Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cleveland Dollar Tree...Success!

Well, yesterday I posted a Chanel polish and today I'm posting a dollar store polish. It aaaaall evens out in the end, doesn't it? Usually all the Dollar Trees I venture into kind of suck, makeup-wise. There is a Dollar Tree that my grandmother loves and after we had lunch yesterday she asked me if I would take her. When we walked down the cosmetics aisle I practically squealed with glee because there were polishes! Not uber-fantastic-lovely-amazing polishes, but polishes! I think I got five of them. My grandma insisted on buying them for me because she saw how excited I was. Oh, can I just take a second to tell you that my grandma is the cutest thing in the world? She bought herself some of that confetti-type nail polish, those big silver stars suspended in clear polish that most of the time you have to place with a toothpick or something. She's 86 and she's putting stars on her nails. Ah, I love her. Anyway, pictures.

I think this is called Plum Moment. Near a window, natural light.

I kind of thought it might have a slight duochrome to it because it looks goldish-greenish on the edges of the bottle. No such luck on the nail, though.

All my pictures look the same as the one I showed you above, so that's why you only get two. Oh, but here's a closeup of the bottle with flash.

Yay, sparkles! I bet it would look awesome in the sunlight. Oh Cleveland, where is the sunlight?

This applied well, and I'm sure it's from like a decade ago so it's probably full of all kinds of terrible chemicals. Yay! The brush was kind of weird. It was really long and floppy. Manageable, though. It's kind of a metallic so it ended up being a tad brushstroke-y, but it's not a big deal. The color itself reminds me a lot of Lasso My Heart from Rodeo Diva, which I posted here. I'm kind of tempted to go back to that Dollar Tree to see what else I could find given a longer amount of time to poke around.'s in Cleveland. Haha, yesterday my grandma was like, "They keep raising the taxes for everything. It makes me wonder why anyone wants to live in Cleveland." I had to respond with, "...grandma, nobody wants to live in Cleveland." I'm sorry to post two YouTube vids in one week, but...this one just has to go here. It HAS TO.

Also, for anyone in Cleveland just know that I make fun of it with love (sort of), like all Clevelanders. I couldn't embed Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video: Second Attempt, so if you like the first one and you for some reason haven't seen the second one, YouTube it.

I'm sorry that this post has completely devolved into being about not polish. To get it back on track, I'll tell you that I went back to Ulta yesterday and picked up five more little Essence polishes. I don't remember the names of the ones I got, but I know I have two blues (Pool Party and Underwater) a red, a lilac...and I think a darker purple. Yay! Pretty excited. I also got one of their fauxnad plates because I figured I was really only half a nail blogger without at least trying this stampy business. We'll see how that goes.

I hope you guys are having a great week so far. It's Wednesday! That means it's almost the weekend. Unfortunately I have to work all weekend, but I am excited for those of you with a normal schedule. Thanks for reading, if you made it this far, haha. Love you guys!


  1. GAHHHHHHHHHHHH! I wanna see the essence stampies! And dollar tree hauls are great ... when they actually have something worth while. I'm on day 3, yes THREE of the same polish. I think I may buy everything GlitterGal makes. And I say that in all seriousness. Like, I'm about to go drop like 400$ on their entire line. Someone, anyone...please, talk me out of this...

  2. Pretty! I've found some decent stuff at my Dollar Trees, although not in a while. Maybe it's time to go back!

  3. That is a gorgeous color! I have yet to find anything good that the dollar store in terms of nail polish.

  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post pics of Grannies star spangled fingers!!! I will love you forever if you do :)

  5. I answered you back in my comments section, but I came back over here so that you know I am serious. Grandma needs to be a regular on this blog - ok!!! Seriously Dark Blue polish and Black Tights......yeah, we need a little Grandma in all of our lives!

  6. I second that Brooke. I wanna seeeeeee this! I wish I had a cool gran!

  7. Aaaaand that video is STILL the best thing about Cleveland. Ever!

  8. Star glitter at 86 years old? Your grandma sounds RAD. Mine is 85, she has never worn polish in her life but I love her anyway, she is a bizarre and still beautiful old lady.

    Anyway, I wouldn't mind living in Cleveland! That certainly wouldn't be more expensive than France! :D Seriously, I love America. I went there only once in my life (Detroit/Seattle/Portland OR) but I've come back with stars of love in my eyes and it never faded out. I'm still gaga over USA.

    (I talk and talk and I didn't even talk about your dinosaurus polish but I know how exciting it is to find old forgotten beauties! It's a bit like playing Tomb Raider, ah ah!)

  9. Great find! I love me some dollar store scores!

  10. Ange-Marie, not only will you SEE the Essence stampies, I will buy it for you next time I'm at Ulta. The GlitterGal stuff you posted looks epic. I may not dissuade you. $400 does seem a bit steep, though...

    Laura, it always pays to return to Dollar Tree. If there are no polishes, you can at least get a two litre of generic soda for $1!

    gildedangel, fear not! Your Dollar Tree time will come.

    Brooke, I'll do my best. Then when I'm trying to take pictures of her hands I will have to explain to her what a "blog" is and I think that will take ages. "You see grandma, it's this place on the intarwebz where I take pictures of pretty nail polish and post it for other people to look at. Yes, it sounds silly, but truly it is awesome. What's that, you say? Why am I not in grad school? Now, now, grandma...strike a hand pose."

    Amber, for some reason I could not embed 2nd Attempt. That made me sad. I think I like the second better than the first. WE'RE SO RETARDED THAT WE THINK THIS IS ART.

    jellynat, my grandma is kind of rad, I'll admit. Most grandmas are, in their own ways. Hehe, that's so cute that you wouldn't mind living in Cleveland. How about we switch; you come to the suburban midwest and I will live in France. Yes?

    Sylvia, thanks :)


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