Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Keenest Peach Around?

Hi guys! Another day another polish. First thing's first: have you entered my GIVEAWAY? You can do so by clicking the image on the top of the righthand sidebar. It's easy. Do it prease. Kthx.

Alright, so I'm going to go ahead and say that China Glaze Up & Away was probably the most anticipated spring collection. I was definitely looking forward to it, so much so that I made the Sally's employees dig through boxes to find it a month before its release. The whole collection looked lovely to me, but more than anything I was looking forward to Peachy Keen, a true peach creme. Then I started seeing swatches of it pop up in the blogosphere and I got a bit worried. Plus I heard that it applied horribly, which makes sense. It's a really light pastel creme, so I don't know why it would apply well.

So it didn't apply that badly. This was two coats but I could have used three. The formula was okay, just really thick like Grape Pop was. I think before I use it again I'll thin it a bit. I just can't decide whether or not I like it on me. I think it would look fabulous on darker skin tones, but I think because I'm so fair it looks weird. What do you guys think? Does anyone really love Peachy Keen? In that last picture it kind of reminds me of the goop inside of a pumpkin. I used flash in none of my images, just natural light.

I'm going to be a total dork right now and give you the definition of "peach," according to Wikipedia: "Peach is a color that combines pink and orange colors. This color is named for the pale color of the peach fruit. Like the color called apricot, the color called peach is paler than most actual peach fruits and seems to have been formulated (like the color apricot) primarily to create a pastel palette of colors for interior design." Isn't that interesting? Primarily for interior design?

And for your amusement, here is another famous Peach.

[credit: indigostatic.wordpress.com]

I only have three Up & Away polishes, and I've only tried two of those three. I loved Grape Pop and I think Peachy Keen is...okay. I guess I don't know yet. Still undecided. Does anyone have a favorite polish from U&A that I should definitely buy? I still have Refresh-Mint on deck so you'll probably be seeing that one soon.

Alright, as always, thanks for reading! You guys are the bestest.


  1. Well I think that polish color looks great on you! Thanks for the forewarning of the application and formula, I can't wait to get my hands on a few of the Up and Away polishes. =]

  2. RefreshMint and HeliYum are my favey-faves so far, besides the no brainer, Lemon Fizz, which is my No. 1 from the collex. I like PK on you, but try it again this summer. I bet it'll look great then

  3. I felt like you with Lemon Fizz... like it but not 100% sure it's the best colour on my skintone. I swatched/wor Peachy Keen last week - really liked it. If you suit a smidgen more pink in the colour, try the Kleancolor Baby (or is it Barbie) Pink. It looks super pink but once applied changes to a peachy with a pink undertone. I love it. Tho it's thick and hard to apply.

  4. I feel parted about this one. Far lighter, I would have adored it. More bright and darker, I would have adored it too. But here, it's like seated between two chairs. I didn't buy it because I was afraid it'd made me look even paler and blueish than I am (I don't know how we compare for skin but we both seem to be pale girls). I see this polish on a tan skin. Maybe could you give it a try this summer if you have a chance to tan a bit? Maybe it's just a question of time. Unless you don't tan? :)

  5. Perfect color for summer. :) And it really fits on your nails.

  6. Oh, I like it on you! I loved it on me, I have to say, and I had worse trouble applying Lemon Fizz although I loved it on. It wasn't as bad as my Essies were, I felt! I think the first picture is where it looks best on you, I don't know if that's the most accurate representation?
    I loved Re-Fresh Mint. I just got Grape Pop and Four Leaf Clover from the brights, so I haven't tried them yet.

  7. I think the polish is beautiful. Don't forget, colours always look different in different lights, so give it a good wear and maybe it will grow on you!

  8. I liked peachy keen, although I applied it horrrrribly and my nails were short and stupid. I'm super excited to see refresh mint. I decided to go with four leaf clover instead. I like four leaf clover, but idk. I should have gotten refresh mint too. I'm dumb!!!


    p.s. your application is like 80 times better than mine. Jealous!!!

  9. tliciouz, thanks!

    gildedangel, thanks, I'm glad you think so :)

    ANSTAH, I've been really impressed with the U&A collection so far...I even picked up another one yesterday!

    Ange-Marie, yeahhh, you would think it would work well on me in the summer...except I don't really tan...merp?

    Hannah Banana, thank you for the advice! I'll check out the Kleancolor! I love peaches right now but most of the ones I've been wearing do have more pink in them. This one is I guess equal parts pink and orange which is weird.

    jellynat, yes, I think our skin tones are pretty similar. Perhaps it's a good thing you didn't get this one. I tan A LITTLE BIT in the summer, but not very much, hehe. Maybe I will try it again in July or something...but by that time I'll be knee-deep in neons ;)

    Tassa, thank you :)

    Nicole, I think it's a little darker in real life than it is in the first picture. I'm surprised all my pictures turned out so different! I took them sitting in the same place, in the same light. Strange. I loved Peachy Keen on you too!

    Skulda, that's good advice, thanks!

    kelsea, I'll probably wear Refresh Mint next week..I never really wear mint greens because I feel like they make my hands look red. I feel like that happens to a lot of people. I saw Four Leaf Clover at Sally's yesterday and it looked AWESOME but I got High Hopes instead (which I think was inspired by you! You swatched that one a couple weeks ago, didn't you?


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