Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh Baby, Baby, It's All About the Moon

Happy Monday! I'm feeling ramble-y today, I can already tell. This weekend was so uneventful for me. I feel like I didn't do anything. That's fine with me, generally, but I think I'm starting to get all cabin fever-y. I got a card from this gym nearby in the mail and I think I might join. I am an elliptical fiend when I can actually get to an elliptical. Ack, I just feel lazy. Usually I love winter but February in the midwest really wears on a girl. Plus I have this new trench coat that I promised myself I wouldn't wear until spring. Yes, I want spring to come not so the snow will melt, not so the flowers will sprout, but because I want to wear a new article of clothing. I can't help it. It's coral you guys. I will have to post a picture sometime. Oh, speaking of trench coats, if anyone wants to buy this for me from ModCloth I would be eternally grateful.

I LOVE THAT COAT. Everything on ModCloth is so overpriced. Unless I can sweet talk my boyfriend into buying it for me as a gift for...being awesome?...then I think I'm out of luck. I just realized that I make it sound like I only keep my man around to buy me stuff. That's not the case. Generally :D Just thought I'd clear that up.

Yesterday I decided to do something totally out of character and paint my nails yellow. I had only done this once before, during the summer, with a taxicab yellow type of color. I remember when I finished the manicure all I could think of was that I had American cheese on my fingernails. Eww. I kind of stayed away from yellow after that. If you'll remember, the pastel set that I got from Claire's contained a yellow. It's the nice, soft yellow that reminds me of Easter and baby ducks. The bottles in this set are really small. I think they're .25 fl oz. For reference, here is my Duckling Yellow next to Wet n Wild Craze Nocturnal, which is .33 fl oz.

Pretty tiny.

I really like this! It's so bright and look-at-me-look-at-me, but it's soft at the same time. Like whipped butter or something. Formula-wise, this polish had three things going against it: 1.) It's yellow 2.) it's pastel 3.) it's a creme. It was actually almost good at two coats, but I had a little streakiness. I used three coats here and I think it looks great. Of course I couldn't leave well enough alone. I've been wanting to try one of those half-moon manicures, where you use those little sticky paper hole re-enforcers (or as I call them, paper assholes) for patterns.

I don't think my attempt turned out that awful for a first try, but I still wasn't too thrilled with it. I ended up taking it off shortly after I put it on. I don't like spending a lot of time on my nails. That probably sounds kind of weird coming from a polish blogger, but I like to slap on the color and be done. This is why I'm not into Konad or other forms of nail art: because I am lazy. There, you know my secret now. I felt this was a tedious process.

Sorry for the weird claw hand. Yes, this is my right hand. I don't know why it turned out better than the left. As you can see, when I put on the topcoat it kind of smudged the black onto the yellow bit on my pinky. Ack. I even waited for the black to dry.

Next time the half-moons need to be smaller. Oh well. Worth a shot, right?

The entire time I was doing this all I could think of was Regina Spektor's Small Town Moon, one of my favorites of hers.

It's non-album, as all of her best things are. WARNING--OBNOXIOUS INDIE MOMENT COMING...NOW: I liked her so much better when she wasn't all mainstream-y. There. I said it. Her newest album, Far, is...not as good as her old stuff. 11:11, Soviet Kitsch, and especially Songs are genius albums. If anyone reading this is not familiar with her older stuff, e-mail me and I will send you some. I like spreading the gospel of Re-jay-jay. That video up there is her playing it live in concert. It's not a fantastic recording, but it's pretty near and dear to my heart because I was at that concert, at the Riv in Chicago. It's only 2.5 minutes long so you should totally watch it. Pretty...awesome.

Anyway, back to nail polish. Haha. I think I will use Claire's Duckling Yellow again because it's just so cute. I will try another Small Town Half-Moon manicure in the future and attempt not to suck as much. Oh, the black I used was Rimmel Black Satin, by the way. It's a one-coat black so it's kind of my go-to. So, what do you guys think of the yellow? Do you prefer a darker, taxicab yellow, or are you feeling the pastel yellows being released, like the one from Up & Away? Spill. Also...anyone else love them some Regina?

Thanks for reading my rambles! I love you guys!


  1. I like that yellow on you, it is very pretty! I love the half moon look as well, I just am not brave enough to try it... : )

    BTW- was that a Spongebob reference I saw there? (it's coral)

  2. I loooooooooooove that yellow! It just got bumped in my untried list. I need to do yellow week. After I do a few other "week" series. Ugh. I feel bogged down. How can I feel bogged down on bloggy vacation? I think the problem is without actually doing posts, I keep thinking of things I *need* to do for posts. Blech. Anyhoo, Love that polish. My half moon mani sucked. It was so failtastic, I didn't post it

  3. If I find a Hundred dollar bill rolling uphill I'll buy that coat for you! :) It is tooo cute!
    Love the yellow also.

  4. Your half-moon man turned out really good!

  5. I love all yellows. Except for jelly yellows. Makes your nails just look stained, in my opinion. But that pastel looked super cute on you!

    I totally get what you mean about liking someone before they got popular. It isn't just the principle of the matter, it's that their producers usually force them to make their music appeal to a larger audience when they get big, and therefore, their music is less genius and more pop-y. If that made sense. Anyway, it's irritating.

    Have a good Monday!!!

  6. Well we've already had like 18 incarnations of this same discussion, so you totes know how I feel about Rejayjay. But I haven't had a Regina phase for a while, and it felt awesome to listen to Small Town Moon again. So, thanks.

    Also, I really like that color. It makes me think of peeps, which sounds gross, as peeps are gross. But the general Easter/baskets full of cadbury eggs association does make me very happy.

  7. Amberski, thanks. And if that was a Spongebob reference I wasn't aware of it. I do call it my Starfish Patrick coat, but that's more of a Ji Baek reference than anything...

    Ange-Marie, definitely try the yellow. It's pretty and soft enough not to look retarded on me. So that's saying something.

    Sylvia, thanks, I appreciate your semi-willingness to buy me a coat. A fab coat.

    Jackie, thanks for saying so. I was unsatisfied, though. Someday I'll do a good half-moon.

    Kelsea, eww, a jelly yellow? Whhyyy? No thank you. And yes, you totally summarized the Regina situation perfectly. Silly indie people wanting to do stupid things like MAKE MONEY. Oh well. I guess I can't blame her.

    Betsy, peeps! Eww! But yeah, I know what you mean. Very Easter-y.


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