Thursday, January 07, 2010

I'm Naming All the Stars

Uuugh, I think I'm getting sick. Boyfriend woke up with a gross cold and now I can feel myself becoming congested. It's time to start pounding zinc. Speaking of Boyfriend, he has been here with me for the past couple weeks and today he's leaving to go back to Chicago. That makes me a sad panda. I won't see him until March :( I will distract myself from his packing by bloggin'.

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Yesterday I was digging through my stash looking for something interesting to wear. What a ridiculous statement. Almost everything I have is interesting--to me, anyway. It was just one of those days where nothing appealed to me, I guess. I chose Zoya Posh, which is one of the first three mattes released in fall. I had never used it before, and I wasn't really interested in wearing it matte. I used one coat of Posh and a coat of Seche Vite.

By the window natural light. BY THE BY: the other night I was at Costco in the candy aisle. Apparently the universe's way to tell me to get the fuck out of the candy aisle was to cause me to bang my poor pinky finger on the cart. The nail split, I stupidly peeled it off, and it was all over. Needless to say, I will be hiding Mr. Pinky from you until it looks presentable once more.

With flash. Here you can see the depth the shimmer gives the polish with topcoat. I assume it would be nicer in sunlight.

Um...kind of bored by this. Don't get me wrong! It's pretty! It's pretty, Zoya! Please continue making mattes! I think it's because I don't really love blue-toned reds, at least on me. I much prefer reds like Essie Lollipop or Lacquered Up. This just didn't do anything for me. I kept this on for a few hours just like this, went shopping, had lunch, etc. Then when I got home I couldn't handle it anymore. I had to do something to it. I toyed with the idea of adding some flakies or glitter, but then decided against it. Here's what I did.

I added white french tips with a white striper thingy. Freehand, so be kind. I think it looks pretty cool.

My left hand, of course, looks epically better than the right.

And what was I influenced by? Three guesses....yeah, it was Buffy. Listen new readers: I'm sorry. Like 50% of my posts in 2010 have had Buffy references in them. 0% had Buffy references in 2009. If you've never watched it, you should! I'm just a little overly obsessed right now because I discovered it's being syndicated on LOGO.

ANYWAY, Drusilla, Spike's crazy lover, always had these weird goth french manicures. They always had white tips over either black or dark red. I tried to find a picture, but failed a little. You can kind of see it in this one:

Kinda hard to see, but it's there. I hated the character of Drusilla when I first started watching Buffy, but as I was telling Betsy the other day, I think I've really started to appreciate Juliet Landau's acting as well as Joss' inclusion of this weird character in the show. So Dru, this one's for you.

Thanks for reading, guys!


  1. lmao omg before I even got to the Drucilla picture, the first thing I thought when I saw those nails was her! Dang it, I have GOT to have a Buffy marathon! Gorgeous color babe, sorry bout the pinkie nail. Eat lotsa protein, should speed things up a little

  2. I love the french!

    I get the same sometimes. Unable to choose because of the awesome-overload when you open up your drawers. All are pretty but somehow nothing fits the mood. Only one solution: buy more polish! lol

  3. omg i'm totally gonna copy you now! i love it. :)

  4. I wouldn't do so well a freehand French, don't be hard on yourself
    Very cool manicure. I dig the reference. 8-) I haven't watched Buffy in years. I so loved this show. =)

  5. I love your french manicure, red+white-awesomeness. It's totes cool :D

    When I watched Buffy before my nail polish addiction I would always notices that Drusilla always had some cool polish on but I didn't bother doing my nails like her because they were really short and I used to bite my nails when I started watching that show lol.

  6. Ange-Marie, I eat a lot of protein anyway, so maybe that'll help Mr. Pinky. Thanks for the advice!

    Kirsten, buy more polish is a FABULOUS solution. I actually bought some today. Retail therapy ;)

    Angela, copy away!

    nathalie, time to watch Buffy! As far as I'm concerned, all the time is Buffy time.

    technopathic, thanks! I used to peel my nails off all the time, so I know what you mean.

    gildedangel, thank you!

  7. Another late-to-the-party post from me (actually even later than my first one, which was to a January 2011 post I believe)... didn't Dru actually kill Kendra with her nails? I'm remembering a half-moon paint job but it's a while since I've seen it.


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