Monday, March 22, 2010

Nubar! Duochrome! Sparkly! Eee!

It's raining today. Good thing I took my pictures of Nubar Wildlife yesterday ;) I knew that the sparse sunlight I had yesterday morning was going to be the last sunshine for a few days. Since Nubar is a brand that's completely new to me, I'll give my thoughts about a few things after I show you a couple pictures. I had trouble photographing how awesome this polish truly is, so...just know that however awesome you think it is, it's more awesome.

Phew. The formula on this was impeccable. I did two thin coats and that's all it needed. Wildlife is a true duochrome; sometimes it looks mossy green, sometimes it looks pinky copper, and sometimes it looks both. The color reminds me of fall--leaves changing from green to red and then brown. It also reminds me of spring--sad brown grass turning green, sprouts shooting up through the dirt. I really like the shape of the bottles. Square bottles are my favorite, as I've said before, but there's something about the Nubar bottles that is aesthetically pleasing. The polishes are B3F and cruelty free, a fact that is adorably advertised on the back of the bottle.

Look at that little bunny! Cruelty free, Mr. Bunny, yay!

The brush is a great size for my tiny stubby nails and the cap is really comfortable to hold while painting. The bottles have a pleasant weight to them, and I'm sure that they would look great lined up in a row of say, twenty, on my dresser ;) Something to aspire to! I'm so, so glad I chose this polish. I could choose two, and I knew immediately this would be one of them. It's so unique. It looks super sparkly in the sun, but the duochrome effect is clear in any light.

Remember the other day how I told you that I went a bit insane trying to find a Liberty of London dress at three different Targets? Well, Saturday morning I decided I needed some new bedding. In my defense, I had been looking for new bedding for a while and one of the Liberty of London patterns looks like it was literally made to be put in my room. This time I only had to go to one Target. As soon as I put the new bedding on, Godzilla Cat Alley claimed it as her own. Seriously. She would not move for a good two hours, and she was rolling all over the bed as if to say, "See this comforter? It's MINE NOW BITCH."

You've got to admit it looks cute with my ridiculously bright green walls and pink and orange curtains. I like this picture because Alley kind of looks like one of the stuffed animals.

"O hai Steff. If you are pleasant to me I may even let you sleep here later."

One last thing. Initially I wasn't going to write anything about this because I figured nobody wanted to hear about my personal problems, but then I remembered that this is my blog, personal problems are pertinent. This morning I woke up to my mom pounding on my bedroom door. My grandma, who is 86 and turning 87 in a matter of days, was having chest pains. My mom said she was taking her to the emergency room. I started getting out of bed to go with them, but there are some repairmen coming today to look at a broken window that we have. You know how repairmen come within a window between like 8 and 2? Yeah. So someone has to be at home to let them in. I'm stuck here and I'm really worried. My grandma and I are really close and I think she must be scared :( If you guys could send some good thoughts our way I'd appreciate it...

Alright, until tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


  1. I will definitely keep you and your grandma in my thoughts! I hope that she is okay.

    I love that Nubar- it looks great on you! I really need to get some myself... Your bedding is also very cute- and the kitty!!

  2. I hope your Grandma is ok! I will keep her in my thoughts :)

    I don't love Wildlife but it looks great on you. And I really like your bedding. Maybe I can convince myself I need new bedding, lol

  3. My best to your Grandma. I will have her in my thoughts.

    I adore Wildlife, it is stunning. I am coveting your new bedding too. It is teh hotness! Your kitty is adorable too. Gus loves it when I change the sheets because he claims Matt's side of the bed as his own. Oh yeah, there's a rivalry going on there...

  4. I hope your grandma is okay! You all are in my thoughts too.

    I lovee your new bedding and the color of your walls is awesome!! And Wildlife looks great on you :D

  5. I sure hope your grandma is ok, I'll definitely keep you both in my thoughts ;)

    oh gosh! Nubar! i want to try Nubar polishes asap! Wildlife is such a pretty color! and the new bedding is too cute! i want a new one now too, thankfully, i dont have a kitty is going to take over my bed. haha

  6. I'm thinking of you and your grandmother! My grandfather had to have heart surgery last week, and I was a nervous wreck! Please message me if you need to talk!

  7. Your nails are amazing! That color amazing!

    Your bedroom is great! I love the bright walls, curtains and bed spread. Kitty made me laugh lol, they've trained us very well huh!

    I'll make sure to think positive thoughts to you and grandma.

  8. I hope they take care of your grandma. You both are in my thoughts! Tell us when you have some news!

    I love the color of your walls. I had painted my bathroom in Paris the exact same color. Now where I am, it's light pink. :) As for cats, those little evil beasts adore a pair of super fresh clean bedsheets. Don't I know that!! :D

    To end, that polish is beyond gorgeous!

  9. I hope your Gramma is ok!! I hate worrying about a loved one's health.

    That duochrome is smexy and your bedding and room decor look awesome. Again, I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. I send warm, happy thoughts!

  10. The polish doesn't ''wow'' me, but the kitty is SO CUTE! =)

  11. I got a coffee mug in that same pattern. And I love the kitty!

  12. I think this polish needs more color variations, maybe a layer of this over a red??

  13. That polish is absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to getting it one day. I'm waiting for Nubar to do a good sale and then just getting a huge batch purchase. And you're right, those sheets were MADE for your room. And kitty is too cute. *Sends positive thoughts to your grams* May it just be acid reflux.

  14. I love and want wildlife. SO BAD.

    I really really like that comforter and your room. They are both so adorable. And your cat makes me happy.

    Also, I hope your grandma is doing ok and that you get to go see her as soon as possible. I'm sending good thoughts that everything works out.

    Get excited, I bought the supplies to make your present today =)

  15. I will say a prayer for your Grandma. I hope she will be Ok. Love the polish! Hugs to you and your family. Let us know how she is!

  16. Amberski, thank you so much. You should definitely invest in some Nubar. It's lovely.

    Alli, I think you'll find that it's really easy to convince yourself if you need something if you try hard enough. For example, I am convincing myself as I type this that I need a new dress from H&M.

    Mighty Lambchop, I loved hearing about your cat-husband rivalry! Alley is so funny. My mom is convinced she understands the concept of making the bed because she "smooths out the wrinkles" in the sheets. She does. She sees a wrinkle and then digs at it until it's gone. Very strange. And endearing.

    Tierney, thanks so much :)

    Katrina, a bed is not complete without a kitty all up on it!

    Heroba, thank you so much. That's very sweet of you. I hope your grandfather is doing alright as well.

    Jessica, thank you :) I love the color of my walls too. For some reason I find that obnoxious color relaxing...

    jellynat, thank you! My mom is trying to convince me to paint my room a different color because I don't think she really likes it. If I had to choose another color it would probably be a slate gray. For now I love the green.

    Skulda, thank you. You are too sweet.

    nihrida, I don't blame you. The polish probably isn't for everyone ;)

    Laura, I totally wanted a coffee mug! But they were so small. I drink my coffee out of a vat.

    Jackie, maybe I'll try that!

    PerryPie, thanks. Your acid reflux comment made me laugh. I didn't use the word chinooks today and I'm ashamed. Tomorrow for sure.

    kelsea, you need to have Wildlife. My cat sometimes makes me happy too, and sometimes I want to throw her across the room. But I never do. A good cuddle pisses her off just as much.

    Sylvia, thank you. Very much.

  17. Alley is seriously cute ^_^

    My fren's boy kitties (when they were < 1 year old) would sit among her soft toys too. Too cute!!!

    Wildlife is a gorgeously wicked colour. Lemming!!!!


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