Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jackie Oh My

Something a little different today. I'm on my way to the memorial service for my friend's father pretty soon with a couple people from work, and I thought that purple nails just wouldn't do. I pulled out an Essie that I had yet to use and that I bought literally only for the name. Jackie Oh My is a milky sheer bordering on a light beige with a lot of really gorgeous shimmer that makes it completely unique in my collection. My cuticles are really dry today for some reason, so I'm sorry for that in advance.

As I mentioned, this is a sheer, so you can still see my nail line. I don't really mind, though. I think it makes my hands look clean and elegant. The polish itself is nicely buildable. It was streaky on the first coat, fine as a sheer on the second coat, and this is four coats. The formula was fine, it dried quickly, I have no complaints. Here's a macro so you can see the shimmer.

Isn't it pretty? It's kind of unexpected in a sheer like this. I really like it. Nathalie, I feel like this is a polish you would like :) It's really unusual for me to wear a color like this, but it seems appropriate for today. I considered OPI Tickle My France-y (a favey-fave) but I settled on this one for some reason. And the name! I love the name. It's so cute. I've shared my obsession with Jackie O. (and Oleg Cassini!) before, so when I saw the name of this polish I had no problem shelling out for it.

Nothing else to share today. How do you guys feel about sheers? Does anyone have a favorite one? I don't have very many...


  1. love the color! it does look clean and chic!

  2. How did you know I'd love it? Because I do. ;)

    I'm really having a soft spot on those delicate milky tones. I know a lot of polish addicts find them annoying but to me they are so elegant and they make such beautiful hands (no exception on you!). Maybe am I boring, ah ah!

    And "Tickle My France-y" is also a big favorite of mine! ;)

    I hope you're feeling ok, Steph despite the strange moment you might be in.... Bisous! :)

  3. *LOVES* Dude, it goes on the wishlist. I have never heard of it before. But it's probably because it's a sheer. NP fandom tends to not like sheers.

  4. Sheers to me are blech. But I really like this one on you! Clean and elegant is the perfect description.

  5. That's so funny that the people said "we aren't putting those out till April." I will laugh really hard if they are literally there tomorrow. You should go check. =)

    This color is beautiful! I didn't really like sheers to begin with, but they're definitely growing on me. It's like they are the song on an album at first you think is too weird but then after the obviously catchy songs get old that song becomes your true favorite. Does that ever happen to you? Maybe I'm just weird.

    Anyway, I hope your friend is doing alright. We are all thinking about him and his family!

    btw I saw Tickle My Francey in a beauty supply store the other day and I really really love it. I kind of want the entire french and russian collections. Ugh. I have a problem!

  6. This color is so simple and classy on you! :D

    I only own a couple sheers, but my favorite right now is 2% Milk from the Wet n Wild Megalast line. So simple, but it makes my nails look pretty. :)


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