Thursday, February 11, 2010

8 Seconds

Hello polish fiends, and welcome to Thursday. I feel as though I should blather less today, so here are some images of Rodeo Fanatic. Again, I have no sunlight. None. Nada. Zero. My pictures will never do it justice. Check out Scrangie's image if you want a more accurate portrayal.

Natural light, at window

Natural light again

With flash

It was just impossible for me to capture how this polish actually looks. It's kind of turquoise-y and teal-y. In the bottle it has the suggestion of duochrome, like Gussied Up Green. It looks purple at some angles. I couldn't get a picture of that. Sorry. On the nail the effect mostly disappears, but at certain times and at certain angles I caught a glimpse of purple.

Less variety in shimmer than the others. It just looks blue. I guess I'd have to get it out in the sunlight to really know for sure.

I like this, but I don't love it. It really reminds me of an Icing polish I have. The Icing polish has less noticeable shimmer, but it's a vivid peacock blue, just like Rodeo Fanatic. I was kind of traumatized by that Icing polish because I was forced to wear it for like seven days while on a trip. Again, I recognize a pretty polish when I see one, and I know this is a fan favey-fave for good reason. I think I'll try it again when it's sunnier outside. Oh, and the formula was great. Two coats, done.

Here are a couple bonus pictures of my kitties. The first one is the calm before the storm.

Raven has the high ground and Alley is less than pleased. Neither one has happy tail.

Death spar! Look at Alley's happy tail! She's really only happy while she's tormenting something. Raven is expertly blocking her swats. You can see how large he truly is. He weighs about 16 pounds, while Alley weighs about 6. Alley is way more ferocious, though. Godzilla cat.

I love having two cats. Watching them is a fantastic form of entertainment, especially when they don't know I'm watching them. Alright, thanks for reading, guys.


  1. I have 4 cats, all different personalities and their interactions are really fun to watch. Love to read you everyday, since I am too trying to stay away from buying polish ;) Stay warm!

  2. Love the kitties! Perfect picture of them mid-fight. The polish is the first RD polish you've shown where I was just "meh" about it. But with blues, I either immediately love them or just meh

  3. That second picture is to die for, hahaha! That amused me so much. Aren't they great? Mine makes me smile so much. Even when they're mean. I just want to squish her when she's being crazy.
    This is one of the ones I don't have and I guess I'm gonna need it! Haha! I love your pictures. But I feel your frustration - hate when I don't have proper photographing conditions for a pretty color!

  4. yardsticks, my kitties appreciate your love.

    Anonymous, glad you're reading me! Even though I don't know who you are :( Keep reading!

    Ange-Marie, yeah, this blue is kind of merpy for me. I feel weird saying that because people are so obsessed with it, but whatever. I would give it away, except I want to have the WHOLE collection. So...yeah.

    Nicole, love the kitties! I feel like the sun will never come back. I wouldn't mind so much except for the polish pictures...

    gildedangel, my kitties will be happy to know they have fans now.


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