Saturday, February 27, 2010

Purple...Drug Store...Jelly? BRING IT.

Oh my giddygod's trousers. Milani Rad Purple. First, a word to Milani.

Dear Milani,
Even though you used these stupid opaque bottles for your neons and your distribution seems to be almost on par with that of Sally Hansen (read: sucky) I love you simply for creating this "Rad Purple" business. Thank you.

Are you kidding me? Are you KIDDING ME, Milani? This is awesome. I can't remember where I saw this first, but as soon as I did I wanted it. Then I got it. Then it sat on my bathroom counter for two weeks. After the first coat I was thinking, wait, why did I want this again? By the second coat I remembered why. I did three coats here, topped with a generous amount of Sally Hansen Mega Shine. I think the problem was that because it's a "neon" (it's not, really; it's just vibrant) it was drying matte. I didn't really LOVE it until I put on the topcoat. Look at how juicy it looks! Juicy and squishy! Aaaahhhh I love this! You must all own it! I don't even like purples like this that lean so red, but I can't help myself.

Edited to add: Hey, I really do think this looks kinda like grape jelly...


Also, a note on Grape Pop, which I posted yesterday. I absolutely adore it. I was kind of meh about it when I put it on, but after wearing it for a day it skyrocketed into my top 5. Wait, do I have a top 5? Hm. Anyway, I know I'll be wearing it again because it rocks face. Get that one too if you don't have it.

What else, what else...oh! Yesterday I dug my car out of fourteen inches of snow (while I was wearing a flouncy dress and tights; what the hell is wrong with me?) and went to the movies all aloney on my owney. I saw Crazy Heart, and if you haven't seen that yet you need to. I love Jeff Bridges because of The Big Lebowski, so when I heard that he had done all of his own singing for Crazy Heart I knew I had to see it. The movie is incredible. Jeff Bridges' performance is incredible. The music is incredible. Plus I was the only one in the theatre because everyone else in this area was sane and stayed indoors, so it was just supremely relaxing and lovely.

I have been saying that I don't want to post on weekends, but you know what? I love this blog. I love posting. I love babbling. I love you guys. I'm just gonna keep doin' it. This is the last time I'll talk to you in February though, and on March 1st I'll be posting my giveaway details. Stay tuned! Lastly, I think pop won in the soda vs. pop comments yesterday. Very interesting indeed.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Too reddish for my taste (not a fan of reddish purples) but jelly and juicy as hell like I love! I LOVE jellies (obviously)). <3

    Were you truly completely alone in the theater? That would have pleased the quiet cat I am. :)

    See you in March, lady!

  2. LOVE this polish. Seriously love it. But not as much as I love my squishy orange. It's close though. I just bought the blue. I wonder if it's jelly?
    Your pictures are perfect!
    Haha. See you in March!

  3. This is so cool! I wonder if all of their other neon colors are jellies! Love the color! :D xo

  4. Just came across your blog and I am absolutely loving it!!! Loving that purple!

  5. Fine! Now I must have! My Fred Myers store has these in.

  6. loooooooooooooove! and idc what ppl say. Its soda

  7. Juicy was the word I thought of too when I saw these pictures! Gorgeous polish, it is so weird how they have the opaque bottles though.

  8. jellynat, yes! Completely alone in the theatre. It was kind of weird but mostly awesome :)

    Nicole, oh my gosh, I can't wait to see the blue! If it's a jelly too I'm buying it.

    Caitlin, thanks! I have the neon "red" too and it was jelly-ish.

    Fashion Meets Food, thanks so much! I hope you keep reading.

    Sylvia, you definitely should have this. Run on out and get it.

    gildedangel, it is!

    Ange-Marie, soda, pop, it's all the same...

    Heather, so juicy! I hate the opaque bottles though.

  9. NEED THAT POLISH. I'm seriously contemplating walking to CVS RIGHT NOW. Lol.

    And I love you for wearing a dress and tights in the snow. You rock! =)

  10. I just made a franken that color as I've been looking for a nice raspberry jelly for ages.
    Too bad the bottle looks nothing like the polish. If you didn't know what was inside, you'd never look twice at it

  11. wow.. the color is so glamor and I think it will be a best match with my dark purple little dress..


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