Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Just So Poptimistic!

Well, this morning I was all set to not paint my nails green. That's right. I don't really feel like explaining why St. Patrick's Day is not a big deal to me, so I just won't. I'm half Irish but you won't find me in a dark bar drinking green beer today or wearing four leaf clover-shaped sunglasses. That having been said, I was going to paint my nails a decidedly un-green color. But I caved. I caved because I saw this color in the sun, just glinting at me in the bottle.

This is Maybelline Glad To Be Green, and it was on drug store shelves for a hot minute back in the early autumn, part of the "Poptimistic" collection. I had never heard of it, and then one day I was out grocery shopping or something and I spotted a full display. Intrigued, I picked up the green. I haven't seen it anywhere since. A few people have blogged about it, but this collection didn't seem to make waves like the Sweet Thing collection is. It's a really, really pretty color. Although it's less brown than most olives, I'm still going to call it an olive green. It has gorgeous golden shimmer that really comes alive in the sun. I kind of feel like I should be going on a safari while wearing it. It applied really well in two thin coats and the dry time is really impressive (although I'm not sure that the fifty-second claim advertised on the bottle is entirely accurate). My only complaint about this polish is that it's a little bit too frosty for me to be in love with it. I'm definitely in like with it, though.

Yesterday I went shopping at H&M. I found a dress that I think I really like in the juniors department, which doesn't really happen very often. It's kind of plaid and it's really cute, but it's $40! I would show you a picture but in the only one I took of myself I'm weirdly contorted sideways. I couldn't decide whether or not to buy it so...I showed some restraint and didn't. I did, however, buy this:

Here we have Specimen 4. Just as a refresher, my other three giant animal rings are: Mr. Owl, Ricardo and Ruby. Specimen 4 is just a tiny butterfly ring. Yep, just a little guy.

Oh, did I say tiny? I meant RIDICULOUSLY GIGANTIC.

This is an adjustable ring, which I don't love. I like to buy a ring that's a size. I dunno why. Anyway, at its smallest it fits my middle finger. A fine thing, too, because...this needs to be worn on a middle finger or else its wings stick out too far and they impede your doing...absolutely anything with your hand. Specimen 4 is available in either silver or gold and costs about $6. There were a ton of them at my H&M, and I'm encouraging EVERYONE to go out and get one. Because it is RIDICULOUS.

So that's all for today. If you guys are planning on going out and about to celebrate, have fun and be safe :D I think I might go to Target today. Bestie Angela showed me some of the stationary from the Liberty of London collection and it's uber-cute. I might need it. K, over 'n out.


  1. You're right,this polish is stunning. I'm so glad I got my bottle through my dear friend Lisa. =)
    You know what? I was eyeing that ring a few days back...only in silver. But I didn't buy it... It looks great on you!

  2. This polish is gorgeous!! I love green nail polishes. When I saw your ring on the first picture I thought it was a catch hair!

  3. OMG STEF I MUST HAVE THAT RING!!!!! I had a massive one like that when I was in HS. Shitfuckcockdamnasssonofa! I neeeeeeeeeeeeed that.

    I love that green! I won't be in a dirty bar either. I hate how America turned a perfectly normal Catholic holiday into a lets get totally shitfaced holiday

  4. This is a beautiful polish on you. I'm glad you gave in and painted them a pretty green :)

  5. Hee hee hee! I was just reading your post slowly, going along in a mellow mood, enjoying reading and slowly scrolling down to see the tiny ring. Then BLAM! A huge ring! You got me good! Hee hee hee. Very entertaining! Thanks! -JenB

  6. OMG, that ring is huge!
    I saw this polish chilling in a display of the new Maybelline pastels the other day. It looked so out of place and that bothered me, for some silly reason.

  7. OMFG, I love that ring. I think I might run out and grab it. And I've been lemming that polish for freaking ever, it seems.

  8. Hahahahahaha. Omg. Specimen 4 is amazing. I am in love. I kinda want/need that. Haha. I started laughing out loud when I saw it, which is embarrassing, because my roommate looked at me funny. And your polish is amazing as well. Well done, my lady. =)

  9. I think your green is the perfect non-let's-get-shitfaced-on-green-beer green. It's classy, like your half-Irish self, and looks really great with your skin tone!

    I don't know if your ring is big enough, though. Will anybody even notice it when you wear it out? ;)

  10. such a pretty ring darling! for some reason when you told me you were wearing a butterfly ring I thought it was extra cheap looking with rhinestones! This one is understated loveliness!

  11. nihrida, I'm glad you were able to get this polish too! I think a lot of people are looking for it and have been for quite a while. And need to get this ring ;)

    Cah_nossovicio, I'm not sure what a catch hair is but it sounds least you like the polish?

    Ange-Marie, there were like dozens of these rings at my H&M so I think you need to get up there and get yourself one. And that's not the reason I dislike St. Patrick's Day ;) St. Patrick was not Irish, for one thing. He was English.

    Jessica, thank you! You're sweet.

    Anonymous, I'm glad I fooled you! Haha.

    Laura, that would bother me too. Maybe you should rescue it from its pastel prison.

    PerryPie, you definitely need this ring, heh. And if you want this polish...well, you can have mine. I'll contact you about it when I get a chance, k?

    kelsea, if I made you laugh then my work here is done.

    Erin, heh, I appreciate it. I don't know if anyone will ever notice my tiny butterfly ring, but a girl can hope, yes?

    Angela, haha understated. I love you.

  12. I... Wait, what? You'd give it to me? What would you like in return? I'd offer some gosh, but it looks like the stores are all sold out of those.

  13. That is gorgeous and I LOVE that ring!


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