Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Emo Midnight Ride

Another day, another Ro Ro Diva polish. Yesterday was a really, really sunny day so I raced to put on the one polish from Flannel Fixation that I knew would need epic amounts of sunlight to be appreciated. And here it is.

Midnight Ride, sunlight


But this is what it looks like most of the time indoors. Kind of black.

And here's one with flash.

Okay, so Midnight Ride (great name) is a dark, dark purple polish that looks "almost black" most of the time indoors or in overcast light. When the sunlight hits it, though, you get a pleasant surprise: beautiful jewel-like sparkle that makes the whole almost black thing completely worth it. I love this polish. I think if I'm ever looking for something a little darker, a little vampier, this is what I'll reach for. Its shimmer is just too beautiful; purple, red and dark blue that contribute to the polish's overall deep purple tone.

It kind of looks like it glows from within, but really only when the sun hits it directly. This makes it kind of a contradiction: ideal for summer, yet "too dark" for most people during that season. I have no problem wearing shades like this during the summer or spring, so I'm putting this on reserve until then.

I was going to save this for the end of my [slow-going] collection review, but I decided that today I have to show you guys my midnight ride. All through high school I did a ton of equestrian stuff. My mom used to teach horseback riding, so I literally was raised in a barn. She used to take me down there while she was teaching and I would play in the dirt and harass the ponies. I dunno, whatever a five-year-old does. My mom never pushed me to pursue the sport, but when I was about thirteen I decided it was high time I begin lessons. That's when my obsession began. As soon as my mom saw how into it I was she did everything she could to encourage it, and that included letting me take care of my own horse. I have to warn you that I don't have a scanner and that this picture is from...a while ago. I literally took a picture of this picture, so the quality is weird. It makes it look kind of dream-like, but whatever. Here's my boy, my midnight ride.

My baaaaaby. Robinson, Robbie for short. He was kind of old, though. He taught me a lot of things: patience, responsibility...and dressage. He was a dressage champion so he kind of made it so I hardly had to try; he was just so well-trained. One day his eye got cloudy, I think due to glaucoma, so he became head-shy. I couldn't get his bridle on him. We gave him some time off, let him hang out in the paddock. One day his saw his horsey friend enter the paddock from across the field and he got too excited. He tried to run over to greet her, but I think his balance was off because of his bad eye. He fell and hurt his leg. He was already old so...we had to make a tough decision. I miss him often. He was a good friend. He was a Westphalian, which made him huge by nature (breed trait). To give you an idea, here we were together. Again, sorry for my jank pseudo-scan.

I had to stand on a picnic table to clean his ears. But he was a gentle giant.

Okay, I totally got off on a tangent. Sorry! I'm a little emo, I guess. All the names of the Rodeo Diva polishes get me kind of nostalgic, even though I rode English saddle (dressage, specifically) and not Western. Oh well. I'll be back with another polish for you guys tomorrow :D


  1. Wow i love the colour! never heard of a Ro Ro Diva polish before and the name midnight ride is gorgeous.

    Huong. x

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwww he's so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! (the horse). The only Rodeo Diva polish I have is this one, and its just too dark for my skin :( I didn't have that problem with Baptiste, so when I want a MR look, I grab Baptiste. But this looks suh-weet on you! I just can't get over how pretty your horse is. I love horses (to pet not to ride. I get a little freaked out being up there...) He's just too cute though, I wanna scratch his ears

  3. He was a very beautiful giant. That's not emo at all to recall such things and miss those who have gone forever. I love your horse story, the memories, the blurry surreal pics, the curious dreamy distance in your words. Thank you for sharing.

    (Back on topic, I'll have to get this polish. Based on pics I'd say it looks a bit like OPI Who Are You Wearing which I already have but I don't know - I just love deep purples. :P)

  4. *Wibbles* That story was so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That's a beautiful polish! I lvoe vampies so this is right up my alley...And I'm so sorry about your horse! I love pets and used to keep dogs and rabbits (not horses though) so I feel your pain of losing a pet...but you'll always have the memories!

  6. Londons-Beauty, get Midnight Ride if you like vampies. Fo rizzle.

    Ange-Marie, I think most vampies are too dark for my skin but I just don't care. Baptiste looks awesome, though.

    jellynat, thank you. He was the prettiest horse in the whole world. Or at least in the tri-county area.

    PerryPie, :D Anytime.

    Musicalhouses, thank you! It's true I'll always have the memories. I love my jankity pictures.

  7. Pretty polish and a beautiful horse.
    Sadly, the name of the polish makes me think of a Moonspell song. Now I have to cue it up on my iPod.

  8. Gosh, I'm really loving the colours in Rodeo Diva!

    Thank you for sharing your story about Robinson. He looks magnificent in the photos. :)


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