Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Illamasqua (ahsk-wah? ask-uh?)

About a week ago I received a lovely package from Ange-Marie containing a couple of Illamasqua polishes (and one China Glaze). She was taking a trip to Atlanta and so graciously picked me up the two Illamasqua polishes I wanted most, Rampage and Phallic. When I asked for Rampage she replied with, "It's darker than you'd think." That only made me want it more. I have to confess that I do want a green polish like the infamous NARS Zulu. I like wearing green polish, but I really want it to look like a vampy black-green, not necessarily chalkboard green (although that can be nice too). At first she told me she wasn't able to get me Rampage and I felt a little sad. Later she said she had been mistaken and she actually had gotten it for me. YAY! I was so excited. Oh, and can I just say that Ange-Marie is awesome? Like, she's one of the coolest chicks ever. So thanks lady! I really appreciate that you thought of me!

Illamasqua is a brand that's new to me, so before I show you the color let me ask...does anyone know how to pronounce it? My inclination is to say "Ill-am-ahsk-wah," but I was watching a couple YouTube videos and I heard someone say "Ill-am-ask-uh." Anyone got any insight on that?

Alright, first thing's first: the packaging. I love polishes that come in boxes. I don't know why. I practically squealed with glee when I got my Rescue Beauty Lounge order and they were all individually boxed. I love that MAC polishes come in their own boxes, too. I don't know why! I guess I'm just weird. So thumbs up on that, Illamasqua. Next, the look of the bottle itself.

I love me a rectangular bottle. A bottle with angles! Yay! And I love the square cap. This picture is with flash, by the way. You can see one of the little shake-y balls in the bottom left-hand corner of the bottle. This should have foretold my application problems to come.

Like on Chanel polishes, you can yank the cap off of the top to make application less awkward. I'm a fan of that, too.

Little details really please me, so I really loved how they put the logo on top of the cap.

Alright, so...I had a huge problem with the formula on this. It's a jelly, yes, which makes it finicky by nature...but I had mad cuticle drag. You'll be able to see in my picture with flash that I still have bare patches on my nails after three coats. No bueno. I waited between coats too, probably about five minutes. This...was a laborious...manicure.

This is by the window, in natural [semi] light. It's a stunning color, really. I do love it.

...yeah. Three coats, and I was very careful. I used very deliberate brushstrokes and I waited between the coats. The color is too, too pretty, though.

Just regular indoor lighting

I am not an expert at giving myself manicures (as you can see by the polish all over my cuticles) but I'm pretty good at working with most formulas. This one pissed me off. Don't get me wrong; it's worth it because the color is so gorgeous. I just wish it wasn't such a pain in the ass. Maybe I got a bad bottle? Maybe I didn't wait long enough between coats? I admit that it could be operator error but I kind of doubt it. Regardless, I'm really glad I have this. It's so pretty. And kind of sexy!

As regular readers can probably tell, I cut my nails off yesterday. For some reason my left thumbnail always splits really far down, so I ended up cutting that one really short. I figured the rest should probably follow suit, so there you have it. Since I'm working with coffee again, you'll probably notice my hands are pretty dry and jacked up. I'm sorry about that. It is the way of the barista.

Oh, also, Stephanie was the first one yesterday to answer my painting question! We share the same name, the same love of nail polish, and the same insane art love. Good job! It was indeed a detail of Gericault's The Raft of the Medusa. I am in love with that painting. Anyone wanna play again? This one's a little harder.

Again, no image source because I took this one myself.

Alright guys, thanks for reading. I hope everyone is having a good week so far. I'm exhausted. I think I might even take a nap...


  1. you didn't get a bad bottle. my bottle of it that I got is the exact same way. When I posted mine back in December, I think, I used 4 coats. and still had a couple patchy spots. Its beautiful, and psst there's a supposed nfu oh zulu dupe. I'll dig up the # of it for you. I was never interested in zulu. Its too black-green for me. Oh, and Rampage looks wicked on toes (where I've used most my bottle). I love vampy colors on toes, unlike most people who prefer brights. Can't wait to see phallic on you. Rampage looks great!

  2. Illamasqua acording to their site is pronounced
    Ill a mas ka, derived from the words Illusion and Mask.
    I'm full of usless info.

  3. It's "Le tricheur" by Georges de la Tour (you probably call it "The Cheater" - I'm not sure. I only know the name of paintings in French) I studied all those paintings so long ago... :)

    I really want Rampage. It's so glossy. Jelly + green = LOVE <3

  4. I love that jelly green.
    And the painting! I googled it (thanks to jellynat) and it's a great painting. I am now going to find out more about the artist also.
    Great idea. Recreation and education in one blog.

  5. Amazinnggg color. I love it. Looks totally worth the pain and suffering!

    Also, I have seen Sherlock Holmes (saw it on xmas day!) and I liked it a lot. Partially because I also love RDJ and Jude Law. Omg Jude Law just looked so.... sooo.... SEXY in that movie! He looks fantastic in The Holiday too. MMmmm. Now I'm all hot and bothered. Thanks Stephanie! Haha. Have a lovely Tuesday! =)


  6. This color just looks FAB on you !

    Tell me you watch Ru's DR last night! Disco's Extra Greasy Shortning, lmao! They killed their country looks! I even got my mom recording this show and watching it this season, lol!

  7. It looks great on you, I love its jelly texture!I 'm waiting for some Illamasqua's(Boosh and Muse) and I'm really happy!

    I have a blog sale on my blog so come check it out if you like!

  8. Ange-Marie, maybe I will wear this on my toesies. I have Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl on my toes now and I really like it. It's quite the jelly.

    Evil Angel, THANK YOU for that information. You have no idea how much that was bothering me. I suspected it was Ill-am-ask-uh because in the YouTube videos the people saying it that way were British and it's a British brand, so I just figured they knew best...

    jellynat, yes! Good job. Georges de la Tour is so intriguing. I love his work.

    gildedangel, thanks!

    jaljen, YES! Please learn more about Georges de la Tour. That makes me so happy that someone is interested enough to google it, haha.

    kelsea, it's totes an amazing color. Loving it. Re: The Holiday: Jude Law totally charmed me in that one. I also really love Jack Black. It was a cute movie.

    Brooke, sadly I haven't been watching Drag Race. I am too exhausted. I'm going to have to catch up online!

    Katie, thanks. I love jellies too. Muse looks awesome.

  9. Oooh I didn't get that one with out a little help from Google.. but I knew I recognized it! :)

  10. I've wondered how to pronounce it for SO LONG! I (in my mind) pronounce it "ill - om - ask" - I've managed to refrain from ever discussing it in public so I don't risk mispronouncing it in front of someone who knows the correct pronounciation (so silly! lol).

    Very pretty color!

  11. If you read my blog, you know I love Illamasqua polishes but I sampled Rampage the other week in the store and I really didn't like it. I tried it with 3 coats (I was there for ages, luckily the MUA was lovely!) and it just didn't look right. It's the jelly formula I can't cope with I think! I adore all other Illmasquas I've tried though.
    I pronounce it Illa-mask-kwa! It looks Italian to me and that's how you'd say it with an Italian accent!

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