Friday, February 05, 2010

Tell Me 'Bout It...Stud

I'm back with my first Rodeo Diva polish! First and foremost let me just thank you guys for your encouraging comments yesterday. It is so beyond sweet and you're all amazing. I feel like doing this blog has brought me so many good things, a nice support system among them. You're all really fantastic. OKAY MUSHY STUFF OVER AHEM.

I got a lot of encouragement to try out Rodeo Fanatic first, and I knew that would probably be the case. However, I had just worn that Sally Hansen Pacific Blue polish for five straight days. I need a bit of...not blue. I ended up choosing the polish that I think I will like the least to wear first, and that's Red Stallion. If this really will be the color I like the least, then I think I'm going to like, ask this collection to be my domestic partner. Because this color is hot. It's just sexy. Period. My pictures will never capture this color accurately because there is no sun here. If you want to see a fabu picture, check out Scrangie's Rodeo Diva post.

Red Stallion is my favorite kind of red, and that's a red with a lot of orange in it. Blue reds just are not my thing. It's kind of a metallic with beautiful shimmer, and those things combined make it just...glow.

Indoors, natural light. My application left something to be desired this time, so I apologize.

You can kind of see the shimmer in the bottle on this one.

I included this image (with flash) because it shows that the shimmer is kind of orange.

Last night my parents and I went out to dinner. We've all had kind of crappy weeks, so my mom thought it would be a good way to start to wind down. While we were eating my dad looked over at me and wistfully said, "My old car, in the 70s, was the exact color of your nail polish..." My dad has never once noticed my nails. This color is just too beautiful. Also, does anybody else wonder why it's ALWAYS acceptable to wear red, no matter how bright? But if you want to wear bright blue or even black it's like...not as acceptable? I find that weird.

ANYWAY, this is beautiful and sexy. That's it. I used two coats but I think I would have actually been okay with one. The formula...was perfection. Perfection! This was a good introduction to the collection.

On my way home from quitting my job yesterday I strategically passed by several drug stores and one Claire's. *sigh* I have an addiction and it is a problem.

I blame Brooke for this one. I saw swatches of these on her blog the other day and I knew I had to have them.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Caribbean Coral, Sinful Colors Overjoyed and Claire's Dreamcatcher, the supposed Chanel Jade dupe

Has anyone else seen Sinful Overjoyed? Or is it Overjoy? I'm not sure, I don't have it sitting next to me. It looks really cool. My friend Amber was looking for a Chanel Jade dupe a while ago, so Amber, if you're reading this, Dreamcatcher might be it. I'll let you know what I think in the next couple weeks (although it's not as if I have Jade or anything...).

That's all for today. Thanks again, guys, for being completely awesome. It means a lot to me.


  1. I love a bright sexy red and the Rodeo Diva collection is so gorgeous!

  2. that red looks great on you! Love the "Grease" reference in the title too, LOL!! That Sinful Colors polish looks neat- try it soon so I can see!!

  3. hahahaha! I was gonna go buy those mini's because Brooke, but then I remembered they were sitting in my untrieds from when I got Dreamcatcher, and hated it so threw a hissy and refused to wear claire's polish for a while. So, I rediscovered them in my untrieds. :) That red is hottness! Dang it I wish you lived by me, we could haul together.

  4. Haha, I have to learn to read faster. I got to the caption & was like "Hey, I'm still looking for that Chanel dupe" and then I was all "Hey, MY name is Amber! Oh, wait... yes, that is addressed to me."

    Steph, you have to stop enabling me! I've got a list a mile long now, and I honestly don't think there's more than two reds on there. It's all blues, greens, corals and purples. :D

  5. Ahh, that red looks GREAT on you! I'm the exact opposite, I never buy an orange red - it looks weird on me. HATE it. Blue reds look great though. So I'd skip this, but it's gorgeous!
    I want to swing by Claire's and pick up those cute pastels too! I have a special weakness for pastels right now. I haven't seen that SC, but my Walgreen's did have a bunch of the new ones out! I got yet another one today. I'll keep an eye out for that one, it looks neat. I did get a couple more of the new WNW today though.
    Here I am writing a book on your post!
    Glad you all went out, I hope it did cheer you up!

  6. I just got Dreamcatcher too, and haven't tried it yet. I've been more into bright bold colors in order to wrest the winter hatred from my very bones...
    That red just does it for me. Very great. I think it's one of the only ones from the Rodeo Diva collection that I don't have. How on earth did I let that one get away? Thanks for your swatch. I'll add that to the lemming list.
    When I got Dreamcatcher, I held those minis in my grubby little mitts, but was trying to adhere to a "NO BUY" policy of my own, so I didn't get 'em. Now that I've seen Brooke's swatches and your pix, though... *smacks self in forehead with palm* D'oh!
    Very cool that you and your parents went out to dinner to cure the crappy week. It's nice that you can do that sort of thing with them. And congrats to your Dad for noticing the nail polish. Hey, you and he should work up a line of polishes based on the 'cool car colors' in your lives! I can think of a fun "Karmann Ghia Orange" right now...

  7. that red IS hot! what a stunner. and that shimmer, ouch <3

    i saw those claires pastels on brookes blog too and i fell in love! european claires doesn't sell it though, so my heart was quickly broken , lol.

  8. That shade is hot, like a happy Christmas ribbon. Preferrably on a box full of polish!

  9. gildedangel, thanks!

    EvilAngel, I think I just have to give in and admit that I love bright reds too. I never thought I would!

    Amberski, I'll try the Sinful eventually. I've got a huge backlog of untrieds and for some reason I just keep buying more...

    Ange-Marie, let us somehow meet in the middle :)

    Amber...we NEED to get together. We live so close to one another. One of these days I'm going to drag you out of Chico's so we can get some lunch.

    Nicole, I've been totally loving your Wet n Wild swatches!

    ReaderRita, I've been trying the silly "no buy" thing, but it's really not working. I end up going on a total binge. You should totally get this red! I love it. I think you could rock it for every season.

    Michele, aw, European Claire's doesn't sell tiny, overpriced pastels? That is sad! If you ever want me to send you anything let me know!

    The Glitterati, I agree!

  10. That Red Stallion is a 'Wow'! It's so bright and cheerful, you can't possibly feel blue looking at it. :)

    I hope things will work out for you regarding your future hopes and plans.


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