Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sizzle, Sear, You're Mine Now (Plus Baby Haul!)

Holy snowbanks, Batman! It has been snowing here, non-stop, since yesterday around 11am. My cats are sitting at the window meowing at the passing flakes. I had to clean like 10 inches of snow off of my poor Honda this morning. It's slippery and disgusting. Hey February in Cleveland: you can suck it. To make matters worse, last night around 2am (while I was SLEEPING, mind you) my fan inexplicably fell off of my bedside table...directly onto my MacBook, Barack ProBama. It completely fucked up the optical drive, so I had to rush it to the Genius Bar. It's fixed now; that was just totally stressful.

Anyway, with the crisis averted and Barack ProBama once again in my loving arms, I bring you another Rodeo Diva polish. This one snuck up on me. It didn't look like much in the bottle (although it did look like a color I'd like) but once I got it out in the sun I was kind of mesmerized.

Branding Iron doesn't look like much indoors. I still like the color here, though. It's like a warm brownish red. A very me color.

Wow. I mean really, wow. This is gorgeous, like rubies or something. Even if you don't like vampy reds, you've got to admit this is stunning.

More sunlight, a little less direct. It kind of has that "glowing from within" thing going on.

I see red shimmer....and maybe magenta and gold? That could be a trick of the light. Pretty, pretty!

I'm still wearing this one now. These pictures were taken a couple days ago, on a particularly sunny day. Now it seems to be eternal winter, so don't expect more sun images anytime soon. The application on this was on par with the rest of Flannel Fixation. So far the only one that has given be any trouble at all is Gussied Up Green. I guess I've been wearing this...maybe three days...and there is no tipwear to speak of. I'm pretty impressed. If I wasn't desperate to get through all of the Rodeo Divas and move on to my new Illamasquas I think I'd leave this on a while longer. Alas, I am on a mission.

And now everyone's favorite: a haul picture! A baby haul, really. Not as in I went to the maternity ward and ran off with several babies; as in I only got three polishes.

Baby haul with Godzilla cat Alley lording over them. Ranging from very cheap (99 cents!) to why-do-I-have-to-pay-fifty-cents-extra-JUST-because-it's-a-Sephora-collaboration to hell-no-I-won't-pay-$23-for-that (but I had a giftcard!), we have: Wet n Wild Shine Sunny Side Up, Chanel Orange Fizz (squee!) and $OPI Go With the Flow-er.

As you can see, I'm going through a serious shades of orange/brights phase. The Chanel looks like perfection for me, an orangey coral that I can't wait to wear. Go With the Flow-er had me at pink jelly with glitter. Sunny Side Up was 99 cents and it looks really pretty. A no-buy is really in order, but I can't declare one until I get what I want from Zoya Reverie and Up & Away. Really, who declares a no-buy in the middle of the spring release extravaganza (answer: me, last week. I quickly realized it wouldn't work)? I like to think I exercised restraint today when I walked into Sephora and saw that they still had SIX Alice in Wonderland UD palettes. I quickly shielded my eyes and walked the other way, almost running into the nail polish stand. Stephanie, thy name is grace.

That's all for today. To those of you being covered with frozen water, keep warm. I know I'm snuggling up with Godzilla cat for an afternoon of...well, probably getting my face chewed off by Godzilla cat. Thanks for reading!

**EDIT: I totally forgot the first time I published this, but PerryPie of PerryPie's Nail Polish Adventures is trying to reach 100 followers...and she's at 99. Help a sister out, ladies!


  1. Omg, you guys only pay 50 more cents for your $OPIs? Up here a regular OPI is $10 and $OPI is $12. *Sad face*

  2. Oh my dear sweet lord...
    That is a great color red!
    Have to write that one down! =O

  3. That is a gorgeous color and great mini haul!

  4. Can't WAIT to see you swatch that looks like the perfect orange! Great haul!

  5. BTW, we had an earthquake at 3:59 am in Chicago, maybe you got a sneak preview in Cleveland at 2:00 am!

  6. I am SOOO jealous!! I promise to stop sucking soon! =) Can't wait to see the Chanel on

  7. I need that Chanel.... like neeeeed. You an I are on the same orange-y kick, and its kind of funny. I love that red, its also a very me red. I think my fave though is godzilla cat... gah! funny

  8. PerryPie, yeah. Unless I think a color is really worth it I won't buy it. This one was an impulse buy. The Mac people were fixing my computer and Sephora HAPPENS to be right next door...FRUGAL FAIL

    Thess, write it down! Get it! It glows.

    gildedangel, thanks!

    ReaderRita, I will wear the Chanel soon. I feel like we had an earthquake while I was living in Chicago once, but none of my roomies felt anything. I'd have to ask Betsy if she remembers, because I could be making that up.

    kelsea, no be jealous! Con someone into giving you a Dillard's giftcard ;)

    Ange-Marie, you do need it. YOU DO.

  9. Wow, another haul?! The Chanel one is so darned pretty!

  10. Go with the Flow-er is too sheer to wear alone but it is an absolutely fabulous polish for layering.

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