Thursday, February 04, 2010

Holy Haul, Batman!

It's a really stressful time in my life right now. There are so many things going on that I just hope work out for the best. I've recently decided that if things don't start looking up by the summer that I will move back to Chicago to be with my boyfriend and to try to build a life together there. Following that decision, I thought I should save as much money as possible. This post serves to show you how well that's going (ie not well). It started out innocently enough. I was at Marc's, a discount store that I believe is regionally specific to northeast Ohio (like Drug Mart. holla!) and I spotted the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line for something like $5. I think that's less than they cost at Walgreens or CVS, so I picked up the only one I'm interested in.

Lavender Cloud

I didn't feel too bad. What's $5 in the grand scheme of things after all? Then things rapidly started going downhill in another area of my life and I did the only thing that makes me truly feel better. I shopped. I went to H&M and found this dress

Embellished shirt dress, $34.95

Hm. Well, it looks okay. But I do love the diamond patterns. It's kind of shapeless on me, though somehow I feel it makes me look small because I'm swimming in it. How to fix this problem that's not really a problem at all...

Studded belt, $12.95

Okay. Not THAT bad. Right? In the grand scheme of things? Right? Am I right? *sigh* After I made these purchases I was walking through the mall trying to decide where to go next when I spotted this jankity salon. I ventured inside. And then...and then this happened:

China Glaze Rodeo Diva, Fall 2008, Flannel Fixation

China Glaze Rodeo Diva, Fall 2008, Hay Ride

IN MY OWN MEEK SELF-DEFENSE, I have wanted this entire collection for ages. See, it came out when I wasn't truly into nail polish yet. I really became hopelessly addicted to polish in...probably the early spring of 2009. By that time Rodeo Diva wasn't on shelves anymore, so I've been quietly lemming the entire thing for a year now. These bottles have probably been sitting on those dusty shelves at Jankity Salon since like September 2008, so they could all do with a good shakin'. Aren't they pretty, though? My little gems. Jankity Salon also had the Bahama Blues collection, so I might be going back for that someday.

I was going to use a Rodeo Diva polish and show you guys today, but I'm still wearing that Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. This stuff wears like iron. A polish usually doesn't last one entire day at my job. This is my fifth day wearing this blue, and I only have a couple little, hardly noticeable chips. The next couple weeks I will probably be showing you only Rodeo Diva polishes. I'm sorry. I know I'm like, so unfashionably late to this party, but I must wear them all. Does anyone have a favorite polish from that collection? Any recommendations for what I try out first? Of course I already had Wagon Trail and I wear it all the time, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to have a back-up :D Oh, and by the way, I'm returning that dress to H&M, so that makes the huge purchase less awful, right? I'm keeping that belt, though. It's hot.

Alright, that's all for today. I leave you with a bonus picture of my cat, Raven, watching what I like to call Cat TV (aka, reality. He just loves to look out the window).


  1. Honey pie sweetie bunch... If you go back to jankity salon PLEASE email me and I will paypal you money for ALL of those China Glaze sets. The Blues one makes me giddy. gah! I went on a shopping bender this week too cuz I felt like crap! Woohoo retail therapy

  2. I wish I could find a dusty around here with cool stuff!! I love Rodeo Fanatic from that collection, it is prettiful!!

  3. Oh! Rodeo Diva. *Loves* Wicked haul.

  4. I hope things turn out awesomely for you. It sounds like you could use a big ol' mess o' happy right about now. I like to tell myself that there's a reason for everything. Usually that's hard to see when I'm IN IT. Hopefully, there's lots you've learned. Just continue to listen to your inner voice. It sounds like you're doing that, and making plans accordingly- so- way to go! You know deep inside where you really want to be... ( not to be didactic or sound cryptic/crazy or anything...) Plus, I think things always look way worse when the hours of daylight are really @#*&%% short.

    But you have Rodeo Diva to cheer you up! It might be small, but I swear color helps me feel better...
    Hope everything turns out ULTRA well.

  5. Wow! Well, I do the same thing. And obviously you were meant to stumble across these, huh? I have slowly been collection Rodeo Diva, and the colors ROCK. Seriously. I think you're gonna be so pleased with them. I just ordered three of the Bahama Blues collection, too. I figured it was high time I start collecting those as well! Pretty obvious I love me some China Glaze.
    That dress - I think it's so cool, and judging from the pictures I've seen, it seems so you - totally will look cool with that killer belt.
    Blah blah blah, everyone has to go through a journey to get where they need to be - but you know what? Sometimes I just HATE the journey. I know that it's true, you have to do it, but man. I hope things get lots better for you - and I hope your own "journey" isn't long and complicated.

  6. Seriously laughing along with your story! It sounds like what happens to me when I'm down. The rationalizing, the desperate yearning to feel better, the amazing nail polish find!!! Good luck with everything and your attitude is awesome. With your rodeo diva you will be strong enough to land on your feet! I love that collection too. Have fun and post those suckers! I want to see them!

  7. Love that dress. Love that belt. Love Rodeo Diva. You can do no wrong, my friend!!! And I will def let you know how millionails works. For 15 frikken dollars it better be amazing!

  8. Rodeo Fanatic! Rodeo Fanatic! Rodeo Fanatic! Man I loved that polish so much, it was one of my firsts. You know, before this nail polish thing became A Problem. I hear Gussied Up Green is pretty spectacular too, though I don't own it myself.

  9. great haul! and you know that i love that belt. hey there is nothing wrong with getting things a bit later! That makes searching for them so much more fun. And in this case it's really meant to be. I just love those moments!

  10. Oh my, what a haul! Well spotted, the China Glazes! Pity you're returning the dress though.


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