Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Celebration: Urban Decay Sale and More Polish

It has been so sunny here this week, I can't believe it. No clouds, blue skies, temperatures in the 40s and low 50s...what's happening?! I received some really good news yesterday via a very brief e-mail, and that information is that I'm being offered full tuition for my potential attendance to grad school. I told you about my admission last week, and that my financial package was still pending. Well, I guess it's pending no longer. I'm expecting to get a "big envelope" in the mail any day now, so yay :D When I read the e-mail with the offer I almost couldn't react. In fact I just felt like I was going to throw up. I believe what I said to Boyfriend was, "Oh, I shouldn't have eaten that tandoori onion..." Heh. I am still kind of in shock about it, but I'm starting to feel really, really happy.

Yesterday when I woke up Boyfriend brought me an Ulta mailer. He said, "Here, I found this in the paper. Let's go shopping." Music...to my ears. Let's go shopping...at Ulta? And you're driving?! Count me in. I was feeling kind of...well, awesome, because of the news I had just gotten via e-mail, so my wallet was a little looser than usual.

So here's OPI DS Mystery. I'm not entirely sure why it costs an entire four dollars more than a regular OPI polish. I had a coupon so I didn't actually spend that much on it, but still. I guess maybe because Designer Series polishes are usually holos? I guess sometimes holos do cost more. Anyway, Mystery is a polish I've wanted for a while. It's greenish-gold-purple duochrome-y glitter in a dark, dark purple base. I used three coats here and the formula was really lovely.

Purdy, eh?

I really like this polish. I was kind of craving an interesting vampy after all my forays into pastels and brights lately. This definitely fits the bill. I wouldn't call it edgy per se, but it's definitely interesting, yes? My one complaint is that I really don't like the silver caps on the DS polishes. They look cheap and stupid. I much prefer the black caps.

I told you guys a couple posts ago that I was anxious for spring to start so that I could wear my new coral trench coat. Yesterday it was 45 degrees and too warm for my winter coat, so I decided it was high time to pull out the trench. There are no words for how much I love this coat. First, it's my favorite color of the moment, coral. Second, it has this interesting retro silhouette that I think would be flattering on anyone. The bottom of the coat (the "skirt" part) is really full, so it looks kind of dressy. For your consideration and viewing pleasure:

H&M coral trench, $49.99

Not exactly the most FLATTERING picture of me, but I promised to show you guys, so I'm pullin' through. I have such a colorful coat fetish. I love outerwear, especially trench coats. Sadly (or awesomely), because I bought this coat at the beginning of January, when I put it on yesterday it was slightly too big. I'm willing to have this tailored, though, because it's a really nice coat with a full lining and amazing pockets. What do you guys think?

Ulta is having a deal on Urban Decay right now where if you spend $20 on Urban Decay products you get two free "deluxe" versions of 24/7 pencils. I definitely wanted to take advantage of that deal, but $20 is a such a strategic amount. The eyeshadows are $17. The deluxe shadows are $18. The Pocket Rockets are $19. Good job, Urban Decay. Good job, indeed. Luckily I have been looking for an excuse to buy a full-sized version of the Skyscraper mascara which is $22.

Here's my full-sized Skyscraper by my baby Skyscraper that I got in the Hall of Fame set.

As soon as I started using my sample Skyscraper I knew that I needed the full-size. This product has super mixed reviews on MUA, but I love it. My eyelashes are naturally blonde and I really like natural-looking mascaras that give me some color and definition. Skyscraper won't really give you that dramatic look, it just makes your lashes look naturally awesome. And it makes them feel really soft. Win. For spending $22 I got to choose two 24/7 eyeliners from a pretty small selection of colors.

I got Lucky and Flipside

Good deal, though. The 24/7 liners are probably the best eyeliners available on the market. You guys should go to Ulta and take advantage of this deal. The new Stardust shadows are $20, so you could try one of those out. Apparently they're supposed to have no fall-out, which is baller. There is one called Diamond Dog that I want just because it's named after a Bowie album. After Ulta we went to a book store and I bought myself a gift for only $3.98!

Yay! Rob Rosenblum essays! Jasper Johns on the cover! Bring it on!

I love Half Price Books. For some reason there were like eight copies of this book in the art criticism section. Maybe since Rosenblum died semi-recently? Well, in 2006. Who knows. There is a biography of Clement Greenberg I have my eye on, too. Yay, books!

I think that's all for today. I hope it's sunny wherever you are, too!


  1. Ooh, I have Mystery and I love it. And I love your coat, it looks great! :D

  2. Don't be silly not telling the picture is not flattering, you're so cute Steph!! <3 That bright trench over full black clothes looks really cool. I love trenches - but I look awful in them. I'm looking better in my motorbike leather jacket, ah ah.

    I wasn't sure about Mystery, but your pics showed its really right in my alley. Thanks, temptress. ;)

    It's sunny on here too!

  3. Great nails! Enjoy your new UD goodies!

    And that coat is adorable, its a great color and a great fit, I love that style! I'm too fat to shop at H&M so I'm always jealous of the super cute stuff they have! I can always fit socks and nail polish though lol.

  4. Congratulations on your scholarship!

  5. I just can't get on the DS Mystery bandwagon. :( But omg I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove that coat!
    sonofabitch! a big chunk of my polish just flaked off! wtf! I just put this on last night! gaddammit! Time to change and I didn't even get pix yet :(

  6. Sweet polish and excellent trench! :D

  7. I'm so happy for you about your package, that's just too wonderful! It's all coming together for you. I love that polish on you! I keep passing it by - thinking I'm going to pick it up ... sometime! It's so pretty. I agree it's pricey - and I hate the silver caps, really.
    And that coat - STUNNER! I love the bright cheery color and the shape is really, really cool!

  8. I love that color. I love that trench coat. I love YOU! haha =D

    And wow your boyfriend is amazing! "Let's go shopping" are those three little words every girl wants to hear. That's the three words, right? ....I love you? What? No. It's let's go shopping. Trust me. I'm pretty sure. (lol)

    Have a lovely day!

  9. Ahhhh! Congrats dear!!! I can not wait to hear about school. And DS Mystery is beautiful. I totally regret not grabbing it when one of my salons had it on sale for $7.50.

  10. Tierney, thanks! I really like Mystery too.

    jellynat, I don't think anyone looks awful in trenches. They normally cinch the waist and create hourglasses, so...that's good. Not that I need any help in the hourglass department. Sigh. But I'm sure you look totally hot in a motorcycle jacket ;)

    Jessica, I have always found really cute trenches at Old Navy too. H&M has great accessories. And socks :)

    SeeingSunshine, thank you! I appreciate it.

    Ange-Marie, thank you :) The trench is uber-awesome. It excites me.

    Skulda, thankies!

    Nicole, thank you!!!! Things do seem to be coming together. And yeah, the silver caps look so stupid and tacky.

    kelseaaaaa, I loves you too. You are teh awesome. Boyfriend is pretty amazing. I do quite like him.

    PerryPie, thank you so much! You should pick up Mystery if you find it again. Or if you have an Ulta coupon!

    gildedangel, thank you!!

  11. Your boyfriend brought you the mailer AND said "lets go shopping"...that's a good man! OPI DS Mystery is on my radar!!

  12. Woah, thanks for tipping us off to that killer Ulta deal! I'm trying not to race over there right this second!!

    Love the trench- it has a great shape and the color is beautiful! I can't wait for our H&M to open. :-)

  13. Jackie, definitely pick up DS Mystery. I have no idea why it's so much more expensive. It's kind of silly.

    Dia, you're welcome! It's while supplies last, so rush out there for sure. Thanks for the trench compliments :)

  14. That dress looks so great on you! I'm really loving coral right now too.

  15. Congratulations on getting the offer of full tuition!

    DS Mystery is certainly one to drool over. I love you nail photos here. You look lovely in your new trench coat, btw. The colour's gorgeous!

  16. There are no Ultas in Canada. *Sad Marmot*

  17. Oh, I don't know about the "no fallout" thing on the Stardust eyeshadows from UD. I am a lover of all things UD (except for their new nail polish colors-tooooo boring!), so of course I was über excited about this new shadow formula. Went to Ulta, tried it on, and ...fallout galore. At least on me. And that was with their own primer in Sin on my eyes. Plus, it is a very weird flaky texture- kind of hard to the touch. So, try before you buy, girls! Also, I wish UD would do more velvety and silky textured stuff without glitter, because I don't want to wear glitter to work- I love color at work, but not glitter. Plus, I think glitter looks a bit goofy on me in conjunction with my glasses. It is too incongruent.
    Their "new" pencil colors of Binge and Mildew absolutely rock though. A bit subdued, but very pretty anyway. I SO wanted Lucky as one of my freebies, but they were out of them! That made me sad for me, but at the same time-happy that so many people wanted orange eyeliner! Yay! Way to break out of a rut, Midwest!
    And, I LOOOOOOVE your trench coat. Very gorgeous and retro. What does the back look like? Same as the front, or is it more trapeze-like? Looks fabulous on you, BTW!

  18. Oh, and I think that the OPI Designer Series is supposed to have diamond dust in the formula- hence, the 4 bucks extra.

  19. i la la LOVE your coat!!!! and that is one of my fav. opi polishes :)

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