Thursday, February 18, 2010

Milani Techno Red(?)

Hey guys. Kind of a quickie post today. Thanks for the lovely kind words about car theft yesterday. I was feeling crappy. Today was good. I had fun at work and the sun is sort of almost out. Also, the men's figure skating finals are on tonight and I'm kind of psyched. The whole boys jumping about in spandex thing do I say this...pretty awesome.

As you all know, I have about a billion polishes to try out. What to choose, what to choose. I ended up choosing Milani Techno Red because I was really curious about the color. As I mentioned yesterday, the bottle is opaque (read: stupid) so I had to open it up to get an idea of the color. It looked like a jelly coral to me, so I was all about it.

Weak, weak sun. My cuticles look kind of dirty but they aren't. They are stained a little green from Rampage.

Indoors near window.

I actually really, really like this color. These images aren't really color accurate. It's a touch lighter in real life than it probably appears on your screen and also way, way brighter. I'd definitely call it a coral. When I was in high school I was completely obsessed with neons. When I painted my own nails they were usually highlighter neon pink. When I got manicures I got this color in between a neon orange and a neon red...and it looked just like Milani Techno Red. I guess I have some nostalgia attached to the color so maybe I'm biased. The formula was good. A jelly [squee!]. I used two coats here.

Stephanie got my art trivia question right again yesterday, so props! It was a detail of Ingres' La Grande Odalisque. No trivia today because I don't feel like digging through iPhoto to find another image. I'm kind of tired right now. I think I may be getting sick. Oh well. Time to relax! The week is almost over!

Thanks for reading, guys!


  1. Crap. Ugh. Posting the Milanis I can't find is so unfair. Oh, and I filed my nails down to nubbins, and I wanna cry. I had a wicked break. Idk wtf happened, I should have taken a picture to show you. It was so weird. like a half circle crack on the corner that was only broken at the arc but still attached at the freeedge and nailbed. Wth? Ugh. This week SUCKS

  2. Kelsea like.

    Pretty color, looks great, and your manicure finished super nice

    HOLY BALLS. My cat was just sitting in my lap and dug his claws into my skin (I'm wearing shorts today! Woo Hoo spring!) Does your cat ever do that? When he's happy... he like... kneads me... like dough. Haha! =)

    I wanna see the purple milani!!!

  3. Oh damn, here I was hoping I wouldn't like this. I guess I'm gonna need it!
    Thanks Steph ;) No Maybelline displays in sight here yet! I swear we are late for EVERYTHING.

  4. Love the color, and in two coats. Cool!

  5. I love this one and still can't find it!

  6. Ange-Marie, breakage blows. I probably would have cut mine off anyway because I'm a weirdo like that, but that sucks. Your nails are so pretty and nicely shaped!

    kelsea, dude my cat does that ALL THE TIME. Like, oh yeah this feels good...oh it feels so good that I'm going to pierce your leg with my sharp back claws for some reason. Ohhh yeah it feels even better when my claws are digging into flesh...

    gildedangel, thanks!

    Nicole, go get it! Buy one get one 50% off at CVS! We're usually late for everything too. I couldn't believe I found that Maybelline display. I wasn't even looking for it.

    Sylvia, thanks :)

    Evil Angel, I'm sure the neons will be out soon everywhere. It's the damn holos that are super hard to hunt down...


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