Saturday, January 09, 2010

Utopia In A Bottle

Good morning, polish fiends, and happy Saturday. Holy balls alive, I'm looking out my window at like 14 inches of snow. And it's still coming down. My cat, Raven, is mesmerized by it. When we lived in Chicago we had to put plastic wrap over the windows in the winter so he was never really able to see the snow. Now he sits in front of our big sliding glass door for ages just staring outside. Because he's adorable.

I will have one more post after this before I announce the winner of my GIVEAWAY on Tuesday morning. Have you entered? If you haven't you can enter and read the rules by clicking on the picture at the top of the righthand sidebar. If you have entered, thank you. You're awesome and I love you.

I believe in my Chanel post I mentioned that I'm a bit of a fashion addict. While Boyfriend was here he redirected his Netflix to my house. He went to stay with his family for a little bit and gave me free reign of his account. The only things I got were fashion documentaries, the best of which were Lagerfeld Confidential and Because We're Worth It!, which was about Viktor & Rolf building their brand. It was actually really interesting. The pair put out their first collection in I believe 1993, but I feel like they've only just started becoming popular in the past five or so years. Anyway, any of my friends will tell you that around the autumn of 2008 I became obsessed with V&R. Why? Because I wanted their perfume, Flowerbomb. I smelled it once during that autumn and that was it. I was hooked. The only problem was that it was (and still is) $95 for 1.7 fl oz. That's more expensive than Chanel or Dior or D&G. I just refused to pay it. Instead I would go around to different perfume counters and beg for samples, often with Betsy in tow (I'm sorry, Bets! You know the depth of my need!). I finally, finally, FINALLY got Flowerbomb from Boyfriend for my 23rd birthday this past November. He surprised me with it on the morning of my birthday and I've been wearing it daily since then. At a press conference about the perfume the fashion duo said, "As usual we wanted the impossible. We wanted utopia in a bottle." Let me tell is.

Why am I babbling about this? Because I recently re-watched V&R's Flowerbomb launch show. Have you guys seen it? It's pretty amazing. First a bunch of models walk the runway in all black and wearing these weird Yoanna-style motorcycle helmets that completely cover their faces. They all end up in this big cluster on a revolving stage thing. When the stage turns around, hiding the models, the whole runway goes black. There's a huge explosion and when the stage turns around again, the models are all of a sudden in these uber-girly pink numbers.

Like so. It's pretty brilliant, I think, to have these models dressed in all black transform into something pink and pretty. I'm pretty sure they were trying to change the connotation of the word "bomb" into something nice.

Why am I going on and on? Flowerbomb inspired my nails! The advert, actually.

Love it.

I wanted to use a really, really soft pink so I chose Zoya Stephanie. I got it because I love super light pinks and also name is Stephanie. I chose another lighter pink to complement it, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Mille Fleurs. I used Mille Fleurs all the time in college. In fact, my bottle is almost empty.

Stephanie gave me a lot of problems. I need to find a way to fix the streakiness. As you can probably see in the above image, I felt like my nails looked as though I used too much polish. I also still have VNL after four coats, but that's not as big of a deal. It's a beautiful color, a milky baby pink with a touch of purple.

You can see my sad Mr. Pinky! Sorry. Avert your eyes.

I do think this turned out nice and Flowerbomby. I love the creamy look of Stephanie. I just wish she wasn't such a finicky bitch. Does anyone else have Stephanie?

And now I'll leave you with a couple pictures from V&R Spring 2010.


And also *swoon*

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  1. loves the camera shots! very pretty color, but def not my bag. I look awful in nudes. (I also look awful nude hehe sorry had to). I just posted abt your giveaway and I havent forgot the Scrangie comp I promise

  2. Oooh. *stares* Although not in the same range, I basically did the EXACT SAME THING with my Pucci perfume. I'm OBSESSED WITH IT STILL!! Haha. I want all of them, really. And you can only find them at Sephora. I will eventually collect them all.
    Although I don't usually care for light colors, lately I've been craving them. Stephanie is really pretty.
    And that pair of shoes is to DIE for.

  3. Ange-Marie, I look awful nude too. Let's just leave it at that. I do, however, love nudes on my nails. Don't worry about the Scrangie comparison--take your time :)

    Nicole, I like Pucci perfumes, too! I spend long days at Sephora sniffing everything. Along with being a polish fanatic and a fashion fiend, I'm also a little obsessed with perfume. I love detecting all the notes and seeing how the perfume changes the longer I wear it. Stephanie is nice, but If you want a comparable color with better application, I'd hit up OPI Let Them Eat Rice Cake.

    gildedangel, thanks :)


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