Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Most Unique Holo EVER??

I'm really loving holos lately. First the Milani holos, then the cool-toned half of the China Glaze OMG collection, and now Numbar Gem from the Prisms collection. I have to say, though, that I'm really more into linear-type holos; you know, ones that are smooth to the touch with a very strong holo effect. Nubar Gem is a more scattered type of holographic effect. By that I mean that the polish itself is not holographic, but it's full of medium-sized semi-chunky holo glitter. I'll show you pictures first and then talk a little more.

Soooo...this is, um...what's the word...gorgeous? Yeah I think that's the word. The base is a really strange and unique color. Kind of like a grayish mauve-ish pinkish color. Like I said above, the glitter in this is kind of chunky. Chunky glitter equals a gritty finish, and this isn't an exception. It's not really that bad. I put on one thick coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine and it almost eliminated the bumpiness. This is why I like linear holos better. Smooth finish, easier removal. I'm not looking forward to taking off Gem, both'll suck and because I love this polish. I'm so glad it's sunny today so that I could use this one. Application was really perfect. I love the Nubar brush! It's a little wider than China Glaze and not as wide as the OPI Pro-Wide. This was three coats and it dried really fast. No cuticle drag or anything. Yay!

Nothing much else to share today. I've got to go out and run some errands. I was talking to Miss PerryPie last night and we both agreed that saying "errands" makes us feel like old people. I'm not sure what else to say. I've got to go out and do some...things...that involve driving from one place to another and performing various activities? Yeah. I will probably pick up some stuff for my April giveaway, though, so that's exciting! I'll post the details on that on April 1st.

I leave you today with a picture of Raven looking rather regal. It's funny. He always looks regal in pictures but if you knew this cat in real life you'd quickly understand that he is in fact the opposite of regal. He's clumsy and the least graceful kitty you'll ever know. I think it has something to do with his hugeness. Anyway, here's the little raisinette.

What a sexy beast.


  1. Wow, that is a very interesting color. I loveee holos though hehe.

    Awh, cute kitty<3 What you said about him looking regal but being the opposite reminds me of my old dog Max. He had this regal look he would do but he was just such a goof all the time.. Like he was a 120 pound dog but he tried hiding behind the garbage can when he didn't want to go back inside. Basically only his head was hidden but he thought none of us could see him and his tail was wagging. It was great.

  2. I can't wait to get Gem.
    Raven is so handsome.

  3. Gem is so pretty, its look great on you. And Raven is a sexy beast. I'd rather a fun cat that is a little clumsy then a stuck up cat, I know I wouldnt rather Orton any other way than the silly cat he is.

  4. i love this one! omg i seriously love. not gonna lie, haven't been a fan of holos but this!! to die for.

  5. Love the holos! And raven is a sweet lil beast!

  6. I want some Nuuuubars. Strangely, (or maybe not strangely) I feel like if I could choose two Nubars those two would probably be the ones I'd get too. Great minds think alike =)

    I think I might run out and try to find some Milanis at my local CVS. I really want the purple jelly! Wish me luck! haha


  7. Hahahaha I hope Kelly Cutrone reads what you wrote! She'd probably tell you off =)

    Seriously though, I would KILL to be her stylist. A stylist to Kelly Cutrone? You'd basically be God. Haha.

    Hmmm please do a comparison! Now I'm interested! I can't wait to see rad purple on me too! I'm just sad I have to do three coats. I HATE doing three coats! (me=lazy)

  8. omg I love raven i wanna snuggle him! Isn't gem pretty!!!! Idk, though, I do have to agree with you. Linear holo is the way to go. Well, I love Kaleidoscopes and Milani 3Ds too, because theyre smooth. Basically I think I'm just trying to say what you all already know... I hate glitter. That looks fab on you. Omg, did I just say fab? Fuck I need sleep

  9. Hahaha. I love KC's dirty mouth too. She tells it like it is! Refreshingly mean.

    Lol. You make me laugh. I will help you stab OPI in the face if it chips. Why did it take you so long to get it perfect? Is the formula shitty or something?

  10. Ooooo. I'm frikken impressed. I almost never wrap the tips. My question is.... how the hell does Scrangie do it every damn time?!?! That woman should be in the olympics for nail painting. Lol.

    Well I hope it doesn't chip either then, for your, and OPI's, sake!

    =) All the comments on my new post are from you. hehe.

  11. Gah, I love me some holo. Just don't enjoy the gritty holo. And kitty is cuuuute.

  12. Haha aw I'm sorry you are/were bored! I was watching P.S. I Love You and making your PREZZZIEEE. Haha. Dude, that movie was so fucking sad. I'm not really a chick flick kind of girl, so while I can appreciate it was a good movie, and I love Gerard Butler and Jeffery Dean Morgan, it was too damn sad for me. =( lol


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