I'm allowed right?
    Anyway the nailpolish jewelery are so cool...! So here's my email:

  15. Ha ha! This is such a fun and unusual giveaway!

    A sculpture of the head of Buddha juxtaposed against a painting of Herman Brood. How weird is that?!? I've been saying that for ages but he just wouldn't listen!! :P

    You can call me Witoxicity. Please.
    witoxicity8 at gmail dot com

  16. Hello there. I tagged you in my blog! WOOHOO!


  17. Yesterday I went to bed and I had a terrible headache. I haven`t slept well and this morning I woke up early and this morning I had to go to a pharmacy to look for pills :S

    My name is Gabriela and my email is

    Thanks for the chance!

  18. Ok, first I'm a follower, but I'm not a blogger, twitterer,or any of the the other stuff - I'm just a stay at home mom who recently got into doing her nails. I had no idea of what to say and then I clicked on the link to the jewelry. The artist only lives about 30 minutes from my house in CT - a little coincidental. You ladies are very funny & I love the parents' frig - I am lemming one like that.

  19. I forgot my email

  20. wow, they look coolioo! Thanks for the fab giveaway. thats so lovely of you!! :)

  21. My email is

  22. You call call me

    doesn't have to be real right? :D

  23. oh yeh I Would Be Proud to Partake of Your Pecan Pie! xD

    Here's my shoutout thingy and blog thing

  24. You're also on my blogroll on the right hand side of the page!

  25. Woo here's one thing that happened to me today; I was getting ready to go shopping with my friends and i got dressed ate my breakfast and ran out of the house and realized that i had my house slippers on!! luckily i realized before it was too late. my slippers were so comfortable that i forgot to change into my going out shoes. Ha! Will never forget it *chuckles*


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