Monday, March 15, 2010

Building the Menagerie

Gooood morning. Foul mood today. Foul. I apologize in advance. Reason? I took Boyfriend to the airport yesterday and now he's gone :( If you'll remember, his car was stolen in February so he flew. For some reason it's so much more emotional for me to take him to the airport than to just wave goodbye from the driveway. Perhaps because it's much more of a process. The driving there, the checking in, etc. Sigh. So, onto my nails.

Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees, natural light, natural light and flash, respectively. I put this polish on on Saturday and I am still wearing it. It's from OPI's autumn 2009 collection, Espana, and I have already shared my opinion on this collection several times, but because I have roughly twelve times the readers now, I will share it again: Not. Good. I found the entire thing really, really boring. The only color I have worn besides Suzi Skis is Can You Tapas This?, and I will admit that I do truly love that one on the nail. Having said that, I did not have high expectations for Suzi Skis. I was dead wrong. This polish is incredibly unique. The formula was kind of thin, and this is three coats. The color is so...difficult to pin down. It's definitely blue, but I could only positively identify it as blue in certain lights. It's a smoky grayed out blue. It's just so...unique. When I first started wearing it I wasn't sure if I liked it. I kept like, glancing sideways at it out of the corner of my eye for all of Saturday. Finally I decided that yes, I do like it. But how much? Like, if I had to somehow whittle my stash down to 25 polishes, would Suzi Skis make the list? Honestly? Yes. It's too unique and too beautiful not to have. A great alternative to black or even "almost black" like Lincoln Park After Dark. Also, it's a shimmer. Here is a macro.

Clearly blue and clearly a shimmer, though you can't tell most of the time.

So what do you guys think of this polish? Does anyone have it and love it? Does anyone have it and hate it? I guess the fact that I'm on my third day wearing this and that I have no plans to remove it until tomorrow should speak to how I feel about it. I have no chipping and very little tipwear, but I'm sure an evening at work will take care of that.

Now onto some funsies...I got a new ridiculous ring this weekend! Some of you may remember my ridiculous parrot ring that I showed you a couple weeks ago. After I posted that one my lovely friend (isn't it weird how you can have not met someone but still consider them a lovely friend? am I just creepy? thanks Internet!) Kelsea of the blog kelsealaurel threw down a ridiculous ring challenge. Her answer to my parrot? A rhinestone rabbit head. Touche, madam. Touche. My answer to the rhinestone rabbit head?



This ring is gigantic. Boyfriend went to Forever 21 with me to help pick something out, and afterward we went out to dinner. As I was practically inhaling a huge plate of ginger chicken, almost killing myself with chopsticks, I caught him staring at me. "What?" I said with a mouthful of chicken. "That ring..." he replied, "is enormous." Ha! I named the elephant Ruby, after a famous now-dead elephant. She made paintings. Here's her wiki. Now, I'm not sure that it BEATS a rhinestone rabbit head, but I feel that it matches it. Gauntlet thrown, Kelsea ;)

A couple other things. I went back to Ulta Saturday because I decided I wanted to do the Urban Decay deal again (buy $20 worth of UD and get two deluxe versions of their 24/7 liners for freesies). When I went they were out of pencils, but one of the salesgirls tipped me off that they would get a new selection of pencils on Sunday morning and that the deal would still apply even though it would no longer be advertised. I returned Sunday morning, picked up a new Stardust eyeshadow in Diamond Dog for $20 and got to pick from a veritable cornucopia of 24/7s. Seriously. Like, every color in the line was represented. I got Stash, a dark green/gold, which I have been lemming ever since I saw a swatch, and Crash, a dark plum with gold glitter. Here is an awful picture.

LASTLY, and I promise this really is the last thing, Katrina did respond to my e-mail about her win, so her package has been shipped. As I said Saturday, I will be hosting another giveaway quite soon, so don't lose hope! A requirement to enter my last giveaway was to tell me your favorite band or song. I realized that it wasn't fair of me to make you guys pick a "favorite" without telling you mine. It's hard to choose a favorite for me. If I really had to choose a favorite band, it would be Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (followed by The Beatles and then DeVotchKa). In honor of my SEVERE Tom Petty love (instilled in me by my parents and nurtured by my boyfriend, who is a tad older than me--okay, more than a tad. He's eight years older than me) I will share with you perhaps the best music video EVER. It's especially apt because of the wild popularity of Alice in Wonderland right now. And favorite Tom Petty songs?
1. Mary Jane's Last Dance
2. American Girl
3. Don't Come Around Here No More
For your viewing pleasure:

Okay, I REALLY NEED to stop talking now. Thanks for reading, if you did! Haha. I will be back tomorrow with more awesome.


  1. Omg! That ring really IS gigantic!!! Haha! I love it. Have you noticed that all of our crazy rings are from Forever 21? They have some crazy shit there sometimes. I saw another ring there last time that would totally win and all bets would be off, but to tell you the truth, I wouldn't ever wear it.... Because it was that insane. I may have to buy it though, just to continue this little thing we've got going.

    I love that nail polish!!!!! I remember when I started my blog I was like "I hate 'almost black' nail polish." Uhh... Now I want every almost black np ever made. RAWR! Haha.

    I ramble. You are the bestttt. Thanks for the shoutout! =)

  2. AH I grew up listening to Tom Petty with my dad!! I remember watching that video all the time. My dad had a whole bunch of Tom Petty vids on VHS. I actually am planning on stealing it from him next time I go visit because he doesn't have a VCR to watch it on and I do. Mwahaha. My dad actually called me the other day because Mary Jane's Last Dance was on the radio and he wanted to ask if I remembered dancing around in front of the tv when that video was on when I was little. I don't remember but it doesn't really surprise me.

    OH OH OH Did you ever hear John Mayer's version of Free Fallin? I heard it when I was at Home Depot a few months ago and I started ranting to everybody because I hated it. It just did not sound right!!

    Haha sorry I just got so excited because I don't know many people who love Tom Petty except for my dad.

    I'm not sure what I think about that polish. I think I would have to try it before making a decision.

    OH and thank you for the comment you left me yesterday, it was very sweet. It might be easier for you to find me on facebook, haha. I'm pretty sure if you just search Tierney Megan you'll find me. It isn't really a common name.

    Kay, giant comment time over now :D

  3. I JUST bought my Petty Tickets!!! OMG Stef this is getting creepy! We are SO alike. Those are my exact list of Petty faves too! gah! U and bf should meet me in Indy and we'll go to petty! How fun would that be. Anyhoo, this is a polish blog I should prob say something abt the polish. SSTP was a disaster for me. It looked neither grey, nor blue. I looked flat black. It was HIDEOUS on me. So bad, in fact the only pics I have are incidental pictures of me holding my goddaughter. Horrid color on me. It really looks blue on you and I am JEALOUS.
    Sorry bf is MIA again :(
    omg I keep getting weird captcha's from you todays... wingati... I think I need to get in on this ridiculous ring thing...

  4. Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees is gorgeous! In the bottle it looked like an off-black. Thaks for swatching, i'll grab this one after work.

    sorry to hear your BF is out of town. My husband was a long-distance relationship before he moved with me. I know it sucks being away.

    P.S. Your ring is wicked. Rock that hardware!

  5. Ahhhh thar video brings back memories! I always thought that cake looked sooo yummy! Leave it to me to talk about the food :)

    Also, don't know if you are aware of this blog or not - - but you could get lost for hours on it!!

  6. thar*** subconsciously put there from reading A Pirates Night Before Christmas last night with my sun. It should be that!!!

  7. ***Sun??????????? No excuse - should be son! I'm done - just kill me now!

  8. Believe me or not, I always read your posts from beginning to end. So enjoyable! ;) I love the HUGE ring, I don't know the hell what is Forever 21, I love the polish (it's saying a lot for a non blue girl), I love your blog, I never told you but I think you have the best banner in the world (so elegant and chic), I also consider a couple of internet people my friends even if I've never met them, I think it's not creepy, you're one of my favorite girls of the nail blog sphere, blablabla...

    I hope you feel fine even far from the bf, Steph. There is in the Airport thing something more abrupt than the car departure. I can't talk and I don't have the words for once, but I completely see what you mean. Allez, bisou mademoiselle. :)

  9. Darnit! Another lemming added to the list!

  10. I love Tom Petty! That is hilarious!


  11. kelsea, yeah man. Forever 21 is ridiculous. I always go there when I want weird jewelry. I have this costume pearl fetish--like I want every strand of opera-length pearls I see--and they always have a good selection. I find myself there A LOT.

    I love "almost black" polish. My favorite is OPI Black Cherry Chutney :)

    Tierney, I think I have heard that John Mayer cover. I'm pretty sure it also made my ears bleed. There is no reason to cover a classic like that. I get the same way when I hear any Beatles covers. What bullshit. You can always talk to me about my Tom Petty love, for it is severe. My favorite album is Full Moon Fever :)

    Ange, NO WAY!!!! I had no idea we shared a mutual love of the Petty. That's insanity! I looked at tickets for his concert in Chicago and they are $75 for BAD SEATS. Probably worth it, but dude...that's a lot..

    Skulda, thanks!! Lately I have a fetish for wearing humongous rings. I love the looks on people's faces when they catch a glimpse.

    Brooke, OMG, thanks for the link! Your spellings made me laugh ;)

    jellynat, I appreciate knowing that you read my posts. I read yours too! Though I think a lot of people do. Forever 21 is basically H&M but with sluttier and less fashion-forward clothes.

    PerryPie, sorry! Okay, not really. Buuuuuuuyyyy thingssss.

    gildedangel, thanks.

    April, solidarity, sister.


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