Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Caviar For Me, Thanks. Never Did Like It Much.

It seems that while everyone else is journeying to Hong Kong with Suzi I am going back to Russia. At least it's sort of the same continent, right? I don't remember when the Russian collection was released--maybe 2007? There are a lot of beloved colors that came out of this collection: Midnight in Moscow, Russian Navy, Boris & Natasha, Catherine the Grape, Siberian Nights...I could continue. I decided today was a red day, so I reached for a red that's pretty much as blue-toned as I'll go, Vodka & Caviar. First of all, I loooove the name of this polish. It makes me want to say, "I'm so posh." The quote in the title of this post is from Titanic, which I'm sure most of you picked up. I actually do quite like caviar, but mostly just on sushi. Ah, sushi. My no-carb diet has made you but a distant dream.

Ooo, shiny.

The normal OPI problems applied here. I find that with OPI reds the first coat for some reason only brings out the pink tones. It's bizarre. Had I left it at one coat I would have had a bright magenta and not a red. At two coats, the bottle color comes out but there is still visible nail line. This is three coats over Nail Tek II and topped with my dying bottle of Seche Vite. The formula was super thin and runny. It wasn't too terribly difficult to work with, just enough to be annoying. I love this color anyway. Like I said, I'm not usually drawn to reds that are this blue (even though this isn't that blue at all), but this one just speaks to me. Did you guys read yesterday's post on The Manicured Manatee about OPI? It had me laughing out loud.

I wasn't even going to post a polish today, but I figured I should. Instead my post was going to be about the Triumphant Return of the Flower. What the fuck is that, you ask? You see, I realized a while ago that when I am in a good mood, I wear a flower in my hair. I could show you dozens of pictures of me all over Europe and the US with a bigass flower in my hair. Barcelona? Check. Brussels? Check. Paris? Check. Rome? Check. Chicago? Check. Seattle? Check. Cleveland?...not so much. Or at least much less. When I was working at this locally owned coffee shop (from September through December) I always wore a flower. I liked the job, believe it or not. I was the barista with the flower. I hardly ever left the house without a flower. Then I left that job because I wasn't being treated well and that's when the flower left too. Yesterday, for the first time in two months, I wore a flower.

Now, I can't say that I'm truly happy right now, but I think this may represent a bit of optimism on my part, which is kind of uncharacteristic. I have a new job that I think I like, winter is almost sort of over (please Cleveland?), and I got together with a good friend the other day. All of these things combined to make me feel less shitty than usual. Here is my flower collection.

I actually have a magenta one that I can't find. That was the one I wore most often in Europe. Maybe I left it there. Who knows. The coral one is the newest. I bought it the same day I bought my coral trench coat, because I am insane. It's my favorite one right now. Why?

It kind of matches my Starfish Patrick!

I'm working later in the afternoon today. Even though there is a snowstorm happening right now, I'm still planning on a flower. It's nice because I usually wear all black; a flower provides an unexpected and pleasant pop of color.

That's all for today. For those of you being buried in snow, my condolences. Solidarity. I hope everyone's having a great Thursday so far.


  1. That is a beautiful color on you, and I love the hair flowers!

  2. Its snowing here too. AGAIN. In the "South". Ugh. Yay for the Flower!!!! And I DIED laughing at Manatees post. Like literally had tears streaming down my face I laughed so hard. I frickin love her blog

  3. Looks lovely on you, I don't have much reds in my collection but I really like this one!

  4. I love a great blue based red on a pale skin. With black clothes, yummy. I wear red often but don't find myself to buy tons of bottles of that color. When I finish a bottle, I buy a new one. Strangely, I threat red like basecoats and top coat and not like other polishes. Probably because it's no big deal to finish a bottle. It's so easy to find dupe of a favorite red.

    My favorite of your flowers is the black one (I'm almost always dressed in black, I love black it's no surprise). How are those attached? Elastic? Hair clip? It's a lovely idea to wear a flower. I've never done that (but I love accessories). I suppose it'd be too exhuberant regarding my character. :D

    You went to Brussels? I adore Belgium, I live at 10 miles from the frontier. My favorite Belgian town is Liège. Have you already gone there? I've had such an happy time in here almost 2 years ago.

    Cheer up Stephanie. I send you tons of good vibrations. :)

  5. That color looks lovely on you! Yay for flowers, I'm glad you're happy and ready to break out the flowers again!

  6. I love this color it looks great on your skintone! I am a red creme fiend and have been trying to avoid buying more but I am going to have to pick that one up as I am also fair skinned. I also wanted to compliment your nails. They look fantastic!

    ....and I love the flower, I have several myself that I wear in during the summer. They always make me feel a little prettier and a little happier, like pretty panties or a new nail polish :)

  7. I just got this and I absolutely love it!! Looks fab on you!

  8. gildedangel, thanks! I don't usually wear reds like this but I kind of love this one.

    Ange-Marie, OMG I know. I couldn't stop laughing. DS stands for Damn Straight. Hahahahah

    Katie, thanks, me too! I own almost no reds.

    jellynat, I agree! I don't have one red that I really REALLY love. I guess if I had to pick one it would be Essie Lacquered Up but it's definitely easily dupable. I like my black flower too :) Some are attached with hair bands or hair bobbles...however you want to say it. Others have a clip. Others have both. Get yourself a black flower! Most of these are actually from H&M :P I went to Brussels and Bruges but not Liège. I loved everything about Belgium! I was only there a couple days but I had a great time.

    Jessica, thanks! Unfortunately there was a blizzard today...

    Pigments and Potions, thanks! I always think blue-toned reds look weird on me but this one is okay. I agree! A flower in the hair is a mood-booster. Usually I forget it's there and then I get a compliment and get really excited!

    kittytokaren, thanks! I'm sure it looks great on you too :)

  9. Love those flowers! Especially the coral one!! =) I'm glad to hear you're optimistic!! Hurray!

    Oh btw and I the only one that likes blue toned reds WAYYY more than orange toned reds for NP? Am I the crazy one, here??? lol

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