Monday, February 08, 2010

Dressed Up, Dolled Up...

Gussied up. I'm sure you can see where this is going. First thing's first, though. badass Saints kicked your butt, Peyton. I've been a Saints fan for about three years now. My boyfriend is a football fanatic and he watched every Sunday, like four games a day, so I decided that I needed a team to root for. Naturally, I didn't want to root for the Browns, because I don't even think they know how to play football. My really good friend lives on the Mississippi Gulf coast he talks about the Saints all the time. I decided to adopt them. That game last night was awesome. Period. Wee! It was especially fun to be e-mailing Ange-Marie during the game with fun trash talk (and she's a superb trash talker) since my family really didn't care about the game. I was basically screaming on the couch alone clutching my iPhone.

Speaking of Ange-Marie, we were talking about Rodeo Diva the other day and I told her I'm trying to get through the Flannel Fixation set first. I asked her which polish I should use next and she implored me to bust out Gussied Up Green. Bust it out I did. I have to admit that I wasn't actually too excited about it. Deep forest greens like that really do nothing for me, especially shimmers. But you guys, this is seriously one for the record books. It's just gorgeous. Let me show you.

So this is nice, right? Just nice. But just wait until you get it out in the [nearly non-existent] sun.

In the sun, and at most angles, the gold shimmer comes out and makes this dark green appear to lean almost yellow. It's just absolutely stunning. There's more.

At other angles it looks teal. I wouldn't call this a duochrome because I only saw it look like this a couple times, and only in certain lights and at certain angles. It looks like a different polish than the other images, doesn't it?

Indoors, in good light, near a window.

Gold shimmer, blue shimmer, green shimmer, and trust me, there is red shimmer in there. It's a surprise, kind of like in Wagon Trail. You can't see it in this macro, but in others I took it's readily apparent.

Here's the reason I thought this might be a strong duochrome on the nail. Do you see the purple and blue on the right side of the bottle? That effect is basically gone when you apply it, though. It's kind of strange.

You can probably tell by the number of pictures that I took that I love this polish. I find it really, really interesting. The application on this one wasn't as good as with Red Stallion and Cowgirl Up. It took three coats for completely even coverage and, as I was painting, I realized that I have the same issue with Wagon Trail whenever I use it: if you have the bottle open for almost any amount of time at all, the polish starts to get kind of thick and gummy. I mean, it's worth it, in both cases, but it is a little annoying. All in all, if you come across this somewhere or if you're thinking of an e-tailer haul, get it. I don't see how you could possibly be disappointed in it.

I think I almost fully relaxed this weekend. My mom and I went shopping and saw Up In the Air together. I got a little black dress and gazed at the wonders that are George Clooney's eyelashes. Seriously, he has the nicest eyelashes I've ever witnessed...which is kind of a weird thing to say, I know, but I guess I notice the weird stuff. My mom was going through her bathroom cabinet the other day; she is notoriously picky about what perfumes she will wear. She gifted me an entirely full 1.7oz bottle of Dior Addict, plus two little samples (that are so cute! They're miniature replicas of the real bottle, just without the spray pump).

I'm ecstatic about this. As I've mentioned before, I wear Flowerbomb almost every day. Addict is a really similar fragrance. It's a floriental, just like Flowerbomb. I think the difference is the vanilla that Addict has as one of the top notes; it also lingers on the dry down. It gives the scent a warmth that Flowerbomb also has, but I think that's because of the patchouli. Anyway, I found a new love (don't worry,'re still my favey-fave). Also, in my next GIVEAWAY I will be GIVING AWAY the little Addict samples, so stay tuned.

That's all for today, guys! I'll be back tomorrow with another Rodeo Diva polish. So, spill. Who has and loves Gussied Up Green? Is this on anyone's lemming list? In anyone's top three favey-fave greens?


  1. gah gah gah omg gahhhhhhhhhhhh Its even better than I dreeeeeeeeeamed! I must get my greedy little hands on the Rodeo Diva set now. oh piss, i hate ebay...
    btw you're a pretty good trash-talker too! Man, our boys kicked some HORSETAIL last night. I'm still shaky when I think about those last 3 mins...

  2. Oh man, I LOVE this green. I remember the first time I wore it. Could not stop looking at it while I was driving. Me=bad driver. Lol.

  3. EEE!!! I got a bottle of Gussied Up Green, and I'm SO excited to try it now! Lovely swatches. Thanks! =D

  4. Ahh, have this and UTTERLY love it. It's so gorgeous! I think I have about half of this collection. I noticed the duochrome in the bottle too! I was sure hoping it would show up more on the nail, but still super pleased with this pretty.

  5. gildedangel, thanks! I think so too!

    Ange-Marie, GET IT. You won't regret it.

    PerryPie, I do the same thing while I'm driving, especially if I'm in sunlight. It's like, "Ooo, aahhh, pretty...AHH RED LIGHT."

    ANSTAH, you're welcome! Glad you like them!

    Nicole, yeah, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like this. I said, "wow" on the first swipe of the brush on my thumb. Haha.

  6. I love how the green looks in the sun. Gorgeous pictures! :)


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