Friday, February 26, 2010

Grape Pop? Or Grape...Soda?

I wasn't going to change my polish today because, surprisingly, I was really loving OPI Vodka & Caviar. I could not stop looking down at my hands like, all day. Unfortunately at work, my hands were submerged in water for like...a long time. The polish chipped a little bit and if there's one thing I cannot stand it's chipped polish. Sigh and a half. The other reason I wasn't going to change my polish is that I'm out of cotton balls. Like two weeks ago I bought a whole new bag from Walgrizzle and it has DISAPPEARED. I've looked everywhere and I can't find it. I have to buy new ones now. It's a pain in the ass to remove polish with a paper towel or something. I guess I'm just complaining about this now because the weather is awful so it's tough to go out, even just to Walgreens. Stupid February.

After laboriously removing Vodka & Caviar with a paper towel :( I chose to use Grape Pop. I was really excited about China Glaze Up & Away when I first saw Scrangie's swatches. Then everyone and their mother was posting the colors so I was going to wait a while. Alas, I just could not resist Grape Pop. As I'm sure you all know, purple completely freaks out cameras. This polish photographed way bluer than it actually is.

I used flash in the last picture and it kind of helped, but it's still too blue. In real life Grape Pop is almost equal parts blue and red, but it leans just the tiniest bit blue. Basically, it's the perfect mid-toned purple. It's really, really gorgeous. If you love purples, get this. The application was actually kind of difficult for me. I found the polish to be really, really thick. On the bright side, it was almost opaque in one coat. Key word being almost. I got weird bald patches on some nails so I ended up using two coats. Maybe I'm just used to runnier formulas or something. Who knows. I love, love, love the color, though.

And the name. Is it onomatopoetic, like Grape *POP*!, or is it like grape soda? Here in Cleveland we call carbonated soft drinks pop instead of soda. When I started college in Chicago this was a hotly debated subject. Soda or pop? For a while I stuck with pop, but I was made fun of so mercilessly that I switched to soda. Even after moving back to Cleveland I still call it soda. Now I get made fun of here because it's pop territory. I just can't win.

I leave you today with a picture of Raven leading his difficult life. I just don't know how he survives. He sleeps. Then he poops. Then he drinks some water and eats some organic cat food. Then he goes back to sleep. Poor guy. So much stress.

Alright, that's all for today. In the comments let me know if you say soda or pop to refer to carbonated soft drinks. Also let me know in which region of the US you live. I am always genuinely curious about this subject. Thanks for reading!


  1. That is a beautiful color, I hope that it will be at my Sally's when I go tomorrow!

  2. I think most Minnesotans say pop, but for some reason I normally call it soda LOL. Maybe just because I like being different =) BUT I have to say, when I've been seeing this polish name it's made me think of Grape Pop as in like a grape sucker... so I guess I'm double weird

    PS - too funny with the cotton balls! I've lost bags like that before too & been like, WTF? But I don't think I could lose the huge (1200 ft) box I have now that I got at Sallys if I tried =)

  3. I say POP and I'm from Oklahoma. When I hear Grape Pop I think of Welches grape "soda"

  4. One of my favorite colors in the collection...

    I'm a Clevelander too so pop rules in my vocab

  5. Its is soda. Yes, soda.
    Love this color

  6. Love this color!
    I actually don't use either I call it by name ie Coke, Root beer, 7up etc. But I'm weird!

  7. Your cat, so cute. And I use pop. But I'm Canadian.

  8. "Grape Pop" is the only one I've ordered from the Up and Away collection and I'm fiercely waiting for it to arrive at my house (maybe tomorrow?). I see I made a right choice! Gorgeous against your fair skin.

    I laughed at the description of your cat's life. You summed it up their typical life perfectly. It feels good to be a cat, eh? I've lived among cats all my life, I should have been born as one of them.

    Since I lost my Pam in July (she was THE cat of my life), I could never pick an other companion. 7 months now she has disappeared (gone for a walk and never get back) and I'm crying unvoluntary writing this or each time I think of her. I'm waiting for her to come back. Endlessly.

    To end on a less sad note, your cotton balls were used to fall from the sky and cover the landscape with the white stuff you're fed up with. Ah ah! I easily lose thing too, don't worry. I especially lose stuff when I decide to order my mess. Go figure!

  9. oh man i seriously need that polish. Also I miss that furball!

  10. Grape Soft Drink, obviously. ;) (Can you tell I'm Canadian?) All 3 names sound fine to me, but I'd guess I probably call it 'soda' most often.

    I so wanted that one, but my Sally's was sold out. Grr.

  11. SODA!
    (New Jersey. Not the shore part. Promise.)

  12. gildedangel, I hope it'll be there too. Because you need this.

    Colette, weirdly I went to visit a university in Minnesota when I was searching for places to go for undergrad. I remember being really surprised that people there said pop. Maybe I should look into this Sally's cotton balls business...

    Brooke, me too. Most people don't call it grape pop, do they? Or orange pop.

    Jessica, thanks! It is.

    Blissfully Irregular, yay! Another Clevelander! Exciting.

    Ange-Marie, duly noted. Soda.

    Evil Angel, isn't that a southern thing? Like, calling most things Coke? I had a friend from Atlanta who called EVERYTHING Coke.

    PerryPie, power to the pop! And to Canada.

    jellynat, I can't wait to see Grape Pop on you too! I have often said that I need to be reincarnated as a well-loved housecat. It seems like the best life. I'm sorry about Pam. You never know...she may wander back. One of my kitties wandered away once for a pretty long time and she came back to me. Sometimes kitties just have to explore. Both of my cats are indoor kitties now.

    Angela, he misses you too :)

    The Glitterati, grape soft drink, huh? I could get behind that :P

    danielle, I wouldn't be worried about being associated with Jersey Shore...just The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

  13. We don't have grape sodas (or pops, or soft drinks) in non-fancy Germany, but we would call it "kohlensäurehaltiges Traubengetränk". :)

  14. When I was growing up in Chicago, I said 'grape pop', as did my whole family. And we also referred to a plastic or paper flexible container as a 'bag'. Then I went to college at NIU, and acquired a boyfriend from Rock Falls, Il. He endlessly tormented me about 'pop' and 'bag'. (and more, but I digress...) To him they were 'soda' and 'sack'.
    About 100 miles difference between us, and same state. Go figure.

  15. What a cute kitty. He looks just as "stressed" as mine does.

    After 11 years in Buffalo, NY, I call it pop. Now that I'm living where I grew up again (around Westchester, NY) I still call it pop and no one understands what I'm saying.

  16. Ahh, I'm with Auroragyps, above me. I lived in Maine when I was a smaller child, but then when I was twelve I moved to western New York, south of Buffalo, and everyone, I mean everyone, called it pop. That's it. Not soda. So I got used to that! I moved away in my twenties, and everyone used to look at me like I was crazy when I called it pop. Now I call it by the individual name, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, you name it. But you'll still catch me calling it pop from time to time!
    That was long. Anyway, GREAT polish and great swatches, that last photo looks the most like my bottle of it, which I picked up yesterday!

  17. Me=procrastinating by catching up on reading my favorite blog (aka yours!)

    I have this color and can't wait to try it. I want to wait until it gets a tad warmer though. I have SO many winter colors that I don't think I'll be able to pull off in a couple weeks. (spring comes early in CA, thank god!)

    I might thin mine a little if it's too thick. Thanks for the heads up!


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