Saturday, February 13, 2010

You Mean...One Leg...On Each Side?

Like I think I remember myself typing last Saturday, I don't usually post on weekends. However, I'm trying to get through these Rodeo Diva polishes, so...welcome to Saturday. I've been up for a long time already considering it's the weekend. I'm starting at a new job on Monday and I'm supposed to be there at 4:45. That's AM. As in, I will have to wake up when it's still nighttime. Last night I passed out during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics around 10 and slept until my alarm went off at 6. My house was still pleasantly quiet, except when Raven discovered I was awake he was scratching at the door. Like, "Hey bitch. If you're conscious you need to pay attention to me. I'm here. Right now. Open up."

Yesterday while I was relaxing on my bed listening to some podcasts I had no intention of painting my nails. But then I saw a sparse patch of sunlight. Hark, could it be?! I raced to get my supplies and slap something else on my nails. Luckily by the time I was done the spare sun was still around. About fifteen minutes after I took these pictures it was gone and hasn't appeared since.

"No, we'll do it. We'll drink cheap beer, we'll ride on the rollercoaster til we throw up, then we'll ride horses on the beach, right in the surf--now but you'll have to do it like a real cowboy, none of that side saddle stuff."
--Thanks Jack Dawson

Side Saddle in sunlight

Less sunlight


...are you kidding me? Look at this! Purple shimmer, pink shimmer, gold shimmer. Wow.

So...can someone explain to me why people didn't pee themselves over this one? I never really heard much about Side Saddle. To be fair, it kind of just seemed like a boring brown in the bottle. The base is kind of a plummy brown, but the purple cast really only becomes very noticeable in sunlight. Again, this was two easy as pie coats. Wait, why is "easy as pie" a cliche? Is pie easy? Easy to love? Easy to eat? It's not easy to serve, that's for damn sure. Sorry. My mind is a scary place sometimes. As I was admiring this I thought it was pretty similar to OPI Holiday Glow, which came out this past November as part of Suzi's holiday extravaganza.

Well...similar, but not overly similar. Side Saddle is a little more purple compared to Holiday Glow; while the former has shimmer, the latter has glitter. But they're similar, right?

Anyway, I loved this one. I may even like it better than Prize Winning Mare, but I don't know if I'm ready to take my affection that far yet.

I think now would be as good a time as any to mention that when I show you guys pictures, it is always a full manicure. By that I mean, base coat, however many coats of polish, and a top coat. I don't swatch. I'm telling you this because the other night I was talking to Ange-Marie about trying to get through this RD collection and she said, "Just swatch them and then wear them as full manicures later." See, I can't do that. Why? Because I paid money for these and I know that I buy so much polish that if I just swatch them I'll never wear them again later. All the polishes I buy, I like to wear for at least a day. If China Glaze were to, oh, I don't know, send me collections to review [HI CHINA GLAZE I LOVE YOU] then I would certainly swatch them for you guys and then in theory wear them later. I have nothing against swatches. In fact, the blogs that swatch stuff are the ones I love the most. I just thought I'd clarify my modus operandi, here.

What else was there...oh yeah. For those of you who live in the Cleveland area, let me share with you my current obsession: The Alan Cox Show. It's on WMMS form 3-7 and I heart it hard. You can download the podcasts too! If there's anyone reading from Chicago or Pittsburgh you might know him; I know he had shows there before he took the job in Cleveland. He himself is from Chicago. I love it so much because, as someone who just moved from Chicago back to Cleveland myself, it's really fun to hear him try to acclimate himself to the crazy area. He's also staggeringly intelligent and he mentions The University of Chicago (my alma mater) from time to time. I love radio. So does my boyfriend; it's something we have in common. For anyone living in the Seattle area, my boyfriend is obsessed with The BJ Shea Morning Experience (he lived in the Sea-Tac area while he was in the military). Sorry, that was a total tangent, learned something about me! Yay!

And now, since this week seemed to be cat week, I will leave you with a picture of Raven doing box acrobatics--Betsy, I'm sure you remember this. It was the weirdest thing. Betsy and I were, for some reason, up all night. Around 5 in the morning Raven always gets this odd spurt of energy. He climbed into this box we had in our living room and just started...undulating. We were joking that he thought he was in a photoshoot with Miss Tyra. He'd strike a pose and then look at us; do another one, look at us. We were laughing so hard. Good times.

Haha. Look at that sexy beast.

Oh, and before I forget...I feel like dogs kind of won yesterday in the dogs vs cats debate. A lot of people said they like both, but I didn't notice too many who said, overwhelmingly, that they luuurrrve cats. Which I do. Don't get me wrong; like, if a dog came up to me I wouldn't kick it in the face or anything. My friend has two pomeranians that I am quite fond of...but as Ange-Marie pointed out yesterday, dogs that small are basically cats anyway. Maybe Kelsea and I were wrong about our association of cats with nail bloggers. Hm. I should write a paper on this...

Have a great weekend, guys! Thanks for reading :D


  1. This is so beautiful!! I don't know why people weren't super excited about this one either - this is my first time seeing it swatched. Plus, I really like the name!

    I missed your cats and dogs thing yesterday :(
    I have 4 cats (and one foster cat) and 2 dogs, but I love cats and dogs equally. Raven looks so much like my Abby cat!

  2. dog-cats usually creep me out, but that little chihuahua with its little albino red eyes in half the pictures cracks me up all the time. only d0g-cat I'd consider taking would be a clone of dinky.
    Raven is so cute! Duckduckgoose poses and does weird shit like that ALL the time too. only he does it like on the t.v. stand like "hey! look at me! I'm dead sexy and way more entertaining than t.v". weirdass cat

  3. I LOVE Side Saddle! I can't remember if I swatched and put it up, but I loved it. It looks perfect on you, too! Man, I fell back asleep, and got virtually nothing done. Shame, really.
    Isn't he CUTE? I love when they pose like that.

  4. you've got beautiful nails dear, i love the first brown colour :) i love these xx

  5. Gorgeous colour, fabulous cat, want them both!

  6. Omg you are killing my no NP buy kick I've been on for like 2 weeks. KILLING ME. These are fantastic. Side saddle is super awesome happy fun time and I must own it!

    Love the box aerobics btw. My cat gets energy at like 6am too. So irritating. Last night there was a paper bag on the floor. Big mistake. Ugh lol


  7. That is a gorgeous color, and I love the kitty!

  8. Brooke, I don't know why this didn't get more hype! It's so beautiful. I like the name too.

    Ange-Marie, dog-cats kind of creep me out too. I love cats being sexy.

    Nicole, thanks! Raven appreciates your compliments.

    London's-beauty, thaaaaanks! I don't think anyone has ever told me that I have beautiful nails before!

    Cali369, thanks! You can go get yourself Side Saddle but Raven is my man.

    kelsea, no buys are impossible right now. I've tried. I've tried so hard! Side Saddle is a must have if you're going to collect this collection. Haha, I can only imagine Tucker's paper bag antics.

    gildedangel, thanks!

  9. Hey, thanks for the props. Can't say I've ever been an aside in someone's blog before :)


  10. He looks like he's saying: "I dare to to touch my belly...c'mon, I'm so cute- you know you want to rub my tummy..."
    And if you do fall prey, is he the type that enjoys belly petting, or does he bite your hand off?
    One of mine will shred any flesh below your elbow if you are so duped; the other does a tiny hind foot kick at you, then purrs- kicks, purrs, etc, etc...

  11. I don't mind dogs if I meet 'em but in general I won't want to keep one. I looooovvvee cats. CATS!!! CATS!!! CATS!!!

    I babysat my fren's cats when they were young adults (<1). One of them was THE CAT, so full of personality that till today I will tear up something terrible when I think of Mac. I had a fren who had a bad impression of cats as cold unloving creatures until she met Mac. I could go on and on telling stories about Mac.

    He went away when they moved house, broke my heart.


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