Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ohh, Squishy Jelly...

Hey guys. Thank you all so much for your kind words and well wishes yesterday. I even received a couple of e-mails, and that's just so lovely of you all. My grandma is doing well. I went in this morning to speak with her doctor (who SO reminds me of Luka from ER...mmm...) and he seems to think that her chest pains weren't heart-related, just muscular-skeletal. He is upping her dosage of a couple of medications, but that's pretty much all. When I got there she was already fixin' to take home some of the food from her hospital breakfast. You know, a muffin, some Cheerios, a couple packets of Equal. Hehe. She also squirreled away some tissue boxes. She's home now, all safe and sound. I'm hoping that she'll be alright. What a scare...

I couldn't decide what color to paint my nails yesterday. Nothing looked appealing after spending several hours in a stuffy hospital room. I was just feeling merpy. In the end I chose the franken that Ange-Marie made for me. Guys...I love my little frankie, which we named Balls Deep. Originally I had asked her to dupe China Glaze Dripping Wet. We figured that we'd name it something equally as dirty. I believe another contender was "Check My Dipstick," which totally reminds me of that Tenacious D song Kielbasa Sausage. Anyone out there love Tenacious D like I do? At least the first album. No? Heh. Anyway, here's the frankie.

All of my pictures turned out pretty much just like this because it's gross out here today. No sun to speak of. Isn't this lovely, though? It's a wine-colored jelly. Ahh God, I love me a jelly. I have about a million vampy reds like this, but this polish is my only vampy red JELLY. This was three coats and a coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine. I love my frankie, so thanks Ange. You are teh awesome. I'll include another similar picture just because it's gorgeous.

But I figure I'll just throw in...if anyone has China Glaze Dripping Wet and they are willing to part with it...let me know. I'm really, really interested in it...

That's all for today. I'm sorry for my lame pictures. I'm just feeling...eh. I was at the hospital for a while yesterday and a while today; the air in there is so stagnant, and it just makes me feel weirdly lethargic. Thank you all again for your well wishes. I love you guys.


  1. Awh, I'm glad your grandma is doing well!!! I can understand what you mean about feeling eh. Hospitals kind of freak me out, I don't like being in them. That would put me in a weird mood.

    I love that color, it's very pretty. The names you were talking about cracked me up.

  2. OH. When I was in Seattle the other day I was looking for awesome giant rings like some of yours, I just love them! I didn't find anything though, I was tired and not paying that much attention to things after awhile.

  3. SO glad she's ok!!!! YAY!

    That franken rocks! I need more jelly in my life. I really want that one you got, the Milani purple one in the opaque bottle. I must find it.

    Oh and btw, I started making the SURPRISE last night, and let me tell you. I'm excited. =) Maybe I shouldn't hype it up too much? NAW. IT"S THAT AWESOME. lol

  4. Glad your grammy is doing better! :D
    That jelly is delicious lookin'.

  5. Well - obviously I'm a little out of the loop, I haven't been around much! Very glad to hear your grandmother is okay, so sorry you all had to go through that. And waiting to hear is no fun!
    Also, Reclaim looked great on you - and your kitty on your bedding was a huge LOL. She's so cute and it's obvious she knows it!
    This is really pretty on you! I think it's pretty close to the original.

  6. Umm, WILDLIFE. Not Reclaim. WTH did that come from? o_O Maybe I'm envisioning Reclaim on you. Yeah, that's it.

  7. It's good to know your grandmother feels better. I hope you both spend lots of years together being close like you are.

    I do it because it's so important, but I don't like to visit people at the hospital! I don't like the air, the ambiance, everything...

    As for the polish, that's a jelly and I love jelly (obviously) ;) Ange-Marie did a sexy job!

  8. Thanks Tierney! Keep looking for awesome rings. They'll pop up. I can't wait to see what you find :)


    Skulda, thank you so much.

    Nicole, no worries about being out of the loop. I can't expect you to keep up with all of my silly life details ;) As for Reclaim...I often imagine it on myself too! My cat totally knows she's cute. She actually perks up when she sees a camera. Rather uncanny, really...

    jellynat, thank you. I really, really appreciate it. I hate hospitals too. I think most people do. I spent a lot of time there last April when my grandpa died, and it's not a place I like to be.

    Thank you everyone!

  9. ugh. hun. I SUCK! I wish I'd known all the scariness. Glad your grams is ok. I seem to go on vacation at bad times :( I'm so glad you love the frankie!!!!! =) yay! xoxo hugs.

  10. The Frankie is killa! But a good thing that you didn't have it on at the Hospital! It's VERY realistic if you see where I'm going. They may have thought you preformed a little surgery of your own. :)I'm so happy for you and your family that your Grandma is well and home!


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