Saturday, February 20, 2010

No Bueno, Ill-uh-mask-uh

Last night I decided to use Phallic, the other polish I got in my package from Ange-Marie. It's a deep navy with a really pretty blue sparkle to it. I did my manicure in the bathroom, where I usually do it, and by the light of my bathroom lightbulbs, the polish looked fine at two coats. I was quite enamored of the color, actually; a deep, dark navy blue. In the morning when I woke up I stuck my hand is some sunlight and was kind of appalled to see what a streaky mess it looked like.

You can kind of tell that I didn't really get satisfactory coverage. It's a pretty color, but for the price and its high end-ness I kind of figured that it would apply better. I don't want to have to use three coats. With Rampage I understood because it's a jelly. This is not a jelly. Also, in the morning I had...I don't want to call it tipwear, but like...tip-chipping. And I hadn't done anything the night before with my hands. Seriously, nothing. I sat on the couch and watched ice dancing. That is all. I tried to touch it up, but I just got so irritated that I ended up removing Phallic entirely. Love the name, love the color, but something just wasn't right. I even tried to save it by adding a coat of my beloved OPI Pearl of Wisdom.

It's pretty, huh? I was too pissed off at Phallic to keep it this way, though. I had to take off everything.

I'm also getting a little sick of pastels and brights. I'll probably be over that by like, tomorrow, but after I removed Phallic I was looking for something else kind of dark. To make myself feel better I chose a polish with a pleasant name, Sinful Colors Overjoyed.

Now this is a really interesting polish. It's different colored glitter in a sheer, charcoal-colored base. This was three coats.

My ring is from American Eagle, by the way. I've been wearing it for five years now and I never take it off. I think it has kind of an antique-y feel to it. It has also weirdly misshapen my finger the way rings do when you wear them for ages. I will have to wear it on my right middle finger when [if?] I ever receive a ring to wear on my left ring finger. I can't stand having rings next to each other. Okay, this has completely devolved in a jewelry talk. Look at the polish.

Here's a closeup. I'm seeing...turquoise, pink...maybe darker blue glitter. It's really, really nice. My cuticles were stained a little blue at this point. Sorry.

I had never heard of Overjoyed before and I'm glad I picked it up. Unfortunately I just wasn't feelin' it and I took this off within ten minutes too. It was just one of those days where nothing was working for me. I even considered having my nails go naked, but in the end I slapped on two coats of Starfish Patrick and called it a day. Usually I use four coats, but I quite like it as a sheer. I have quite the dent in my little bottle.

Kind of a blah day today. I went back to Dry County CVS to get the pink milani holo, which I believe is called Digital. They were still BOGO 50% off. I had all of them except the gold, so I got that one for $2.50. Ange-Marie made a good point by saying I could use it for Saints manicures next season. Good call, lady. Good call indeed. Now I've got all six of them. Kind of ridiculous. I also picked up Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane, the book on which the movie is based. I'm such a wimp when it comes to scary movies. Boyfriend has already decided that we are going to see it in March when he somehow gets here, so I figured if I read the book first I would be less freaked out by the movie. And if you've seen it or read it don't tell me what happens. Kthx. Dennis Lehane also wrote Mystic River, which is a kickass movie. God I love Sean Penn.

So that's all. Oh, I got my Ulta rewards thingy. Level 2. That means a free polish. Yay! Last time I was at Level 6 or something ridiculous like that, so I think this is a good sign that I have curtailed my spending a little. At least at Ulta :D K, have a good weekend, guys. Thanks for reading!


  1. No spoilers, but the book is amazing! I read it late last year when the movie was supposed to come out in November. Now I'm super excited for the movie and I have to wait until MY boyfriend gets here to see it, lol.

  2. I have the book. I bought it for an airplane ride in September, but I was too much of a puss to open the damn thing. I even get freaked out by scary books. Weird huh, since my favorite tv show is ghosthunters! I'm such a weirdo. I'm sorry Phallic sucked for you! Mine was perfect at 3 coats :(
    The sinful is gorgeous, for a glitter...

  3. Shutter Island is seriously AMAZING. Not as scary as I thought it would be, because I'm such a wimp too. See it. Please. Plus Leo's in it. MMMM

    Love the Sinful Colors! I don't own any! This is not ok. Haha. I've been holding out because people say they go on sale often, but I've never seen them on sale =(

    I watched ice dancing too! It got a little boring at the end, I thought, since they were all doing the same dance to the same music. I want to watch the free dance round. Anywho, this comment is completely pointless. Have a good night!

  4. I've read "Shutter Island" some years ago. I immensely enjoyed it. Never seen movies made out of Dennis Lehane's books. I don't like cinema that much, I prefer a good book.

    Sinful Overjoyed is gorgeous. I want Sinful in France (and not only online).

  5. Such a shame about Phallic too! I've always deliberated over whether to get that one when I've been in the shop but I think I'll hold back on it for now!

  6. Heather, the book was amazing...until the end. I couldn't put it down and I think I finished it in like an hour and a half! Absent boyfriends surely do suck.

    gildedangel, thanks :)

    Ange-Marie, do you ever watch A Haunting on the Discovery Channel? Something tells me you'd be into it. I have no problem reading scary books. I love Stephen King stuff. The Stand is awesome. I can't do movies, though. The last scary movie I saw was The Orphanage with Betsy and I think I was clinging to her the entire time. That was like two years ago.

    kelsea, I am TOTALLY going to see Shutter Island. I have to, because, you know, LEO. I cannot believe you don't own any Sinful Colors. That's so weird. Weirdo!

    jaljen, I found this on a regular display so it's probably around somewhere!

    jellnat, I recommend the book! I prefer books to movies too, most of the time, but I also recommend that you see Mystic River. It's so, so incredible.

    Rebecca, I think I am just opposed to the three coats thing with a high-end polish. If I am paying $14 for something (well, someone got it for me but I payed her back in lipgloss...) then I expect it to apply like a dream like Rescue Beauty Lounge. If you don't mind doing three coats then get it. The color is GORGEOUS.

  7. Hmm, I'm intrigued by the Shutter Island book all of a sudden!
    I'm at a level 4 reward this time and was shocked. I'm not sure if I should be ashamed or proud that I finally moved past level 1.


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