Thursday, January 07, 2010

If the Apocalypse Comes, Beep Me

Hey guys! Hope all your holidays were marvelous. I know mine were. Got some really lovely Christmas presents, plus spent Christmas Day drinking too many martinis to count. Delicious! I was going to say if you're in the midwest, you probably are ready for this crazy cold to abate, but it seems like the whole country's turned to ice. Not that I want winter itself to end, but us St. Louisans are not used to single digit temps. It is why we live with being in STL and not, say, somewhere awesome like Chicago. Anyway, buy a cute pashmina and keep warm!

Before I forget, enter into Steff's giveaway! Look, it's right over there! ----> On the side bar. Go to it! I thought about doing one I have planned at the same time, but I thought that might be too much chaos. So maybe once we hit 100? Actually, that might be kind of soon. We'll see. But the fun of having two writers is double the gifts, yes??

So for today, I have a continuation of a post I did long ago. Way back in September. Can you even remember back that far? I posted one of four Rimmel's I had picked up, and promised more. Well, here's another one. It's pretty fabulous. This is Rimmel Hit That -- which, classy name, huh? -- and despite some slight polish problems, it's worth it.

Hit That is as far as I can tell a light lilac base that has been fairly greyed out. That by itself might spell disaster and dead hands (corpse hands?). But Rimmel was smart enough to add a reddish gold shimmer. It's like even tinier than shimmer. I can hardly see the individual colors. But the overall effect is to warm the polish up a bit. So it's still a very icy polish -- very Buffy, as Steff so recently and brilliantly pointed out -- but it's got a warmth and depth to it when caught in the light. I really love this color. I feel like I have a ton of light purples, but none offer this simultaneously warm and cool look, which is fascinating.

There were some slight polish problems. Mostly it's just kind of thick, and the drying time seems deceptive. The polish felt totally dry, until I hit my nail like an hour later and it smudged. So beware, build in extra drying time. But it's so pretty and drug store priced that I definitely recommend it. So, pictures!

Sorry they're kind of messy. They got pretty screwed up at work, so I added another layer of polish and some topcoat, but I didn't do a beautiful job of it. I had some major tipwear issues, but again, I'm almost 100% sure that was because of the hands in a bucket of water for 4 hours deal, not the polish itself. Two coats did the trick, but I think next time I'll add some thinner to make it more manageable. These pictures look a bit darker than the actual polish -- not quite icy and winter-y enough.

I know Steff has already said it, but this makes me want to watch hours of Buffy like no one's business. I will never forget the moment when Buffy first moves to Sunnydale and Cordelia's quizzing her on her coolness -- she's from LA, so she can skip the written. But the oral includes questions about James Spader -- Buffy and I both drool all over this one -- and polish. And apparently dark, vamp polishes were over then. And while this makes me sad, I also love Buffy's crazy girly frosts paired with huge ass rings. Like, HUGE ASS rings. Big plastic bastards. Steff kept laughing at them.

If you have not found Buffy love, well, you might be at the wrong site. But also, LEARN IT.

Into each generation, a Slayer is born. And she would love this website. I think that speaks for itself, don't you?


  1. this is a really pretty, unique shade.

  2. I find shades like this really appealing... and it sucks cos I have so much trouble finding any!! lol

  3. That is really pretty! I am digging the shimmer in it. Thanks for showing this because I totally passed it up when i saw the display. I'm going back for it now!

  4. Love the color, double love the Buffy. You guys rock my socks

  5. I picked up this color, but haven't used it yet. Very pretty!!

  6. Thanks all for the comments. If you haven't gotten it yet, you definitely should. Plus it's pretty cheap. So why aren't you at Target already?! And if like Sheila you own this but haven't used it yet, what are you waiting for? Get on that!

    Ange-Marie, I am uber glad we rock your socks. That is literally my goal here. Sock rockage. And I'm glad you still appreciate the Buffy, because we will never tire of the Buffy. We obsessively crave the Buffy in all things. With our love now unleashed, every polish will be Buffy related, even if it's like lime green. I'll say, oh but that looks just like that slime that came out of a demon once.

  7. i just found your blog tonight and i love it!!! any place i can't look at swatches and reminisce about buffy episodes is my kind of place!!!!

  8. LOVE that color. I am a bit hatin' of Rimmel's polish formula- I get tipwear after the first hour, it seems...but they do have some rockin' hues.
    Thanks for the fab pix.


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