Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cool Drink Of Water, Such A Sweet Surprise

Good morning, all. It's sunny again here, but I don't think it will be for long. Boyfriend just told me that it's snowing in Chicago and we usually get their weather a day later. Mega sigh. I was planning to get a manicure this weekend because if there's one thing I hate it's filing my own nails. I just feel like it takes forever and I'm not good at it. My nails are getting way, way longer than I'd like them to be. I caved, because I'm cheap, and I filed them a little myself this morning. Hopefully they look okay. Yesterday I went to Ulta and Sally's with a friend. I feel I showed some restraint. I didn't buy this Urban Decay pencil and sharpener set that I wanted, so that's good, right? I'll show you what I got at Ulta later in the post, but here's what I got at Sally's on clearance.

This is Cherry Pie from the China Glaze Summer Days collection, released last spring. It's the only polish I really wanted from Summer Days so of course it was one of the ones that didn't make it into the permanent collection. I had just been telling Ange-Marie the night before that I want Cherry Pie and Raspberry Festival, and I was lucky enough to stumble across one only hours later. Cherry Pie is a red-orange with pink glass fleck shimmer. It's a stunner, for sure. I found the formula to be excellent--but remember, I prefer a thin formula. This is one coat of Nail Tek II and two coats of Cherry Pie topped with a coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine. Ahh, isn't it beautiful? It's a fantastically lovely warm toned red, but the pink shimmer cools it down a bit. Love this. However...when I was taking these pictures I had the strangest sense of déjà vu. I couldn't figure out why until I thought about it for a minute. Cherry Pie reminds me a lot of OPI Dress to Empress. Since I had already done a full manicure with the former I wasn't about to do an on-nail comparison, but here's a bottle comparison in bright sunlight.

Kind of similar, wouldn't you say? Same base color and same pink shimmer...although the ChG shimmer is just that: ChG glass fleck. The OPI obviously isn't. Just regular shimmer. But still. Similar. Fudge.

Ah well. I probably wouldn't have stopped obsessing over Cherry Pie until I got it anyway. And it's gorgeous. By the way, the sun really brought out the orange tones of both polishes in that bottle picture. They are each decidedly pinker in real life. Anyway, Ulta was having a buy two get one free deal on a bunch of brands, and I chose Orly.

Orly Luxe, Cotton Candy and Gumdrop

I really, really wanted Cotton Candy for some reason. It's not really a me color, but what the hell. Then I saw they had one lonely bottle of Luxe hanging around, so I got that too. I love me a sparkly gold. That left my free one. I got Gumdrop but I'm not sure why. Looking at it now it kind of looks like China Glaze For Audrey. I think it might be going in the April giveaway pile. I also came home to a package from the lovely Ange-Marie. The contents?

Holy shiiiiiiit! Nubar Wildlife and Gem and a franken she made juuuuust for me, a semi-dupe of China Glaze Dripping Wet which we named Balls Deep ;)

Yay! So you see, I have a shitload of polish to try out. All of these plus the OMGs and...other stuff that I just can't help myself from buying. Pretty excited for the Nubars, though! My first ones ever! *dancedance* I am hoping against hope to just have a super relaxing weekend. I hope you guys do too. To aid in your relaxation I am leaving you with a picture of the little meditating statue at the Louis Penfield House, where Boyfriend and I took our December vacation. It's the background on my cell phone, and looking at it always makes me feel kind of...peaceful.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Ok, I am begining to think I am your good luck charm, because anytime you mention you want a polish to me, you find it at a dusty or on clearance. GAk! NOT *fair*. *whines kicks dirt*

    That color is so pretty. But ugh. WHY China Glaze WHY do you insist on putting glitter in half the things you release!!! Could you at LEAST do a dupe of the color WITHOUT glitter for those of us who love the polish but HATE glitter? GROWL. Its like Flying Dragon. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the polish... HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE the glitter.

    You are gonna LOVE luxe AND cotton candy. When I got cotton candy I knew it was gonna be my very very favorite pink this year, and it still is. I haven't found a spring pink in any pastel collex yet that I love as much. You need more pink, sugarpie.
    Enjoy those nubars. I'd like to request that you swatch Wildlife, like, asap when you have sun after the snow ;) HUGs

    and your word ver just insulted me. it called me fuggle. I'm really starting to think your blog dislikes me

  2. Nubar Wildlife may or may not have made me drool on myself. So amazing. Want.

    It's 8:20 here. I wish I wasn't awake. I'm leaving for my hometown in southern california in a few hours and I have SO MUCH to do =(

    This morning my face was about 3 inches from the edge of the mattress and Tucker decided it would be a great idea to jump onto that space meowing. Scared the SHIT outta me. Opening my eyes to a huge cat face=not fun.

    =) Have a good weeeeekend.

  3. oooo those Nubars look SO gorgeous! Can't wait to see some swatches!! Happy Saturday!

  4. OMG Gem looks amazing. When I eventually decide to invest in nubar that's at the top of my list!

  5. When I go off of my low buy, I'm SO investing in some Nubar. I love the look of the swatches I've seen of Wildlife, it's a stunner!
    I just read a post by Mary, and she said she had snow this morning. YUCK. I feel for y'all on that.
    You know, it's so funny. The only two I didn't want from that collection were Cherry Pie and Raspberry Festival. However, your swatches are lovely, and now I kind of want Cherry Pie. Kind of. Although it's not my kind of red, I generally avoid red-orange because it looks like utter crap on me.
    The franken looks almost identical to Dripping Wet in the bottle! I'll be curious to see your swatches.
    Also, I LOVED Luxe - and I really loved Gumdrop too. Did you put it side-by-side with For Audrey?

  6. AHH Gem looks beyond awesome. And wowww, I love Cherry Pie.

    Sorry about the snow. I can't stand snow, I'm a warm weather person. There was one day last summer where it was 96 degrees where I live, it was a record for this area. It was amazingg.

    Anywaysss. Can't wait to see some swatches!!

  7. Oh you lucky girl, Wildlife is my next to get Nubar and I might even cave and get some of the glitter holo's!
    Cherry Pie is awesome, it doesn't look very good on me but I keep it anyway! :)

  8. Oh, you are the best, my email is

  9. Damn! You totally made out! I am coveting your Nubars, just so you know. Really love your choices, esp the Orly. I kind of want Cotton Candy too even though me and pinks are not friends. At all.

    Cherry Pie is lovely on you and I hope you get your hands on Raspberry Festival one day. I have it and it is lovely. It's my lucky polish because good things seem to happen when I wear it!

  10. Ange-Marie, I totally hope that you are my good luck charm. The glitter in this isn't really glitter! It's shimmer. I could tell because it didn't suck balls trying to remove it ;) You should get it anyway. Maybe I do need more pinks. My favorite pink ever is Essie Fiji but it's SUCH a bitch to apply. I'm looking for a new go-to. I'm wearing Wildlife now and I will post it tomorrow. Thank you!!!!

    kelsea, your Tucker story made me laugh out loud. Actually you are probs not reading this so I'm going to respond to you on Facebook like a civilized twenty-something <3

    ANSTAH, thanks! I will oblige you ASAP.

    Rebecca, I think Gem is amazing. It's incredible even in crappy indoor lighting. I bet you could see that holo in the DARK ;)

    Nicole, these are my first Nubars! I will let you know how I like them, but so far I think they're awesome. Wildlife applied like a dream--and I'll tell you that in my next post, too! Re: Cherry Pie...I think blue-toned reds look bad on me. But I'm sure that orange-toned reds look nice on you! It's funny; I don't even know if I am warm or cool toned. I heard you can tell by the veins on your wrists, but I can't tell whether they're blue or green. Sigh. I didn't put Gumdrop side-by-side with For Audrey because I gave mine away ;)

    Tierney, I normally LOVE SNOW until it gets to be March. I'm at the point now where I say snow can suck it.

    Evil Angel, I bet Wildlife would look AMAZING on you with your long nails! I hope you get it! And I'm sure you lie about Cherry Pie. I haven't seen one thing yet that doesn't look good on you.

    Hehe, PerryPie rhymes with Cherry Pie.

    Mighty Lambchop, thanks! Same with me and pinks but I couldn't resist Cotton Candy. I love the little lipglosses! I think I will go to Sally's again and see if they have Raspberry Festival (a different Sally's, of course).

  11. Maybe Gumdrop will be different enough to look better on you?? I hope so! And I just painted my nails with Magic Attraction by Color Club. I am in Awesometown. I'm also listening to "Save the Best For Last" by Vanessa Williams. Haha.

    I can't decide whether or not to matte this nail polish. HMMmm..

    And I told my Dad today about my secret surprise/gift to you and he thought it was funny/a good idea. Hell yes.


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