Friday, February 12, 2010

Spring Haul and Hay Ride Beginnings

Remember how yesterday I said I wouldn't blather? Today is not one of those days. I have a lot of things to discuss today. This post will be very picture-heavy because I'm going to post two Rodeo Diva polishes, plus some other things. First, let me say that I was really impressed with the Flannel Fixation set of Rodeo Diva. That only one I didn't kind of love was Rodeo Fanatic, which I don't think is par for the course among most polish obsessors. Oh well. Now I'm starting the Hay Ride set, which, to be honest, I am way more excited about because they're my kind of colors. I will show you five from that set. I wear Wagon Trail all the time, and I have too many polishes in my "to wear" pile to do a repeat at the moment. Plus I wore it literally the entire week I was on my blogging break.

Anyway, the two polishes I'm showing you today are just the first two in the set, Yee-Haw! and Prize Winning Mare. Again, no sun here.

Yee-Haw! in natural light, near a window

Brighter natural light

Gold and pink shimmer, I think.

So...I thought I would really like this one because I'm on such a peach kick right now, but I didn't love it. It's pretty, don't get me wrong, but it's just not for me. It also looks really similar in the bottle to China Glaze Your Touch. If anyone can confirm or deny the dupiness of these, lemme know.

Prize Winning Mare, natural light

Natural light

The shimmer in this is out of control. Gold, Look at that, man.

I have to say...Prize Winning Mare is my favorite Rodeo Diva polish thus far (not including Wagon Trail). I've tried...what...eight or nine? It's so interesting and complex and it's also...a neutral. It's just gorgeous. Both Yee-Haw! and Prize Winning Mare had perfect application in only two coats. Does anyone else really adore Prize Winning Mare? I also love the name.

As I was telling Kelsea yesterday, I went to Sally's and asked--no, BEGGED--for the Up & Away collection. They said they didn't have it but they had just gotten in hundreds of boxes. I put on my weepy eyes and said, "Will you please look? Just for a minute?" Look for a minute they did; the second box they opened contained my pretties. At first I thought I only wanted two, but after seeing Refresh Mint I knew I had to have it. I also went to my Zoya dealer yesterday and snatched up Adina from the Reverie collection.

Peachy Keen (FINALLY!), Grape Pop, Refresh Mint and Adina

Yes, I now have Peachy Keen. I got Grape Pop because I think it's a suitable almost-dupe for Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas (Michelle, if you're reading this, I heart you and I heart your polish. I just can't justify spending the money on it right now). I'm pretty excited about all of these, so stay tuned.

In case you guys haven't heard, Alexander McQueen was found dead yesterday morning. I was so sad to hear that. He was so inspired, as stupid as that may sound, and I think it's a huge loss for the fashion industry. He will undoubtedly be missed.

image from

What else, what else...oh yeah. I got a Sephora e-mail this morning telling me that Urban Decay has yet another new Primer Potion in a matte finish called Eden.

I just can't help myself. I want it. The image is from Click that and it'll take you to the product page so you too can spend your monies.

Lastly, I feel that I am giving Godzilla cat, Alley, a bad rap. Yesterday afternoon while I was hanging out in my room Alley came up onto my bed, sat in my lap and purred. This is highly unusual. She is...eight years old and I have never heard her purr. I took this as an opportunity to photograph her being cute.

Yes, my room is bright green. Also, I apologize for my porn star makeup. I for some reason thought it would be good to only use UD Oil Slick and Polyester Bride on my eyes. Er. And then after I finished, I thought I'd just go the whole nine yards and do black eyeliner like, everywhere. So yeah. Sorry.

As Betsy pointed out last night, Alley looks angry. She's not. That is just her face. I am being serious. She was purring away at this point, and I was dumbfounded. And porn star-faced.

I made this photo my Facebook picture and that sparked an interesting conversation between Kelsea and I. We have both noticed that most nail bloggers seem to be cat people, or at least prefer cats to dogs. Are there any nail polish obsessors out there who seriously prefer dogs? If you read this entire post, props. Let me know in the comments if you prefer puppies or kitties.


  1. I am a kitty girl! I love those colors that you swatched, they are gorgeous!

  2. I freaking love Prize Winning Mare. Soooo fantastic. And that news about Alexander McQueen is so sad. My Sallys said they aren't getting up and away in until march. I'm kinda annoyed that it's going to take that long. And I love cats, but I also love dogs. No preference.

  3. Prize Winning Mare is fab! I noticed the same thing about cats... kinda funny! I actually have a cat and a dog- love them both!!

  4. I used to be afraid of dogs until my stepdad moved in with us and I met his giant yellow lab Maxwell Smart. Max was the sweetest dog and it's because of him that I'm a dog person now. I love cats too though. I've got both a cat and a dog now! A super silly black lab and my cat is ferocious but super cuddly. I love them.

    Oh, and pretty colors!!

  5. I have a dog and I love him! I am definitely a dog person, nobody in my family has a cat and my mum hates them, but I do like cats as well. If I had to choose a pet to get it would definitely be a dog though.

  6. DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS ... ahem. I love dogs.
    But I like cats too!

  7. Haha! This post was awesome. I read the ENTIRE THING lol

    I LOVE CATSSSSSSSS. +1 cats.

    I do like dogs though, just not as much as cats.

    And HOLY BALLS I WANT PRIZE WINNING MARE. I'm so jealous you have the entire sets. want. no. need.

    And I'm sad you didn't like the peachy one as much, but I definitely agree. It's so shimmy, and yet boring somehow. Weird!


  8. So, um I tried to comment earlier, but blogger is jank and hates me. Cats. Cats all the way. I'm not really a dog person, and its not just cause I'm allergic. I hate golden retrievers, they're brainless and jump on people. I hate when dogs jump. I do however like Brooke's chihuahua Dinky, but I think its because she's all cute and cat-size. And she has cute little feet...

  9. I have both cats and a dog. I love 'em all. The thing is, even though my dog weighs 60 pounds, she believes she is a cat. And my calico cat enables her, treating her as though she's her mother. My other cat (a tortie) behaves like a dog. She fetches. She comes when called. She does this weird, almost barking thing with her voice. And, last but not least, she beats up the real dog. It's complete pandemonium here, every single day. But I love every one of them.

  10. Ahaha, I read the whole thing too, even the comments!
    Anyway. Oh GOOD, I don't need Yee Haw. I've been wondering on it, but I haven't gotten it yet - and I really haven't liked the swatches much when I've seen them. I mean, it's okay, but I can skip it and not feel bad! I have and LOVE Prize Winning Mare though. It rocks!
    I have heard that Grape Pop might be a subbie too! I really wonder. I didn't get any of the brights of Up and Away and that is the only one I was tempted to get, really.
    Strangely enough, when I heard about Alexander McQueen yesterday, I thought of you - and I'm not really sure why! I think I saw a dress that would have suited your taste in one of the tribute posts - pretty sure that may have contributed to it. It's horrid, I feel like he may have had a tortured soul.
    As to Eden? I've been hearing all KINDS of hype about this, the bloggers that have it have been swooning about it being even better than the original. Damn it. I may have to get it, I'm long overdue to replace my original UDPPs (I have three. They are all old school wands.) If it's all hype and it turns out to be as crap as the Sin one was, I'm gonna be furious, because I HATE my Sin UDPP. It was the first time I've ever hated a UD product.
    (And I'm writing a book here! Let me wrap this up!)
    Your cat Alley IS cute! But she's fierce. Seriously, Inanna is probably more of a softie, but she's definitely in the bad cat girls club. I'm much more of a cat person, though I've nothing against dogs. LOVE cats though.
    And you don't look like a porn star!

  11. gildedangel, thanks! Kitty gals unite.

    PerryPie, I'm still really sad about A. McQueen. Visionary. Such a shame. My Sally's said they weren't putting out the Up & Aways until two days before March 1st. If you ask them to get them out for you, and let them know you're actually interested in buying, they'll do it :)

    Tierney, I'm glad to hear you're no longer afraid of dogs. I'm fond of golden retrievers myself.

    Rebecca, I respect that. I can't imagine anyone hating cats, though...

    Hannah Banana, no animals?! How can that be? It's alright. I think maybe it would be a nice break, not having any fuzzy little buddies around.

    Laura, like...dogs? Just trying to hone in on your point...

    kelsea, get Prize Winning Mare! It's so awesome.

    Ange-Marie, I hate when dogs jump too...I didn't even think of that. And sniff your crotch. Dude, what the fuck. Stay outta there!

    ReaderRita, that sounds fun. I think my cats, especially Alley, would give a dog a run for its money.

    Nicole, I'm really flattered that you thought of me in connection with anything high fashion. That is awesome. Thank you. As for Eden, I've been reading reviews too and I think it might be too yellow for my skintone. If you get it let me know what you think! I have Sin UDPP and I'm not crazy about it like most people seem to be, but I don't hate it. It's kind of cool that you could in theory wear it like a shadow, but I already have Sin in my Ammo palette so it's kind of a moot point...

  12. Oh, I went to Sephora last weekend, and they had testers of UD Eden- IMO it really does seem pretty yellow, and it's matte- which read as kinda 'chalky' on the back of my hand. Uggo for me. I was UN-wowed.

  13. i really want both of those polishes! i think it has to be my favorite china glaze collection :D

    i want to get the ud eden, sooo glad my town is FINALLY getting a sephora! can't wait!!

    loved the pic with you & the kitty!

  14. LOL this blog entry cracked me up. Your pictures with your kitty are so cute. Personally, I greatly dislike cats. Probably because I'm so deathly allergic to them. But, cats seem to pick up on that and are even more attracted to me. damn them =[. So, I most definitely am a dog person. I think it's a disorder, because I must talk to and touch every dog I see. LOL. Anyway, thanks for the update with the UD matte primer potion. There goes my monies. =P

  15. Aww, your cat's so cute! Love that picture of you with her.

    Anyway, the two nail colors you've got, those are two that I love on you but know will look all sorts of *wrong* on me. And even though my family had a cat and a dog (both female, by the way), I don't have any pets. Where I live doesn't allow pets, so that's why I don't have any.

    But as to whether I'm a cat or a dog person, I have to say I'm a dog person. More specifically, a *big* dog person. I think it's because I grew up for the most part around big dogs.


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