Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Haulin' With the Flow

Ugh, not a great week so far. Last night Boyfriend told me that his car had been stolen. He parks it in the street in Bronzeville and usually only drives it to go grocery shopping or to come visit me. It's kind of strange that he parked his car in the street in Hyde Park for two years and no one ever touched it; Bronzeville is, I think, considered to be a way better neighborhood than the HP. I guess the last time he drove it was like a week ago, and yesterday when he went to check on it or something he discovered it was gone. He reported it to the police and everything, but for all we know it could have been gone for a week already. Sad, sad panda. We've had a lot of experiences in that car. It has driven us through Illinois, Indiana and Ohio many times. Boyfriend drove from Seattle to Chicago in it. His friend drove from Canton to Seattle in it. Once it broke down on Lake Shore near 47th Street (not fun) while we were driving back from Wicked. At night. I did kind of freak out a bit at that one. Anyway, the reason I'm so upset is kind of selfish, and that's he can't come to visit me whenever he wants. We were looking for flights last night to get him here. He has the option of taking a bus, which I always do to go to him (because parking there is terrible and because I hate driving alone) but he gets super, super motion sick. Once he came home from a trip where he had to ride a shuttle kind of often and he was dizzy for literally a week. I don't want that to happen again, so I think flying is kind of our best bet. Sigh. Sorry to rant.

I needed something to cheer me up today so I chose to try out something from the new Sephora by OPI spring collection, Go With the Flow-er. This collection has the dumbest polish names of all time (Iris I Was Thinner? I rest my case). I was attracted to Go With the Flow-er because it's a jelly, and I love me a jelly. Unfortunately this polish is so packed with glitter that that "squishy" look jellies usually provide is largely absent when applied to the nail.

Oh, before I show you my pictures, let me just do a Rampage wrap-up. You know how mothers always say that they kind of forget the pain of childbirth after holding that fantastic little pooping, crying bundle of joy in their arms? I kind of had that experience with Rampage. I kept looking down at my hands all day yesterday admiring the color. By this morning I kind of forgot I had had any application issues at all. So...Rampage is totally worth it, in case I didn't get that point across yesterday.

Alright, here's Go With the Flow-er.

By a window. All of my pictures kind of look the same of this one. It's pretty in all lights.

Also by window.

I really like this. I'm not usually much for pink, but this is just so...happy. The glitter in it can either be gold or pink depending on the lighting and the angle at which you're viewing the polish, so that makes the pink look like it leans way orange. This was three coats. The formula was really wonderful, as is pretty standard on all $OPIs. When I took this polish out to put on I thought it looked pretty similar to another OPI shade of yesteryear.

Go With the Flow-er on the left and Dress To Empress on the right (one of OPI's best ever names, in my opinion).

Dress To Empress is a pinky red base packed with gold glitter. The main difference between these two polishes is that Go With the Flow-er is pinker (but not by much), it has more glitter, it has smaller glitter, and its glitter is pink/gold. I still think they're similar, though.

Go With the Flow-er on my index finger and Dress To Empress on my middle finger.

You can see the difference pretty clearly, huh? But now that I think about it, the base colors may be the same; the $OPI may look pinker because it has so much pink glitter in it. I guess I'm not really sure. Oh, by the way, Dress To Empress is from the Japan collection...from 2005, maybe? I think that's right. My bottle still has a pro-wide, so it couldn't have been from too long ago. That collection also contains one of my favorite colors of all time, Let Them Eat Rice Cake. Suzi was in fine form when naming those guys.

Today I went to get my beloved grandma one of those pill box thingies with the days of the week on them. Last week she came over for dinner and said that she had had chest pains the other day and did nothing about it. The woman is 86 and lives alone. 86! I got her an appointment with her cardiologist right away (my mom took her) and we found out she had stopped taking the like six prescriptions he had given her a year ago. Sigh. I thought it would be easier for her if she had one of those little box things. Plus it gave me a great excuse to go drug store hunting; one of my favorite past times. I went to Ulta too, just to look at the polish that Nicole posted yesterday. Once I saw it I thought it was too light for my skintone so I passed. I was shocked to see that they were already carrying Up & Away because Sally's hasn't put theirs out yet. Usually Sally's is so ahead of Ulta it's ridiculous. Anyway, here's what I picked up at CVS after I left Ulta empty-handed.

I have decided to try Sally Hansen Mega Shine topcoat because my Seche Vite has gone retarded from being thinned too many times. The bottle is more than half empty, so you guys know how that goes. Milani was buy one get one 50% off at CVS today. I picked up Rad Purple because I heard tell that it's a jelly. I got...Techno Red, I think is the name because I opened the bottle and it looked more coral than red to me. I hate opaque bottles. Hey Milani, you're not Chanel. Be normal.

I had just read about the new Maybelline Sweet Thing collection last night on Nouveau Cheap, so I was shocked to find them already at my local grocery store, Giant Eagle. I picked up Sweet Clementine (come on; you guys didn't really expect me to resist that orange, did you?), Goody Gum Drop and Pie in the Sky. I wasn't going to get the purple, but it has a nice silver shimmer to it. I couldn't resist. Pie in the Sky looks like a pastel cornflower to me, so...sign me right up. Plus they were $3.49 apiece. At first I was worried Sweet Clementine might be too similar to OPI Hot & Spicy, but...

Nope! Nice. Alley was Godzilla-ing again. Hehe, furry legs.

So...yeah! There's my little haul. Not bad. Oh! Jellynat correctly identified my painting fragment yesterday! Yay! Good job, lady! In English we do indeed call it The Cheat and the artist is Georges de la Tour. Let's play again, shall we? This is too fun.

Once again, no image source credited. I took this myself.

Alright, sorry for the ranty post. Stuff just isn't going my way, is it? I hope everyone is surviving the week!


  1. gah ahahahahahahaha hey milani, you're not chanel. be normal.'ve.ever.said. God I love you you crack me up. Once again, I don't know paintings, but squee those neons. Gah. Can't wait to see the red. Ive seen the purple, and already know I need *it*

  2. Go with the Flow-er looks very pretty on you! I need to find those Maybellines as well.... do they have a mint green?

  3. my computer is possessed. my word verification on that comment was "satan".

  4. Amberski, there IS supposed to be a mint green with this collection. But not on the display I saw. Apparently there's a bunch of makeup that goes with this collection on separate displays, and on one of them should be a mint and a peach, supposed dupes of MAC Peppermint Patti and Seasonal Peach. Keep a lookout.

  5. Oooh, I STILL haven't seen the Maybelline collection, but I did see her post about it! I'm looking hard for it. I am going BACK to get that purple, I swear it. I'm really curious to see that Milani "red" though - I wonder what it will look like?
    I still have not put away Pink Me I'm Good. It's sitting on my desk twinkling at me - I think I'm still bowled over by how much I liked it.
    I loved my Mirror Shine, but it ended up gunking up on me - that silver stuff starts flaking into the bottle about halfway through, and ugh, the formula itself starts acting up too. I thought it would be a good Seche replacement, it didn't work out well for me. I hope it does for you! I'll be curious to see what you think of it.
    LOVE that $OPI. It's so pretty! Not fond of the names either, but that color is gorgeous.
    And oh MAN that sucks about his car! :( Don't apologize for ranting, I would have too!

  6. You got some great stuff!!! That's so terrible to hear about your boyfriend's car =( I'm sorry! You never know though, maybe it;ll get found! I hope so!

    I can't wait to see the maybellines and the milanis! They look awesome. I really need to paint my nails! I've been way too damn busy lately. Manic Monday is getting old.. plus it's Wednesday now! lol.


  7. Ooh ooh the Grand Odalisque by Ingres! Love that painting... just don't look at her back for too long. Haha. And that car situation sucks.. I've taken Greyhound to visit my bf and it was pretty sucky. But I'm sure you will find a way to work it out!

  8. Nicole, I haven't tried the Milani purple yet, but the swatches I've seen of it look GOR-GEOUS. You should totally go back to get it. Buy one get one 50% off! I think every topcoat I've ever had has gunked up on me. I like Seche Vite, I guess I just need a change of pace before I buy another bottle for $9. Just testing the waters. I like this $OPI too. Uber-springy. Not usually a color I'd go for. Thanks :)

    kelsea, I hope it turns up too! But it probably won't, haha. I'm excited for these Milanis, man. I love that: "Manic Monday is getting it's Wednesday now!" Haha, you crack me up. It's like days of the week underwear.

    Stephanie, yes, you're right :) I love that painting too. I've never taken Greyhound, but I've taken Megabus (which is supposed to be really only is sometimes, if you book months in advance). It sucks. A lot.

  9. Great haul, and I am sorry to hear about your boyfriend's car. That really sucks.

  10. Thanks, Steph, I will keep my eye out! Sorry about your BF's car BTW- that sux!

  11. So sorry to hear about the car. I lived in Chicago for 10 years and the neighborhoods have changed so much..not for the better. I'm sure you'll find a way to see each other. Try and smile :)

  12. UGH, I felt the SAME way about the Sephora OPI collection - Iris I was Thinner totally turned me off - hello, eating disorders are such a huge problem for teenage girls - those same girls who are probably buying these polishes. Glad you think this collection is silly too (name wise). But, Go with the Flow-er is really, really pretty!! I'm so sorry about your boyfriend's car :(

  13. Ugh, so sorry to hear about your BF's car- tell him to make sure it wasn't towed for some reason- I lived in Chicago for most of my life, and that happened a couple of times to either me or my family. Call around to the impound lots. Also, walk around the hood and look for it. It's a pain, but it can pay off. They "relocated" my BF's car because of sewer work, and neglected to post any signs or contact him in any way. He reported it stolen, but then was walking around, and found it a couple of blocks away, with a tow sticker slapped on it. So very helpful, Chicago.


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