Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Drat, It's True: A Chanel Dupe

Yesterday my friend and I took a little trip to Ulta and we noticed a brand new, completely full endcap of Essence Cosmetics. I was so excited at the prospect of nail polish I had never tried before, but I was trying to be good and just use my rewards thingy for a free salon nail polish (Essie Cute As A Button, by the way). Because Essence polishes are only ninety nine cents, I decided I could choose one. I picked a very "me" color, a peachy, pinky coral. It's called What Do U Think? (I hate it when makeup companies substitute letters for words like that. It's not cute). When I got home I told Ange-Marie what I had found. Our conversation basically went as follows:
Me: I got an Essence polish. I think it's called What Do U Think?
Ange-Marie: You know that's supposed to be a dupe of a Chanel, right?
Me: ...Orange Fizz?
Ange-Marie: Yep.
Me: ...crap.
Ange-Marie: *laughter ensues*
The thing is that I JUST BOUGHT Orange Fizz like two weeks ago. I had a Dillard's giftcard so I'm not really worried about spending the money, it's just annoying that there is a ninety nine cent dupe out there. But still, I was trying to be objective about it all, optimistic that the Essence wasn't truly a dupe.

So...which is which? You tell me. I'm not even going to bother telling you. I have Orange Fizz on two fingers and What Do U Think? on two fingers. At least my taste in polish is consistent. Right?

Here's one with flash, just so you know I'm not tricking you.

In real life I think that the Chanel is a touch pinker, but it's barely noticeable. Honestly. So, celebrate, people. If you've been lemming Orange Fizz, you could just buy four bottles of What Do U Think? for four dollars and be set. Or one tiny bottle. But it's pretty small.

The Essence is .16 fl oz, which is mini-er than a mini. Chanels are .4 fl oz.

I like the brush on the Essence polish. It's flat and kind of wide, at least for a mini. This was my first Chanel polish ever. I was amazed at how awesome the formula is. At least on Orange Fizz, the formula is comparable to my Rescue Beauty Lounge cremes; thick but not too thick. Application was a breeze. The formula on What Do U Think? was a touch thinner but still fine.

Here's a full manicure with Orange Fizz.

Oh, just to let you know every time I show you guys a creme I use a ridge-filling base coat. My preference is Nail Tek II. Anyway, this color is absolute perfection, at least for me at this moment, when I'm in a ridiculous coral/peach phase. I love it and I'm glad I have it. However, the Essence would be a suitable replacement since it's...*cringe*...a dupe.

The funny thing is that I actually read a post not too long ago on Little Music Boxes about how What Do U Think? is an Orange Fizz dupe. Not only did I read it, I also commented on it. Ange-Marie brought this to my attention last night. I am a moron. I didn't recognize the Essence polishes when I was staring right at them. Oh well. I'm taking my grandma to lunch today and she basically lives on top of Ulta, so I'm going back to haul more Essence. It's cheap. Really cheap. Want. If all their minis apply as well as the...*cringe*...dupe, then I want...a lot of them. Plus they're only a dollar. How much damage can I really do? :D

Alright, who has found Essence displays in the US? Does anyone have a favorite color that I should for sure check out? Or a favorite product? Let me know! I'm practically an Essence virgin!


  1. It's so funny, we have Essence for years now and this one isn't available in our country, or so it seems. So I'm a little jealous haha ;-) It's a lovely color on you, and a Chanel dupe too, can it get any better??

  2. That is so funny! See, now you will never run out of that color! :D

  3. Too funny! Now I know that if I want the Chanel, I can get the Essence- I can't afford Chanel prices! If it makes you feel better, it looks fab on you!

  4. That is too funny. I'm sorry you got tricked by the dupe. I'm dying to get my hands on some Essence, I just need to get up to the Portland area sometime to do so!

  5. You just really like that color! I'm all for cheap dupes of Chanels, I trip to Ulta is in order :)

  6. OK, now I need to go back and get those purple and brown and coral ones. ULTA PARTY!!

  7. I actually bought like six of the cute little buggers, including this one. None of the makeup yet! I tried out Pool Party, which is a medium blue with silver shimmer - it's GORGEOUS.

  8. ITS NOT FAIRRRRRRRR!!!!! Why dont I have an Ulta. God, this town is jank!!!! Sorry for laughing abt the dupe-sitch. It was just toooooooooooo funny you're reaction when you were like ..."orange fizz" crap now I'm laughing again.
    Btw something went screwy with my Nubar order. One of the sparkles,one of the gems and both the Green series polishes I ordered didn't process! UGH! So, I have half my order. Growl. It makes me mad bc nubar shipping was 12 freakin dollars!!! Boo Hiss! ANyhoo, I'll get your colors you asked for in the next order, and make absofreakinlutely sure that Nubar doesn't eff it up. Oh, and I will soooooooooo be posting that the site is retarded and screwed my order.

  9. =( sad. I'm sorry it's a dupe for you.... But now I'm excited for me!!! Haha. I'm so conflicted!

    I need it.

  10. WAAaa, I have no Ulta either. Where else can you get them? I LUVs me some cheap dupes!

  11. Michèle, I wonder why you don't have this color over there. It's nice! If you like peachy coral concoctions then you should definitely try to hunt it down.


    Amberski, I can't afford Chanel either. Like I said, I had a giftcard. I don't think I'd ever lay $23 down for a polish unless I really REALLY wanted it...but that's basically what you pay for Rescue Beauty Lounge...$18 plus like $8 shipping...

    Mighty Lambchop, get thee to Portland!

    Jessica, I DO really like this color. You may be new to my blog, so I'll tell you that this color is my obsession. It all started with RBL Starfish Patrick...

    Amber, a definite Ulta party is in order. THEY ARE ONLY NINETY NINE CENTS WTF

    Nicole, I got Pool Party today too! And another blue called Underwater, which I feel like could be a JELLY! Squee!

    Ange-Marie, I'll hook you up ;)

    kelsea, I'm excited for you too! You do need it. *enables*

  12. Frankly, no regrets for having bought that Chanel before finding the Essence. It's the perfect coral and it's super sexy on your nails. Period. Even if there's a dupe, wouldn't you have been lemming it until you get it? (I'm like that when I'm obsessed with a kind of color, ah ah!).

  13. Pale orange and coral tend to make me look dead, but after this post, I ventured off to Ulta to take a gander, and then HAD TO pick up this little beauty. (and about a million others, including some OPI hong Kongs) It is really something else. You are right. This is a GOOD-@$$ color. Ladies!-if you are pale and/or have a yellow cast to your skin, this will make your hands look great! Undead, even! (a first for me!)
    Gorgeous, spring-like color. Me Likey. Thank you for posting this!


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