Friday, March 19, 2010


Hi lovelies! Happy Friday! I don't know about where you are, but here in Pleasantville, Ohio it is a perfect sixty-three degrees and sunny. Unfortunately it's supposed to snow either Sunday or Monday. Thanks Cleveland. Anyway, this morning at work I had this conversation with a co-worker:
Me: Look! I have holographic nails!
Her: Oh. Is it nail polish made by Lisa Frank?
Me: ):
You all remember Lisa Frank stuff from the early 90s, right? I think she was making fun of me ): Sigh. Oh well. I loved wearing OMG so much that I was showing everyone. My driving suffered a little bit because every time I was at a red light I was staring at my hands. I'm sure you've all had that experience with a polish once in a while. I love these holos. Love them. I also told Boyfriend about OMG and he responded with this:
Him: You're bedazzled. If I wanted to set a trap for you, I would hold a box up with a stick connected to string, and I would put something shiny underneath.

Good bait for a Steff trap would be this:

Here's China Glaze LOL, a deep purple holo. Holy shit, this is gorgeous. I read Scrangie's review of this collection and she suggested not to use a base coat to reduce cuticle drag. Yesterday I had used a base with OMG and did have cuticle drag, so I skipped it this time. This was two coats and the formula was perfect. No bald patches. Dried uber-fast. I have no complaints about this polish. How could I?

Yesterday I was being ridiculous. RIDICULOUS! I went to three--yes, three--Targets trying to find a Liberty of London dress.

image courtesy of

I finally found it at the third Target. At first it started out as, oh this is a cute dress. I could wear this to work or something when I have a real job. Maybe a summer wedding. But then as I was unable to find it it turned into GOD DAMMIT THIS IS SOLD OUT ONLINE AND I REALLY REALLY WANT IT NOW. I basically went insane. I'm glad I found it eventually. My friend A accompanied me to the third Target, and she got a really cute Liberty of London top. We were both satisfied. Did anyone else get any Liberty of London clothes or home goods? They had cute mugs and stuff, but they were laughably small compared to the mugs that I use for coffee.

Alright, that's all for today. I'm on my way to Ulta to have a haulapalooza. I hope you guys are having a great Friday and that it's sunny wherever you are too!

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  1. I love holo's! I still have a few Kaleidescopes I'm looking for but I finally have all of the OMG's that I wanted! YAY for shinies!

  2. LOL is sooo gorgeous. I want the OMG collection so so badly. I need a jobbbb. Haha.
    And yay! It is sunny here in Washington. Well, it has been sunny the last couple of days but it has been cold. My house is really warm and feels like summer, but I'm scared it will be cold outside.

    Happy Friday! :D

  3. Oh this one is awesome! I think I may have a new favorite polish type..holos!!!!! No worries to co-worker wasn't making fun of you, she was jealous! HAHA! I loved Lisa Frank!

  4. Hahaha awwww she was making fun of you! =(

    And I'm like 90% sure that my best friend Colin has said the exact same like about a shiny things trap to me. Haha. Our men know us well =)


    I have my last final for the quarter at 330-530 today and then SPRING BREAK!!!!!! WOOOO

  5. Gorgeous!!!! I think its my second fave of the OMGs that I have. Yay you found the dress!!! Um, I'm having a crap day, so I can't think of anything else to say ;( sorry I suck today

  6. The OMG collection is possibly my favorite ever. Holo polishes are not from this planet!

  7. LOL, Lisa Frank! Yeah, she was making fun I'm sure, but the reference really did make me giggle. It can't get you down, though. Your nails rock more than hers. :D

    Y'know, every so often when I read your blog, I thought to myself "her weather seems so similar to ours..."

    I live in northeast Indiana. Rofl. Figs.

  8. Evil Angel, I have NONE of the Kaleidoscopes. Maybe I should start looking around for them...although I find that I actually stumble across things when I'm not looking at all.

    Tierney, I has a job and I still can no afford thingz I want :(

    Jackie, I think she is jealous too ;) Oh well. Not everyone can have OMG all over their nails.

    kelsea, so glad you are done with le finals!!!!! I'm sure your spring break will be uh-mazing. Yeah, I think my boyfriend could also make me exercise by tying a shiny necklace to a string in and then putting me on a tread mill just out of reach or something. Pretty...ridiculous.

    Sylvia, thank you :)

    Ange-Marie, I definitely liked LOL but not as much as OMG. I think it's going to take a lot to beat OMG and its level of awesome. You don't suck! You never suck, you are only awesome.

    jellynat, I knooowww. How do people make holos? Too, too amazing, especially linear ones like the OMGs.

    Erin, Lisa Frank :( Oh well. Hahaha, northeast Indiana is pretty close to me ;) Two hours away! Are you near Toledo?

  9. I do love this one so much! It's a gorgeous holo. I need some more of both collections, I have like two bottles of each. I hate that I'm going to have to hunt like hell to find them! Haha. Some of course I can still pick up relatively easily online, but others - poof. Disappeared.
    I get like that about polish, actually. I've been on the hunt for this Borghese polish that Megan Chair showed on her blog - I think it's called Almondine, or something like that? It's almost exactly like China Glaze Sprinkles, except it's - okay, I'm gonna say it, like a mocha cream color, with darker sprinkles. Haha. Mocha cream. Well, you get the idea - and I'm OBSESSIVELY hunting for it and I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE. Dammit. I'm glad you found the dress though! It's really cute.


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