Monday, February 15, 2010

Spurs, Shipwrecks, Sparkles

Happy Monday! Sort of. It was my first day at a new job, as I mentioned it would be in yesterday's post. I got up at 3:45am. I was awake before my cats. It was very strange. I'm tired now, but I think that the first day is always the hardest so I'm glad I've got it under my belt, so to speak. As promised I have the last polish from Rodeo Diva. Are you guys proud of me? I got through an entire collection! And I wore every single polish for at least a day! Let the happy dances commence.

I think I mentioned that I had been looking for this polish, Golden Spurs, by itself for a long time. This summer my mom, my cousin Katie and I went to a salon in the mall to get our nails done as kind of a girls' day out. I chose Golden Spurs. I liked it so much that I asked if I could buy the bottle, but the guy at the register told me no, and it only came in a set (Hay Ride). I didn't think I wanted the whole set (I was wrong) so I left without it. Mistake. Oh well; it has been remedied and my money has been spent. I've waited a long time to have this polish as my own, and it didn't disappoint. Unfortunately the god damn sun was out ALL MORNING while I was at work, but as soon as I got home it was all of a sudden cloudy again. Thanks Cleveland. Thanks.

Indoors. I applied this really hastily because I was basically chasing the sun, so I'm sorry for that.

Weak sun

I think this looks really nice with my skin tone, so that's one reason I like it so much. Also, it has this really pretty multicolored shimmer that's really only visible in, what else, bright sunlight. I tried to do a macro for you guys.

Let's, green, pink and blue shimmer. Yeah, it's pretty bitchin'.

This one was actually a little sheer. Its formula was comparable to Yee-Haw! in that I couldn't really get complete coverage in two coats. I guess I could have left it at two, but I had a bald spot on my thumb that was bothering me so I ended up doing three. That's okay, though. I love it anyway.

That's it! The last one! I'm not really sure which set I liked better. Each one kind of had a dud for me. I wasn't crazy about Cowgirl Up or Yee-Haw!. If I had to rank my top three, you-really-should-buy-these-if-you-haven't-already polishes from Rodeo Diva I think they'd be:
1. Wagon Trail
2. Gussied Up Green
3. Prize Winning Mare
I think I loved mostly all of them, though. Like Side Saddle. And Midnight Ride. And Red Stallion. Hell, just buy them all. We all need a good e-tailer haul, right? :D I am an enabler.

Also, can I please just discuss for a moment how much I'm missing Paris right now? I don't know why, but it just hit me a few minutes ago that there's nowhere I'd rather be than the Louvre. I had so much fun. I could even see Montmartre from Angela's window! We were just talking the other day about our Montmartre regrets. We went thrifting there and stopped to have lunch at McDonald's [because we are so multicultural]. On our way in we noticed some little garden gnome statues. We thought it would be fun to pull an Amelie and buy them, but we decided to eat first. When we finished lunch and went back to the had closed. Regret! I guess I just miss Europe in general; the way you can just jump on a bus in Paris and end up in Brussels in three hours. It was amazing. I would love nothing more than to inundate you all with all of my favorite Paris pictures, but for now let's play a fun game!

This is a detail (that I took myself so that's why there is no source credit) of one of my favorite paintings. Anyone know what it is? :D I wish I could say I'll give you a special prize, but...not today. That's for the upcoming GIVEAWAY, which will begin March 1st. You will, however, receive a resounding "Good job!" and a virtual pat on the virtual back. If no one wants to play, I understand. I'm just a total art nerd.

Just so we don't end on too somber a note, here's one of my favorite pictures of the Eiffel Tower. A few of us waited at its base for it to start its twinkle fest. Yes, I was a tourist even though I lived there for a few months. So sue me.

Have a great day, guys! Illamasqua for me tomorrow!


  1. It's the Raft of the Medusa! Yay for also being a nail polish/art history nerd.

  2. Woooo! Illamasqua! can't WAIT to see rampage. Kick ass picture of the eiffel tower. Sorry to say, no idea what that painting is. I'm not much on art :(

  3. That is a beautiful polish; I wish I was back in Paris too!

  4. i love this color!!! and i leave near paris your pics is cool :)

  5. Yes, that's Théodore Géricault's Le Radeau de la Méduse. :D I'm an ex-Art student. Eh eh.

    I didn't know 'Golden Spurs'. Not in my usual colors but very lovely. Thanks for the beautifully neat pics!

    The photo of the Eiffel tower is magic. Great shot. I live at 1h30 by car, 1h by train from Paris. I have an horrible nostalgia of the USA. I so wish I was in Portland, Oregon right now. Life is ironic.

  6. woo hoo!!!! you finished!!!! =)

    I will buy... ALL OF THEM.

    You enabler, you.

  7. Stephanie, yay! Virtual pat on the back!

    Ange-Marie, I'm excited for Rampage. I'm already dreaming of it...

    gildedangel, thanks! I didn't know you lived in Paris...

    Lily nail, I'm jealous. Thanks, though!

    jellynat, ex-art student?! We'll have to talk about that sometime! What's special to you about Portland, Oregon? I've never been there, but I've been to Washington...

    kelsea...*enables* There. Go buy.


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