Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mutiny of the Nails! Avast, Ahoy!

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but unlike a lot of nail bloggers I have neglected to mention Valentine's Day, even in an anti-Valentine's Day capacity. It's not that I was ignoring it, per se, I just didn't really want to give it any air time because it doesn't mean so much to me. It's not like I'm bitter because I'm single; on the contrary, I'm in a very committed, long-term relationship and I'm quite happy in it. Boyfriend and I don't really celebrate these types of holidays. I think one year he took me to The Melting Pot for Valentine's Day, but that may have just been because he wanted some fondue and needed an excuse. Who knows.

Anyway, I'm not the type to normally paint my nails pink and stamp hearts on them or anything, so I figured I'd just skip the whole holiday, blog-wise. I was inadvertently wrong. You see, I have two Rodeo Diva polishes left. Yesterday, for some odd reason, I was feeling really, as Michael Kors would say, matchy-matchy. I wore a sort of taupe dress with a predominantly purple print and UD Last Call on my eyes. I figured I should just go the whole nine yards and match my nails to my outfit. What'd I choose? Lasso My Heart. It was only after I finished the manicure and took the pictures that I realized it: this manicure is totally accidentally Valentine's-themed. Lasso My Heart? God dammit. And it's a cute girly purple, too. Oh well. I tried. Here it is.

A patch of sunlight!

Just normal indoor lighting

And here it is on the dress I was wearing. Matchy-matchy.

I had basically already written off Lasso My Heart as a color I wouldn't like. It put it on with no hopes of appreciating it. I was wrong. Like, on a scale of one to wrong, I was wrong. I love it. It's a really pretty pinky-purple with a little bit of mauve to it. Like all the other Rodeo Divas, it has really gorgeous multi-colored shimmer.

Gold, pink, dark purple shimmer...very, very pretty.

I know I will wear this one again. Actually, I'm still wearing it. The finish is so complex. It looks almost like a frost from farther away, but when you get close up you can tell it's a shimmer. I don't know, guys. This is like so out of my comfort zone, polish-wise, but I'm really, really digging it.

A couple other things. They are semi-Valentine's-related. I figured I'd just embrace it in my post since my nails are mutinous and are celebrating. Angela, bestie that she is, alerted me that MY FAVORITE FASHION HOUSE OF ALL TIME just put out a new perfume. First, here is one of the biggest reasons that I love this fashion house.

Balenciaga Spring 2008

Balenciaga Spring 2008

...the only word that I think I've ever used to describe this, my favorite ever collection, is epic. Epic! Seriously, if I was a size 2 and I had unlimited funds, I would dress this way every day. So, the fragrance:
Balenciaga Paris Eau de Parfum
imagine source: UK Vogue

Now, I love perfume. As I have discussed before, florientals are like, my thing. Give me straight up flowers, no thanks. Try to bathe me in musk, see you later. But mix the two? Yes. Please. Do. And that's just what Paris is. As soon as I started reading reviews--I haven't even smelled it yet--I wanted it. It was even created by the same guy who made Flowerbomb! IT IS FATE I TELL YOU! I took this flying leap of faith and IMed Boyfriend; I figured since it was the night before Valentine's Day that I might get lucky, all precedents aside. The conversation basically went like this:
Me: I want a new perfume.
Him: Oh yeah?
Me: It's Balenciaga.
Him: You know, I have no problem saying no to you.
*sigh* I went as far as to add it to my cart at Neiman Marcus and calculate the shipping for the 1.7oz bottle ($107). Someday it will be mine. Mine, I tell you. Has anyone smelled this? If so, let me know. I need to know.

This morning someone mysteriously slid a Valentine's Day card beneath my door. And here it is.

Content of card: May all your dreams come true! I know they will. --Dad

Okay, now...generally I'm not a mushy person. But this almost made me tear up. As a lot of you know, now is not a great time for me, generally. This card was so overwhelmingly sweet that it's just ridiculous. Also, The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie. So thanks, dad. I love you!

One last thing. Last night Raven got ahold of part of my Halloween costume, which is a flapper headband with two feathers attached. Needless to say, it now has no feathers attached. He tore that shit up. He was proud of himself. So proud of himself, in fact, that he looked up at me and gave me happy cat anime face.

I was going to berate him, but look at that anime face. Impossible. He is smiling. Whether he likes it or not, he's my little kitty Valentine.

Thanks for reading, guys! Rodeo Diva wrap-up tomorrow, yay!


  1. Little Mermaid= best movie ever! That card is so sweet! My dad got me flowers and Valentine's every year til I moved out. Its so sweet when Daddy's do that.
    That polish is totally a me polish. I love shimmery purples. They aren't my loooooooove-love but I buy them way more than any other color (excluding holos). Speaking of holos, I still haven't found the Milani. Gr. As soon as I do, I'll send some out for ya! And the "I have no problem saying no to you" thing cracked me up. UGH! Men.

  2. Omg, Raven is ADORABLE. Like, holy shit, awww overdose. I'm totally sitting home sick today, and I think I'll go and re-watch the Little Mermaid. Also my fave Disney movie. And Lasso my Heart is surprisingly nice. It's definitely not one of the ones I thought I'd ever like.

  3. Awh, I love that card! The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie too! Lasso My Heart is pretty, but I'm not sure if I would ever wear it. I just might have to give it a try.

  4. Raven is adorable! I love the polish too!

  5. Awww kitty is so cute.

    That's a good card. It got me thinking about my dad (he gives me stuff like that all the time) and it made me miss him a lot!!

    That polish is amazing too!!!! I love it!

  6. the proud naughty kitty! How could anyone get mad at that face!

    My husband and I dismiss Vday as well. We adore each other daily so the Vday thing just seems a waist on us. We are that long time married but still smushy, lovey, drooly over each other couple. :)

    Lasso my heart is such a gorgeous purple!

  7. omg i miss raven! he still has a kitten face.

  8. Ummm, I may or may not have the Little Mermaid memorized. I made an ex take me to the theater when it was re-released on the big screen and sang along to every song. Drove him nuts. *g*
    I was up at 6, by the way. Not too happy either.
    *lmao* look at how pleased Raven is! I would be amazed with that face if he wasn't purring!! Haha. That's terrible and awesome all at the same time.
    Your dad, he must rock. That's such a sweet card.
    I LOVE that color, seriously. It's so cool! If I don't have it it's definitely going on the list.

  9. Ange-Marie, ugh men indeed! He's good to me, though, so I guess asking him to buy me ridiculously expensive scented water may be going a bit far...

    PerryPie, Raven is very cute. And very large. And very affectionate. This is a good combination. I'm sorry you're sick! Disney marathons always help me feel better. Give Lasso My Heart a try. I thought I'd hate it, but it's too pretty to hate.

    Tierney, try Lasso My Heart even though you're skeptical!

    gildedangel, thanks!

    kelsea, dads can be the bestest sometimes.

    Evil Angel, I hope I'm like that with my...husband? boyfriend? day. I mean, we are already pretty ridiculously affectionate, but to be that way after many years is something to aspire to.

    Angela, I think Raven will always have kitten face. The cutest little kitten face ever!

    Nicole, I totally TOTALLY have The Little Mermaid memorized. Raven does purr sometimes while he's destroying things, especially things with feathers involved. Feather fetish!


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