Friday, March 05, 2010

Cybernetics and Space

Happy Friday! Ack, I had to get up at 4 this morning and it was unpleasant. I am going to divulge some super secret information to you, my dearest readers; that secret information is this: people love their damn coffee in the morning. I felt so busy all morning. I didn't end up eating until like 12:30 so that was sad. BUT! Now I am fed, caffeinated and polished, so I'm ready to share my nails with you. Today's post is going to be picture-heavy. First, another Milani holo, Cyberspace.

For the life of me I could not get a good picture of this polish on my nails. The bottle picture looks pretty good, though, huh? I chose this one because a.) it was sunny outside and b.) as I said yesterday, my boyfriend likes blues. He did compliment my Essence Underwater from yesterday, but I kind of hated it by the end of twelve hours so it had to go. Just like Hi-Res, Cyberspace took two coats to look okay. I probably could have used three but I was in a rush. Boyfriend was basically DANGLING Chipotle in front of me trying to get me to move faster, but when I am sleep and polish-deprived I am slow-going. I think I like Hi-Res better than this one, and I have only tried two. Cyberspace is still nice, though. It's a pretty soft blue.

Last week I got two of those mood nail polishes from Claire's when I went to the mall. Ange-Marie has been asking me to let her know how they work, so yesterday I did a little experiment.

Here are the two polishes I got, swatched on fake nails, in their natural states. They look purple and blue-toned gray in the bottles, respectively. The purple has really pretty glitter in it.

What I did was put two coats of each polish on two fake nails. Then I took a hair dryer to them. Literally THE SECOND the heat hit the polish they changed.

Here is the formerly purple polish (and a bit of cat hair--sorry) after being blasted by a very small amount of heat.

Here it is changing back to purple.

And here is the formerly gray polish, now a yellow-y orange.

And here it is changing back to gray.

I haven't tried these on my nails yet, but I'm willing to bet that they do work--if you were to put your hand in a patch of sunlight for a little bit, if you were working out, if you were in an uncomfortably warm room...etc. I do not exaggerate when I say that as soon as heat hit these they changed. So...yeah! I guess I would call them a semi-success. I'm not sure when I'll actually get around to wearing them on my nails, but I hope this will do for now.

Okay, Boyfriend and I are off to see Shutter Island soon. I told you guys that I read the book recently, so I'm pretty psyched for the movie. Plus I love me some Leo ;) Delicious, delicious man candy...a good way to kick off the weekend.


  1. Cyberspace looks pretty- that may be the next one I try to get! (I am wearing Hi Res now- love love love!!) I want those mood polishes, but am scared to go into Claire's since I am a tad older than the usual clientele (by about 20 years LOL) Can't wait for pics of you wearing them, it will be interesting to see how they do once they are on the nail.

  2. As my mom always says and now me - I'm not old enough to drink coffee - that's for old folks!! lol

    Love the polish on ya - looks great :)

  3. o0o0o I love that grey! I'll have to brave going back into Claire's *cringe* to check those out.

  4. Cyberspace looks really cool!

  5. ok um that milani looks way better on you than me. not fair! and SQUEE!!!!! the moodies work! success! yay! sorry to nag you into trying them lol. =)

  6. Those mood polishes look amazing! I want that purple/pink one.

  7. Your photos came out better than mine - the camera was so confused by this polish! Haha. It looks lovely on you.
    I'm with you on having a hard time functioning without coffee. Phew. It's ROUGH.
    We did Alice In Wonderland 3D tonight, but I want to see Shutter Island too! You'll have to let me know how it is. I love Leo! ♥
    PS I don't know if she'll come back and see this, but Amberski - Me too, and I go in there all the time. The ladies are generally super nice!

  8. Shutter Island=AMAZING. I'm jealous!

    Yay Boyfriend!!! Tell him HI for me! haha.

    I really want to go see Alice In Wonderland in 3D!!! RAWR!


    P.S. Now I really want to read the book (Shutter Island). Do you think it would be ruined since I already watched the movie?

  9. Amberski, don't fret about going into Claire's. Just hold your head high, grab those little polishes, and get the hell out. I, on the other hand, like to shop around for cheap earrings ;)

    Brooke, I've been drinking coffee for a loooong time. And I'll be drinkin' it for a long time hence.

    Tierney, thanks, it totally is cool.

    Ange-Marie, no worries. It was a pleasure testing them out. And I'm sure Cyberspace looks equally awesome on us both :)

    Heather, get it! You won't be disappointed.

    gildedangel, thanks.

    Lily nail, yes you do need this Milani. Fiiiiiind it!

    Evil Angel, me toooooo! I can't wait to try the green.

    Nicole, thanks. And yes, coffee is like ambrosia in the morning. But working at a coffee shop...oh lord. The mornings are just non-stop.

    kelsea, I did dig Shutter Island. Because I already knew the ending I spent most of the movie watching Mark Ruffalo and not so much Leo. Kind of a shame since his acting was so great. The book and the movie are EXTREMELY similar. The movie is a very faithful retelling. I would read it, though, just for the great dialogue.


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